Tuesday, March 31, 2009

still a fan: MOS DEF on MF DOOM

looooool! this is hilarious.

Monday, March 30, 2009

WHERE THE PARTY AT: RAW FUSION w/ Kissey Asplund, Eric Rico, Ge-ology, Amir, OP and more

TOMORROW at APT!!! This is where I'll be....

Raw Fusion is back again with a killa line-up of Kissey Asplund, Eric Rico, Mad Mats and my homies, Ge-ology and Amir (Kon & Amir) along with resident djs, OP and Scribe on the wheels. This party is one of my favorite parties in the city, the energy is real good and people really get down on the dancefloor.

Sarah and I have been giving love to the folks at Raw Fusion for a while. Check out our earlier features on WRONGLIPS here.



FREE DOWNLOAD ::: KOVAS ::: The Stimulus Package

Cop KOVAS' dope new mixtape The Stimulus Package Mixtape hosted by DJ Vlad & Lord Sear and blended by Wyclef's dj, DJ Leon. The Stimulus Package features an illustrious line-up of collaborators such as MGMT (Electric Feel w/Jim Jones), Kanye, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and M.I.A. New York-based MC/producer KOVAS has produced and remixed records for Justin Timberlake,Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, De La Soul, Nicole Wray, Jeannie Ortega, Lady Sovereign, Kelis, Papoose, Freq Nasty and Billy Crawford. His first recorded appearance was on the De La Soul record, Words Verbs, which he wrote, co-produced and rapped on with Maseo of De La Soul when he was 17.
Like the title suggests, the new mixtape's stimulating beats & lyrical flow meant to make you want to get physical. hot lava... Download now for free!

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: Waajeed & Coultrain

Check out these two tracks from PPP collaborators, Waajeed & Coultrain, taken from the Nuggets project. These are unreleased tracks that are only available at the homie, Kenny Fresh's dope site Freshselects.
The goodies include a full length stream of “Just Talk,” "a lament for the strugglers out there (i.e. all of us)" which couldn't be more relevant these days. Then you get a free download of “We Gotta Have Peace” featuring The Afro's & Curls Orchestra characteristic of their previous projects rooted in the classic Motown sound of Waajeed's native Detroit. This is what it is.... real music! Listen and download it from Freshselects.net here.
NEWS:: PPP's new live line-up now includes MonicaBlaire on lead female vocals & Zo! on the keys. If you signed up for the bling47 podcast, then you must remember her incredible Jamaica Funk cover. Check Waajeed’s MySpace page and let him know what you think.

Waajeed & Coultrain photo © Anna Keenan Photography.

i'm feeling PROJECT FUTURE: - Ray-Gun-Omics

i've been working on some new pieces for my next show and listening to some inspiring joints, such as PROJECT FUTURE. from a different era [might as well replace the names], but couldn't be more relevant....timeless!

Reaganomics // More Atomics // High inflation // And taxation
Don't yield to temptation, //Crime comes from inflation // Not just in this nation, // It's a world situation
Reaganomics (high inflation)// More atomics (and taxation) // High inflation (Reaganomics) //And taxation (more atomics)
Time keeps on changing // Always rearranging // Politicians are aging //What price are we paying?
In time, revolution // Bring up? the pollution? // There is a solution?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

FRESHER! Call For Female Artists -YOUNITY

It's that time of the year...as you may know, I'm part of a NYC-based female art collective, YOUNITY, founded by super talented artists Toofly and Alice Mizrahi. We've been working on planning this year's show, which will focus on MOTHER EARTH. Check out the call for entries and don't hesitate to submit your work!

Younity Presents FRESHER!
Re-Create, Re-Design, Re-Shape a new YOU!
DEADLINE: June 1st, 2009

This year Younity’s 3rd exhibition entitled FRESHER! will host 40 female urban artists who will participate on an exhibition indoors and outdoors dedicated to bringing community awareness to environmental issues like; recycling, consumerism, global warming, pollution, health and renewable energy. Along with the exhibit YOUNITY will self publish it’s second collectors book series that will help keep the message alive. Throughout the exhibit YOUNITY will host youth workshops, mural projects, and panel discussions to help educate the community about the importance of living GREEN.

