Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My new show "BLING THY INNER WEALTH" with collaborators, opening Thursday April 9th

I've been working hard on my new show "BLING THY INNER WEALTH: The Hermetic Test", opening next Thursday, April 9 in Fort Greene, BK's favorite spot, Red Bamboo. As the title suggests, the show is about my take on what makes you truly rich and how money can give you an illusionary sense of power if you don't have the integrity to handle your wealth. Being rich starts within. I was reminded of this recently with a sobering life lesson, hence I called it The Hermetic Test, referencing my interest in alchemy, which is all about the pursuit of making gold from base metals by making oneself gold within through the process of purifying one's soul from baseness (such as negativity, greed, etc).

I am very exited to share some new collaborations with my super talented artist friends Upendo (one half of Leroy Jenkins), Livingroom Johnston, Rodney White, Quan Luv and Paridee Kositchiranant. I will post more info about them and the project soon, hope you'll come tru if you're in NYC. The flyer features my new coat of arm -an elaboration on my logo with the heart- I drew recently!

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