Sunday, March 15, 2009

while preparing for my new show THE HERMETIC TEST: The Secret Lives of Felines :: April

pondering about the larger significance of why things happen to us (that is how you ask the question when you feel like the victim) and why have we brought those things upon ourselves (when you admit your active role in the ways things turned out). what connects us to who we truly are and the people we are connected with. life is the alchemical process. an opportunity to learn to discern the fake from the true on the way toward finding TRUE GOLD within... our true self purified in the laboratory of life...and the tests could be painful at times. what i learned yet again is that we create our reality by putting out certain vibrations...good energy attracts good energy.

my new show is going to be a visualization of my way trying to work through some things that have affected me these past three months. it is about remembering the true meaning of gold and abundance. crown your heart.

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mb @ mria|music said...

Godspeed, great words..