10 -15 new artists will be chosen to showcase their work at the Younity FRESHER exhibition in the fall of 09′. Each artist is asked to create a piece based on one or more of the environmental issues listed below.

* Please note that if your work is chosen each artist will be responsible for shipping to and from YOUNITY NYC studio. Zip Code: 11104
* Please be conscious of size, weight, and fragile artwork.
- recycling
- consumerism
- global warming
- pollution
- health
- renewable energy

- Entry Fee: $10.00 per submission ( limit 3 submissions per artist )
- Paypal: contribute@theyounity.com
- For Checks or Money order payments please email us at: info@theyounity.com
- e-mail your JPG submission to: info@theyounity.com with the subject heading: FRESHER SUBMISSION
- Please include the following:
Artist Name // City // Website link and/or myspace link // Size // Title // Medium // Short Bio DEADLINE JUNE 1st

Artists / crews worldwide are asked to participate in a street art/mural project entitled “RE-FRESH THE STREETS” using one or more of the following environmental issues below. The street art/mural created must include Younity’s FRESHER! stencil logo provided (download it here) to be able to unite and identify the project worldwide. We will select 10-15 images from various cities/ streets/ communities which will be included in the 2009 “FRESHER!” exhibit.
- recycling
- consumerism
- global warming
- pollution
- health
- renewable energy

- ENTRY FEE: $10.00 per street art/mural submission ( limit 3 submissions per artist )
- Paypal: contribute@theyounity.com
- For Checks or Money order payments please email us at: info@theyounity.com
- e-mail a JPG submission to: info@theyounity.com with the subject heading: RE-FRESH THE STREETS SUBMISSION
- Please include the following:
Artist or Crew Name // City // Website link and/or myspace link // Size // Title // Short Bio

WEBSITE: www.theyounity.com
BLOG: www.theyounity.wordpress.com
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/younityspace

Thursday, March 26, 2009

BROOKLYN DIARIES :: NEW WORK ::my "Up In The Clouds" mural

I have been working on this mural at the Creative Heights building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for nearly a month. Entitled "Up In The Cloud", it is intended to be a spirit-transformer.
Enter the KatShip & Elevate Your Spirit.

The Priestess of Seven Thunderbolts

how about a female afrosamurai?

The lobby of the building boasts a huge collabo mural by super dope painter colleauges. This one here is one of Concep's signature pieces.

Freshness from Crystal Clarity, Pesu, Concep (left) and Fly Lady Di (right). Their work have completely transformed the atmosphere in the building.

Big shout out to homies Dietrich, Sara, Dedan and Sango who provided the most entertaining company during these late night painting sessions, and as well as to Concep, Berenis, Ibi, Netic, Danny, Selena, Gheeta, Abeni, Jenn & Laura for the love.

i'm feeling...KENNY LYNCH-Half The Day's Gone and We Haven't Earned A Penny


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i thought pumpkin cheesecake was my favorite.

Theophilus London - Chocolate Coconut Pumpkin Pie from Dante Fried Chicken on Vimeo.

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: RAYE 6 :: L.I.P.S- love is powerfully sexy

Raye 6's much-anticipated mixtape is finally out and it's been well worth the wait. Raye has taken NYC by storm and is ready to unleash her sexy self onto the world at large... The new mixtape entitled appropriately L.I.P.S- love is powerfully sexy (produced by Raye 6 & guided by Dj Victorious)...it's a def turn on. At times dark at others electrifying, the album is dedicated to stimulate the senses and is not afraid to explore all shades of sexuality. "Influenced by anyone who has stepped outside of the norm to create their own reality, Raye 6 brings you into her world of uncensored expression, class, fantasy and indulgence. During her sexually charged performances leaves audiences feeling turned on and free." Raye's a def artist to watch in 09.

My personal favorite is 'Sweet Dreams' the hottest Eurythmics cover/remix I've heard & the dark & haunting 'Hold Me Down' & Purple. The mixtape features remixes & samples from Prince, Eurythmics, Nas, Kanye among others, but Raye's takes these songs to another, deeper realm of the senses.

