Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NEW WORK ::: behind the scenes of BLING THY INNER WEALTH

::: my sanctuary :::
the alchemical process begins
"Manifesting Gold" Lichiban & Livingroom Johnston 24"x48"

"Bust It Out!" Lichiban x Upendo collabo (detail) 24"x48"

"Bust It Out!" Lichiban x Upendo collabo. Pen is dope! This one is really funny, every time I look at it, it makes me crack has a sense of a breakthrough and victory.

"Manifesting Gold" Lichiban & Livingroom Johnston 24"x48"
this one has a whole alchemical meaning...a topic we've been both exploring, so we were able to communicate concepts through the language of making inner gold

These ones are solo pieces, part of a Scorpio Vision series
Clockwise from top left :
"I Win" Lichiban 12"x24" :: " Scorpio Bite Revelation" Lichiban 12"x24" :: "Love Rules" Lichiban 12"x24" Gimme the fire! Lichiban 12"x24" ::

Quan Luv, Paridee & Upendo

"Manifesting Gold" Lichiban & Livingroom Johnston (detail) ::: "Heartattack" Lichiban 12"x24"

"Scorpio Brings Light" Lichiban x Paridee Kositchiranant 12"x24" ::: "Chains" Lichiban x Paridee K. 12"x24"
working with Paridee was amazing in so many ways..we connected not only as artists, but also as fellow humanitarians. Spending the day with her painting was sharing on many levels.

"Living Proof" Lichiban x Quan Luv 24"x48"
this was a second times for me to do a collabo with Quan (the piece on the wall in the background is our first collabo). He is not only an amazing artist and good friend, but he also understands the creative spiritual power of the artist. Both of us had sketched this piece in our own way, way before this a way we manifested ourselves collabing through them.

"Re:Define" Lichiban x Rodney White "12"x24" (right)
Rodney's piece on the left side is so ill...his textures and typography are super slick. My power animal, the leopard, represents among else new beginning and guidance for me, which is why I put it on Rodney's piece that is part of his re: series signifying rebirth.

I realize that I love collabos and have done quite a number of them already with my friends -- Jelsen Jargon, Concep, Diamond Girl, Livingroom Johnston, Upendo, Quan Luv, Paridee, Fly Lady Di, Ibrahim Yaqut, Rodney White, Pesu, Riz22-- all amazing talents. I love the challenge of inhabiting someone elses' visionary world with my characters in a way that is still recognizably my work, yet still working with the other's vision harmoniously. I've been working hard and don't have much time to hang these days, so getting together and painting allows me to catch up with them and share on a deeper level. Each piece has its own existence and sometimes we paint a story we already figured out, sometimes we paint the future. Doing art with other artists who are willing to share is one of the most rewarding experience for me. More on the way!

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