Monday, February 23, 2009

NEW WORK: "Up In The Clouds" mural

i've been working on this mural in my building in Crown Heights on and off past is a work in progress, will post more as it develops. i was really hoping that the people who live and have lived in my building for 20+years would like it, and so far the reaction has been great (smiles on faces)...lots of encouragement from the residents and my fellow artists homies in the building (big shout out to Laura, Wesley, Abeni, Concep, Ramz, Jen, Bettanice, Ibi, Sara, Dedan, Netic, Sango & Dietrich who have been giving me additional fuel). thank you.


Marthalicia ( M-Squared) said...

THIS IS AWSOME Lichiban! I have always wanted to do the same darn thing in my building! Your the coolest! Keep on with the creativity

CONCEP famous negro artist said...


FLY LADY DI said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS this is fantastic shit!