Read my earlier feature on her on Wronglips and give her feedback on her page.
I worked with Raye on a couple of projects. One of them is the emblem I drew and designed back in the summer. These are some of the many faces of Raye 6...her new look with a shorter haircut is no less fierce.
download the mixtape a week before the official release exclusively here

Raye as

Check out my good friend Concep's  versions of her.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Just came across this mix by Dam-funk (Stonesthrow) on the dope Brooklyn radio site (which you should check for countless other goodies as well). If you are not familiar with the LA-based producer/DJ, read a recent article with him in Waxpoetics. The tracklist speaks for itself...expect some sexy galactic funk, electro & boogie from the 80s.
download it here (option click). It features one of my all-time favorites, Midnight Express "Danger Zone" I just posted a few days ago.

Wizzard - These Are The Eightys (Club Version) (1982 Wizsong) :: The Keith Diamond Band - All Night Rocker (1981 Millennium) :: Terry Burrus and Transe - Love Rockin' (1983 Arista) :: Midnight Express - Danger Zone (1983 Tri Fire) :: Cliff Dawson - I Can Love You Better (1982 Boardwalk) :: Omni - Body Groove (Dub Mix) (1983 Mercury) :: Gunter Phillips - 1-2-3- LUV (198? Stanpico) :: Raymun - Do You Feel Like I Feel (1983 Clockwork) :: Wickett - Can't Get Enough Of You (1983 Mr. T) :: David Astri - Dancing Digits (Option "B") (1983 Award) :: Airforce - Body Data (1983 AVI) :: Kevin McCord - Never Say (1985 Presents):: Prince & The Revolution - 17 Days (1984 Warner Bros.) :: The General - Life In The Big City (1983 Vee Kay) :: Home Boy aka 'Cecil Lyde' - A Love Connection (1986 Al West) :: Dãm-Funk - Burgundy City (2008 Stones Throw)

April 2010 update : BY POPULAR DEMAND: Since this Utern mix is no longer available, check out another live DAM-FUNK DJ set recorded at the anniversary of Benji B's (BBC 1 Radio) legendary party DEVIATION. Fun times... Here is the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD.

VIDEOLUV: Tim Exile ::: Listening Tree

Another psychedelic video creation from the Warp nest. I've been a fan of many Warp Records artist, such as Flying Lotus & Prefuse 73. I just came across Tim Exile 'Listening Tree', will be released on Warp/Planet Mu a week later on 6th April 2009 (or this week in the US!.

THE MEANING OF -re-: Interview with Rodney White

I would like to introduce my good friend, artist extraordinaire, Rodney White. The two of us are working on a collabo piece for my next show opening April 6th, so we recently sat down and talked about life and art, the meaning of rebirth, and everything that has to do with 'starting anew'. Truly inspirational, to say the least. [photo by Stephanie Land]

What do you do? Where are you from?
I am an artist and an Art director for an ad agency. I am from Augusta, GA. The South.

Could you talk about your background...does it reflect in your work?
I am from a small city. Not a country in landscape and expanse, but country in its sense of culture and outlook. Augusta was and still is not very advanced in its risk taking. So even as a kid, I fantasized about something bigger and better for myself. So those fantasies and pep talks found their way into what I do now.

How did your art evolve? Did you always paint?
No I didn't always paint. But I drew a lot as a kid. And strangely, I drew a lot of words. Graffiti inspired type started my fascination with typography and words.. But I was very much into visualizing a world and bringing that world to the page. Then I started writing poetry. And I longed for a way to make my poetry visual. Then came what I do now.

You recently had a life-transforming event that had a huge effect on your life. You mentioned that you feel like you restarted your life. Could you explain how this experience reflects in your art? Any new directions?
I was in a major car accident in May '08 and that showed me immediately how fallible I am. I admit to feeling a little untouchable before that. And after my miraculous recovery that wasn't easy though I made it appear that way, I had been giving a lot of thought to my life. And truth be known, I flatlined that night of the accident. You can't get any closer to not being here than that. So that gave new meaning to a concept I had only touched on in my work a little. I began to see myself as having a second chance at life. Which spawned the "RE:" series. An opportunity to do everything over. "RE: Do"

We are in the middle of doing a collabo for my next show on April 6th, the Hermetic Test. Could you tell me a little about your piece?

