Thursday, March 26, 2009

BROOKLYN DIARIES :: NEW WORK ::my "Up In The Clouds" mural

I have been working on this mural at the Creative Heights building in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for nearly a month. Entitled "Up In The Cloud", it is intended to be a spirit-transformer.
Enter the KatShip & Elevate Your Spirit.

The Priestess of Seven Thunderbolts

how about a female afrosamurai?

The lobby of the building boasts a huge collabo mural by super dope painter colleauges. This one here is one of Concep's signature pieces.

Freshness from Crystal Clarity, Pesu, Concep (left) and Fly Lady Di (right). Their work have completely transformed the atmosphere in the building.

Big shout out to homies Dietrich, Sara, Dedan and Sango who provided the most entertaining company during these late night painting sessions, and as well as to Concep, Berenis, Ibi, Netic, Danny, Selena, Gheeta, Abeni, Jenn & Laura for the love.


eriklyn said...


Kid Alkemist X said...

i like this one

freqazoidiac said...

do you ever give "props" to all the meso american, myan, native american art/culture you directly extract your ideas from and give it a UAP cartoon style?

a thesis of these things are in order, in order to evaporate your ego and give context to your paint musings, instead of ownership in the city-scape you reside in. I understand people are mesmerized easily in N.Y. now. You have to think of the spirit you derive from and not just give it a magazine high gloss treatment.

remix culture? Money for nothing and the chicks in the trees.

maybe juxtapoz will give you that cheque you want for the big soul sellout incorporation dilution.

LICHIBAN said...


thanks for the comment, i appreciate your frank attempt at evaporating my ego. your point is well taken.

i feel tho that my work is the "props" itself to those sacred traditions that have been guiding my spirit and my art. my work celebrates traditions i drew inspiration from because i consider it an offering to the spirits that govern them.

The increasing pollution, natural disasters, droughts, etc that we subject our planet can be stopped if we open our hearts to traditional wisdom that protects nature and is based on a spiritual understanding of our environment. That is why I used the Native American imagery for my mural which is about elevating one's awareness to a level of vibration that generates a healing power for the Earth.... Indigenous traditions are the true keyholders of the wisdom that recognize nature as a sacred living breathing organism. Something that our society lacks and which is why we put no limit to our exploitation to our environment.

Beside the message I tried to communicate, I chose to do Native American imagery because my friend whose door my painting have surrounded had Native roots and asked me to do something with that imagery around his door.

Let it be the invisible spirits who see into our hearts decide whether this is an example of a "big soul sellout" ... my heart stands wide-open for the judgement.