Friday, April 10, 2009


Thank you so much for those of you who came through to my show opening on Thursday (and also for those who couldn't make it)! I am still soaking in all the energy that was going around in the room...I have been "in the cave" for a while so I was infinitely happy to see my friends, who are the movers and shakers of NYC's creative underground, all in one place. This was a true manifestation of the Brooklyn Renaissance, a slice of the creative force that is shaping the reality of the art to come....Again, this show was for me a visual narrative of my journey to clarity and about reconnecting what is real --good people & good energy. I feel truly blessed! Stay tuned for pictures from the night, as well as features on two of my collaborators, Paridee Kositchiranant and Upendo soon...I just need to unwind a little. Big shout out to Betta Broad who organized the event, Deffrei (BlackFruitPunch of the Ahficionados) who was manning the wheels (dope set!), and to Red Bamboo who gave me the opportunity to have the event there. I will have a chance to give shout outs to peeps individually once I post the pictures.

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