As a part of the "RE:" Series I did a piece entitled "RE: Define". It was tough dealing with the accident psychologically. And I had to really think about what my dreams and goals were. I had to redefine them because I am no longer the same person, therefore my old goals were a bit outdated. but before I could redefine my goals, I had to first redefine who I AM.

You see a lot of artists going beyond the classic role of painter, and thinking of themselves more as brands with outlets in fashion, advertisement and so on? How do you see yourself as an artist living & creating in the new millenium?
No doubt I see myself as a brand. I always did. Even before brush first touched wood. I am a lifestyle brand. My work truly is a reflection of the viewer's lifestyle. Whether in actuality or in aspiration. I truly enjoy encouraging a better idea for life. And if I can get that message across in other areas, all the better. I am truly an optimist. And a dreamer. But dreams come before reality. What happens in the mind, truly happens.

What is your vision for the next 3 years?

3 years isn't a long time, but in that short time, first and foremost I am building a brand. That will include men's and women's fashion, home furnishings and accessories, coffee table books and poetry books. Then after all this, I plan to maintain my happiness.


PHOTO OF THE DAY: take it to the rainforest

from VOGUE Brazil 2008 nov

Sunday, March 22, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: Kon & Amir show

just what i needed. this mix is smooth....the peeps, Kon & Amir (BBE Records) don't disappoint. Check their monthly radio show on Spine Magazine.com and make sure to download the latest mix from March (and might a well download the rest as well.) These guys are expert crate diggers, so expect a ton of obscure soul, disco, electro, funk, latin jazz & funk and afrobeat joints).

[photo by TONE]

NEW WORK: Mirrors & Fur

some new illustrations I've been working on. I'll post some of the paintings and more feline characters I've finished soon.
:: 241 ::

:: protection ::

:: seek ::


Digitalizing your life has just become easier with a smart and very affordable new gadget called Flipo mino. It's tiny and it records HD (the Flipo minoHD model) though I'm not sure about the sound quality. It goes for about $190-229 (the image is about life-size).

The ultra-thin & pocket-sized Flip Video Mino camcorder has a handy USB arm that flips out and hooks up to your PC or Mac. This charges the battery, plus lets you use its built-in software to easily view, edit, and upload video and photos to favorite sharing sites.
  • Records 60 minutes of VGA-quality video
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PHOTO OF THE DAY: still mi-zo 3

...i'm in love... a kindred visionary, mizo

iheARTNYC: RELAX AT REBAR - art display & live art 3/19 DUMBO, BK

I'll be showing some of my work at REBAR and doing some live art as well tomorrow at the event of my good friends at Old Soulz. Shout out to Yaz for the link.

RELAX at reBar
Come take off your shoes and relax your feet at reBar this Thursday, March 19th from 7pm-12am for our first after work sessions with artists and DJ's from all over the globe to celebrate art and music. We want you to get loose and vibe to the sounds of DJ Double U tomek and guest DJ Aroop Roy from Japan. Brooklyn, Stand up!
DJ Aroop Roy (Tokyo, Japan) & DJ Double U Tomek
art by: Lichiban

Relax @ reBar
Thursday, March 19th, 2009 @ 7pm
147 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY (A,C train to High Street, F to York Street)

LICHIBAN art display is on view March 19-April 2


somebody please bring Woolfy to NYC!

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: Blu & Miss Jack Davey

A sexy new track leaked from the upcoming project from the L.A. based production duo L.A.U.S.D. featuring Blu and Miss Jack Davey...
download it here

[source: 2dopeboyz]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LIFE AS A CAT :: Artist Statement #1

i admit, i haven't been too much of a fan of writing artist statements. that sentiment disappeared as soon i decided to make it into more like a stream of thought. this encourages me to keep on reevaluating my direction as an artist. here is the first one.

