Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are finally some of the photos from my recent show opening, BLING THY INNER WEALTH. Most of these folks are artists themselves--painters, fashion designers, musicians, film makers, writers, designers, educators, djs, producers, or activists and the freshest looking cats around...This is the core of my Brooklyn fam: some of New York City's finest renaissance visionaries I feel blessed to be around them, have their support and love and to be able to circulate inspiration and my creative energy with them. I sometimes realize that I take BK for granted until I go out of town and suddenly start to feel the difference...

Between trying to talk to everybody and sipping on a few lychee martinis specially made for the night (which was btw a big success, I heard Red Bamboo might put it on their menu), I tried to capture everyone, but inevidebly some peeps didn't make it onto my camera:( [Amir Ebrahimi, Carla & Mike Schreiber, Gigi Bio, Marthalicia, See1, Dynasty & Soul, Herve, Kim...I saw u!!] I'll try to link everyone so you can peep their work.
Raye 6 & Li :: cat power! to have a taste of the Raye 6 experience, download her free mixtape here.

My beautiful friend Suzy, founder of VONY and Bilal ::: w one of my collabo partners-in-crime/ Livingroom Johnston, the living manifestation of gold!

BlackFruitPunch of the Ahficionados aka my man, Deffrei was manning the wheels...As always killer set. ::: Livingroom & Daoud Abeid of Coup d'Etat BK and Sunshowah films

w/ Deffrei and the lovely Betta Broad, who organized the exhibit and is the person to go to about sales inquiries ::: my galaxy rider fam, Bentley, MEGA of Audio Aesthetic & curatedbymega and my collaborator Quan Luv...ill talents

The one and only Sarah White (also my blog partner on WRONGLIPS) and Cecilia Stalin (visiting the US from Sweden). ::: Iza (Sarah's daughter), i love her so much.

Concep mad painting/designer/dancer skills (who also tuned into the adidas theme) and Nacinimod (he hand-made that dope jacket! check the crop) ::: the one and only Jelsen Jargon graphic designer extraordinaire & Rodney White, ill painter & my collaborator at the show.

the ladies of YOUNITY:: these beautiful mamas are phenomenal artists. Stephanie Land, L, Diana McClure, Toofly & Alice Mizrahi..we are going to be doing big things this year

Two of my favorites: Nikki Ntu, super talented MC/writer and my multitalented collaborator, the lovely Paridee Kositchiranant.

My homie, drummer/producer/dj Don Cuco, expert in latin flava, with daughter Iza :: Cuco, Sarah White and LaMae Lamazing, amazing dancer and first lady of Taste.

My homie DJ/producer Dhundee (Brooklyn Bounce, Sugarcuts Inc) w/ Sima :: singer Eric Rico im the house! [right]

My lovely art pimp, Betta :: and super talented photographer/painter Alexandra Cespedes

my sexy divas! Raye 6, Suzy-O & Laura Dee!! yes yes all my girlfriends are HOT!

Two of the illest Brooklyn bloggers, Al of Minority Report and Chuck of NeverLeaveBrooklyn. If you want to be in the know, make sure to follow their sites. :: w/ the sexy Ashley! i love this girl.

Simi and Nikki ::: that's my man, Claude! (Melo's manager)

Nikki Ntu & Soul...Dynasty Fresh, one of my fav clothing designers is there in spirit (thanks for the love!) ::: my collaborators-in-crime, super dope painter/designer Upendo (Leroy Jenkins), Quan Luv (A.L.I.E.N) and Bentley

Movers and shakers, Clarence Jay Foster, Cee the photographer (Boys and Clothes), Rasu of Coup D'etat BK
::: Nikki and King Texas (!). check her new photo site..freakin amazing!

Betta and activist/ film producer Joel Mejia of Dare To Dream ::: Leah and my girl, dope painter Gabrielle Wattson

Raye :: Rasu and Mike July, dope BK photographer

Stephanie & Sima ::: Mama DuttyGeisha, the lovely Sakir (DJ and jewelry designer) repping adidas as well!

Fellow artist Richard "Earthman" Laurent...thanks for the convo ::: dopest finale!

thank you!!


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