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Concep is Brooklyn's answer to the renaissance ideal of the polymath artist. New Orleans-born Concep's journey in pursuit of intertwining his passion for visual arts, design, and dance led him to Brooklyn, where he has began to lay the foundation to his visionary empire. Cep gained large notoriety by winning MTV's 07 "Artbattles" Competition and has since painted for artists in the music industry and live at events in connection to Swizz Beats, Rich Medina, and Deeply Madly Living Gallery, Complex magazine, Girbaud, MTV's Wild'n Out, and Scion. Concep's ill skillz in street dance also allowed him to be involved in video productions for artist such as Mos Def, Little X, Eric Sermon, Timbaland, and Sa Ra. Cep's most recent endeavor was shot recently in his Crown Heights' studio in Brooklyn for MTV 2's Independent Music Week and MTV Africa's U.S. upcoming artist spot. As a designer, Concep has worked for urban brands such as Ecko Unlimited, Ruff Ryders, Pony and eventually landing a home at Marithé Francois Girbaud, a French brand specializing in premium denim and fashion graphics. His design work is intimately connected with his fine artistry, as you can find textile patterns that serve as inspiration for his design showing up in his paintings, or his paintings getting canvased on streetware.
His growing body of artworks is an unfolding story of the evolution of the self through the language of color. With a special talent for translating ideas, vision and energy, Concep has an ability to paint concepts, emotions and vibration that has an immediate effect on the observer (similar to the effect of music, which is much harder to achieve in painting). Encoding his key to the secret of life, the ever-present Pythagorean theorem, a2+b2=c2 (a(nthony)2=past, b(rown)2=present, c(oncep)2= future) is a reminder of the infinite possibilities that stretch between life and death, connecting dreams with the path of self-realization. Having elevated his magic surrealistic aesthetic of the street to a new level, Concep is ready to put some fire under the hyped-out art market sleepy asses. Beside our love of late night painting sessions, Concep (who happened to be my neighbor) and I share a special affinity for the color turquiose. We had a recent collaboration for my Secret Samurai show, entitled " I'll Meet You In The Crystal Cave" (check the result here) and he is working on a new one as well (follow the progress on his blog), and he has given me some recent love on his blog, which I'm super grateful for as well. Make sure to check out his newly launched website to get a real sense of the extent of his work and get some fresh produce on his super dope blog or drop a line on his page.

CONCEP //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// painter, designer, dancer, renaissance hustler, visionary,
WHAT DO YOU DO? Men's Senior Fashion Graphics Designer for the global brand Marithé Francois Girbaud by day, and all parts in between I pursue my painting... So Painter/Designer. WHERE DO YOU CALL IT HOME? I call New Orleans my home, that's where I was born but Brooklyn is where the Most Highest wants me to be, so it is my place here, Crown Heights, Brooklyn. TRUE BEAUTY IS… my freedom, the clouds above, the ocean, my family, and knowing the Universe got me. BEATS… start from the heart, bring us together, create motion, motivate and inspire, beats are energy within and around us. TRUE SEXY IS… can be found in the interior of the eyes. I think a woman is most sexy when she's confident not cocky. MUSIC IS MY... yin to my art's yang. Together they complete me, simply just like sight & sound. ART DOES NOT… have an ending, it is this endless, tireless process, this beautifully deep well full of replenishment. Art does not have a finish line, or a light at it's tunnels end. Art does not want me to let it go, it will continue to drive me insane until the entire world has overstanding of what I am attempting to accomplish. Art does not want to see me fail, and does not let me down... EVER! MY NIGHTS ARE… many times spent silent, listening to myself, listening to the Universe, painting and channeling the moons creative energy. I love to work at night as I believe the night belongs to me and my uninterrupted thoughts and ideas. My nights admire Miles, dissect Dilla, Learn from Pac, Meditate with Badu, smoke with LTJ, dance with Osunlade, and think with Marley. I take messages collected through songs, stories, poems, happenings and redistribute them through my canvasses. Oh, and I also be blogging like my life depended on it. lol THESE 3 TURN ME ON…A woman's lips (usually the bottom one), morning wood', and dark liquor...(honorable mention - fresh paint) SELF-KNOWLEDGE…has allowed me to look past haters, and people who might just misunderstand me or what angle I come from. Having self- knowledge allows me to not give a fuck about any critique, any doubter, or any weapon formed against me. Self-knowledge reminds me everyday that I'm on the way to becoming a Famous Negro Artist. ENOUGH OF …Hmmmm man... Enough of auto'tune songs, Rap beef, icegrillz , VH1 reality shows, saw sequels, Haters, Biters, non-motivation, loosie' cigarettes, radio not playing real shit, Babylon, selling you're classic Polo on Ebay, and last judging others. MY CREATIVITY IS... is my responsibility...just because we are given a curtain gift, talent, ability does not mean we can just sit around and bathe in it. My creativity is my responsibility, I must expose others to it, give back to my community with it, and change the world somehow whether large or small with it... I truly believe. My creativity is a2+b2=c2 (past, present, future). TRUE POWER the ability to be yourself 110%, creating your own lane to walk through, and never being discouraged by failure, I think this is true power,... believing in yourself I guess.
LIFE CAN BE THE... biggest magic trick ever.
I DREAM OF...I dream of living off the fruit of that which I love the most, my art and design. To one day reach the goals I have set for my set long ago, just reaching my Personal Legend. Everyday, (every f*cking day) I dream of being (your) favorite artist. Real talk, my business, my work expanding and taking me everywhere the Earth has something for me, health, and happiness. I'm living a dream...just coming up from New Orleans til' now.
TO LOVE IS TO…To love? They say "love is God's benevolence towards mankind", I'm not sure about other types of love, but i love shrimp? I think to love is to kinda be addicted I guess...
I'VE GOT FLOW BECAUSE….I have successfully set the "Electric slide" off at like over 30 various parties and family reunions, hmmm and I have danced in like over a 20,000 circles with just mothers, daughters, and baby niece's clapping. but most importantly i'm determined and nothing will stop me until i'm in your house somewhere in some type, shape, or form ya'dig.
THE WOMAN OF THE FUTURE…The woman of the future needs to inspire us young men, teach instead of learn, grow with us and work side by side to achieve like goals. The woman of the future won't need to prove herself or compete, because she has made it, and broken down all but few barriers. She'll also stop wearing that crazy super glue lip gloss that be sticking to everything like cans, el's, straws, cheaks etc.!
LATEST PROJECT...Look out for "Cadillac Ambitions The Artworks and Thoughtworks of Concep 01-present" it's my book project I just wrapped up, self published to hit and all that.
WHAT'S NEW FOR 2009? Book, fashion retail, a few collaborations with some NYC streetwear brands (not saying yet, surprise), "Artbattles" checkout-, and setting up a my first super huge solo show.
SHOUTOUTS? My shoutouts are dedicated to anyone who knows who my next Art Dealer will be? Also a big shout goes out to the next Gallery home that can dig' my vision, a PR genius, and everybody who has shown me nothing but love as I walk the path to fulfilling my goals and dreams man, Thanks! For True. -Ccep

THE PAINTER ::: "Bala Blessing" 2008 ::
this one below is one of my personal favorites, esp. because I saw it as it was coming to's got a radiance and intense vibration, you can feel its energy field if you stand in front of it

"Build & Grow" 2008

check out the feature on him on MTV2 Indie Music can see the rest here.
THE DESIGNER:: t-shirt designs for Marithé Francois Girbaud

THE DANCER::: and check him get down in MOS DEF's dope Ghetto Rock video


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