Friday, March 13, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD: NIKKI NTU :: The History of Dreams Sampler

I first met Nikki Ntu back in October when Mega of Audio Aesthetics invited me to her and the album's producer Melo-X 's exclusive listening party for Nikki's debut album The History of Dreams (check my post on it here). My first impression of the album then "beautifully soothing and gently stimulating with the truth" couldn't be more fitting now that I had a chance to get more familiar with it..the two did a beautiful job. The Birth of Venus was on repeat in my player for days when I first heard it. So I am very honored to be working with her on her debut album...shhh

From the presskit : "With strong themes of healing, revolution and love, Nikki is birthing new concepts of not only female empowerment but people empowerment. “My music breaks down a lot of barriers in people. The rhythms bring out emotion and the lyrics stimulate the mind as well as the heart. Those simple things have a great impact on inspiring and informing folks. And when you have a safe space to put everything on the table, healing is the only outcome.” ...word.
Listen to her sampler tracks from the upcoming can download it for free here and make sure to check back for news about her upcoming album.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic of Nikki, you have such an eye for talent Lichiban, and pure souls!