Wednesday, April 15, 2009


a you that you always wanted to be. a you that you were or perhaps still are afraid to become. a you that is in touch with your TRUTH that is always, at every moment connected to the source of truth. a you that embodies the light and is like the sun becomes the source of it (we are all light beings and we become that to the degree to which we recognize and embrace it). a you that is not afraid, not self-judging. a you who lives in the state of abundance where all your needs met. a you that is powerful and yet stays humble because you realize that the only true power comes from a higher source and you are just a vessel for it (all other power is illusonary--it quickly reveals itself in power games and it comes from hidden insecurities due to lack of self-love). the moment you truly learn to love yourself, you can liberate yourself and can become capable of giving and receiving true love...and you will allow others around you to do the same (envy and the hater mentality comes from self-doubt and from our own fear of success). a you whose power is generosity. a you who is the best possible manifestation of you in this life. a you that is the TRUE DIAMOND. that is what your life is for. to believe and manifest the best YOU.
the secret is that if you can imagine it and believe in it, you can become it. imagine a you that is a winner of your life story instead of a victim. as long as you see yourself as a victim you will keep on hurting others because you feel justified (hence the never ending cycle of human violence and heartbreak). if you populate your mental body with negative self-images, you become those images and will attract scenarios, people and energies that will reinforce them. so imagine YOU.

i painted this face with the mental beamer because i was looking for ways to remind myself of these thoughts that i have gathered through the years of self-searching and yet haven't been able to hold onto them enough to keep me on the bright side these last few months. it is part of a series i call spirit-transformers. i wrote them down to help myself reconnect with these ideas and to share my journey to self-discovery...i guess art (i mean all arts, music, writing etc..) is a form of self-discovery, and when you allow yourself to share your self, including the highs and the lows, you give a gift to the world. this is the hardest thought to embrace as an artist, because you might ask yourself, "who cares what i'm going through" (here is where the self-doubt comes from and why many artists are thought to be narcissistic or actually why they might become narcissitic when they overcompensate for the self-doubt)...but then when i think of how much listening to songs like my friend Sarah White's C-Train makes me feel better as I am riding the damn thing every day, i have to remind myself of how much healing, relief and fun music brings to me every day and i have to realize that it is partially the reason why we have to share our art. when i connect to another person's creation, i allow that piece to be my self-expression as well and let that song, poem, film or painting to help me to relive that experience, let out agression and built-up frustration, heal through it or make me feel sexy or divine. they remind me that i am not alone...that we are not alone..that we are all connected through our life-experiences. life gets rough sometimes and we get lost in the labyrinth within, but we always have the power of choice to change our mental state and use our imagination to visualize our true self which is the key to become it. so i made this image and wrote these thoughts down to help me imagine me so i can become my truth. a way to go and a lot to work on but i am moving ahead and that makes me feel good. sometimes the best things are born out of the most desperate moments when you finally realize that certain trials are there to make you stronger and to reconnect you to whom you truly are...many of us feel the pressure, the hardship, the fear of the unknown as the economy is getting tougher, and it can manifest itself as self-doubt. i feel this is the time to awaken our inner lion..i think that the cosmic spiritual transformation that is taking place is really about this process of finding the divinity within. i hold this face in my imagination every day and turn on the mental beamer and tell myself these lines to imagine a better me.


Corinne Stevie said...

inspiring words...

‘м)м(б, said...

beautiful post and picture. the process never ends.

nikki depriest said...

did you crawl out of my right brain and write my thoughts???

or are we exactly that; connected beings going through the same ish.

a beautifully composed reflection and magnified so because you Chose to share it with WE.

'hard work is a prayer' - story of bilal

give thanks for your hard work chosen.

and for me personally, this divine came right on time!


all come WE!