Sunday, April 12, 2009

FREE MUSIC: NEW LOOK :: How's My Hair EP :: Function of Your Love

I found NEW LOOK sometimes early last year while browsing through the Brooklyn-based label, Normrex's myspace page (ok, this is why I still prefer myspace when it comes to finding out about new music). This Toronto-bred Brooklyn-based electro/pop duo made up of Sarah Ruba & Adam Pavao has been making a lot of buzz overseas with their unique analog sound beautifully complemented by Sarah's otherwordly voice. If you've been following Theophilus London's projects, you may be familiar with her voice from their joint track Future Times from Theo's first mixtape, JAM! The crazy thing is that I just came upon their new single a month after I sketched a girl's face using the recent CHUCKED campaign by Converse, which after reaching out to them was confirmed as Sarah! I posted them under the title MIRRORS & FUR here. This wouldn't be the first time when stuff like this happens, but synchronicity like this blows me away every time.

CLICH here to get the FREE! How's My Hair EP & the Function of Your Love Single

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