photo by Amir Ebrahimi
at every new step. look and see.
your infinity is the mirror
reconnect with the truth
Friday, March 13. LOTUSHEART artist statement #1
I am a spiritual animal with a human imagination. An embodied light-being journeying to the original source by way of creating realities through colors and images. Reality and time are mental concepts we are ready to experience-art is a way of becoming the master of one's universe. My creativity is a divine gift given to every single child, and my life as an artist is the gradual unfolding of that gift. My works are intended to be spirit-transformers or gateways to a vibration field I am here to manifest. My felines represent different evolutionary stages on the way to the ever-flowing nectar of immortality. My art is a way of riding the inner tiger. Freedom is in the heart of the beholder.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

while preparing for my new show THE HERMETIC TEST: The Secret Lives of Felines :: April

pondering about the larger significance of why things happen to us (that is how you ask the question when you feel like the victim) and why have we brought those things upon ourselves (when you admit your active role in the ways things turned out). what connects us to who we truly are and the people we are connected with. life is the alchemical process. an opportunity to learn to discern the fake from the true on the way toward finding TRUE GOLD within... our true self purified in the laboratory of life...and the tests could be painful at times. what i learned yet again is that we create our reality by putting out certain vibrations...good energy attracts good energy.

my new show is going to be a visualization of my way trying to work through some things that have affected me these past three months. it is about remembering the true meaning of gold and abundance. crown your heart.

Friday, March 13, 2009

LIFE AS A CAT:: Photoshoot w/ Amir Ebrahimi

introducing SpiritTransformer 001 :: only abundance & positive vibration has a basis in reality. if you remove the limitation from your mind, you allow yourself to experience other layers of reality. heaven is the awareness of divine presence not an afterlife destination. like attracts like. be heaven.
big shout to my friend Amir Ebrahimi for the dope shoot. check more of Amir's work on amirnyc.com


Great to see friends doing their thing. Poet/lyricist/MC/seeker & winner of 2008 National Poetry Competition Kesed Ragin gets a well-deserved spotlight on K-SWISS.
Watch out for Kesed, he has been and is going to be doing big things, whichever way he chooses to direct his talent.

FREE DOWNLOAD: NIKKI NTU :: The History of Dreams Sampler

I first met Nikki Ntu back in October when Mega of Audio Aesthetics invited me to her and the album's producer Melo-X 's exclusive listening party for Nikki's debut album The History of Dreams (check my post on it here). My first impression of the album then "beautifully soothing and gently stimulating with the truth" couldn't be more fitting now that I had a chance to get more familiar with it..the two did a beautiful job. The Birth of Venus was on repeat in my player for days when I first heard it. So I am very honored to be working with her on her debut album...shhh

From the presskit : "With strong themes of healing, revolution and love, Nikki is birthing new concepts of not only female empowerment but people empowerment. “My music breaks down a lot of barriers in people. The rhythms bring out emotion and the lyrics stimulate the mind as well as the heart. Those simple things have a great impact on inspiring and informing folks. And when you have a safe space to put everything on the table, healing is the only outcome.” ...word.
Listen to her sampler tracks from the upcoming album...you can download it for free here and make sure to check back for news about her upcoming album.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Leroy Jenkins X Toy Watch Company

Designed by friend Upendo (artist/designer/one-half of LeRoy Jenkins) and manifactured by Toy Watch Company, this watch is not only super dope, but it also contributes to a great cause...
proceeds from the watch go to MaDukes LLC. Contact for sale info info@leroyjenkinlimited.com

Monday, March 9, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: J.PERIOD & G. Brown :: March 9/09 B. I. G Tribute :: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION

For a limited time only, download J. Period & G. Brown's Biggie Tribute mixtape. If you downloaded J. Period's fantastic last mixtape, The best of Q-Tip, you know what to expect (disclaimer: design is mine, check the link for the original artwork).
Produced over the course of 2 years by J.Period and DJ G. Brown, March 9/09: The Complete Collection brings together both sides of B.I.G. in one of the illest Biggie remix projects ever produced. Released today as a Limited Time Only Free Download at www.jperiod.com/march909, March 9/09: The Complete Collection is over 80 tracks of exclusive remixes, including previously unreleased, outtakes, 12" singles and bonus material, all paying tribute to Brooklyn's Finest, The Notorious B.I.G.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photoshoot w/ Arian Camilleri

A couple of weekends ago, I did a shoot with photographer Arian Camilleri for a project he and my friend Rodney White are working on together. Check out Arian's amazing work at shutterblind.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

iHEARTbeats: Robbie M::: Dangerzone

following up on the previous post, here is a throwback from 1983, probably the hottest boogie joint that came out that year