Tuesday, May 26, 2009


photo by London-based photographer duo, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Tonight - Kleeer

Also check out the hot re-edit of this track by Sa-Ra here!

TRUE SEXY is....:: part 1 :: ladies' edition

YUKIMI NAGANO of Little Dragonsinger
Gothenburg, Sweden

TRUE SEXY IS… our boy and girlfriends

New York, NY
TRUE SEXY IS… confidence & 5 inch heels

Malmoe / Stockholm/ New York / Sweden - USA

TRUE SEXY IS…calmness

singer/producer/tech geek

TRUE SEXY IS… handlin bizness

singer, producer
Brooklyn, New York, NY

TRUE SEXY IS…in the eyes of everyone that loves you

Copenhagen, Denmark

not to be found on MTV.

singer, MC, photographer, blogger
Brooklyn, NY
TRUE SEXY IS… making sure all of your needs are met by any means necessary

visual artist, illustrator, art director, blogger
Brooklyn, NY - Budapest, Hungary

TRUE SEXY IS…effortless confidence.

the guys' answers are coming soon....

[answers were part of previous features on WRONGLIPS (my blog with singer, Sarah White) under Hey Ladies!!]

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm pleased to present the first of my Lichiban presents music & art collabo series, the album cover I recently finished for Brooklyn- based songstress/ MC, Nikki NTU's debut release A History of Dreams... Nikki's commitment to make honest music with a spiritual message sets her apart from most other MCs today. Her lyrical flow is at times like a punch in the stomach, at others like a heart massage. The album produced by the one and only Melo-X (check his free mixtape at Featured Downloads on the right) who really outdid himself on the production end. Both artists are from the Brooklyn-based cosmic artist collective The Galaxy Riders/A.L.I.E.N. A History of Dreams is set to drop on June 2nd, and to get a taste of what you expect of this amazing album, they are giving away another new track, Muse. DOWNLOAD it here!

Also Nikki's earlier track from the album, Birth of Venus, has gotten over 6000 downloads already, if you haven't gotten it already, make sure to get it.
As for my part, I will post a more detailed post about the inspirations for this cover and a step-by-step photo log of the project. I also designed Nikki's blog & logo, which you can check here. Stay tuned for this much-anticipated album coming soon...(and yes, it is going to be free!)

Make sure to come out to Nikki's release party on June 3rd, I am co-hosting with my homies Selah Says, Melo-X, MEGA, and Visionary Dary (this is going to coincide with the much-talked-about weekly C'Est Noir party).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

ZAP MAMA AND CARE partner to honor mothers around the world & new release scheduled to drop on May 26th


(New York, NY) -- ZAP MAMA is teaming up with CARE to honor mothers around the world. Beginning May 4th, Zap Mama will donate to CARE a percentage of the proceeds from the iTunes download of their song, "Hello To Mama," the first single off their upcoming album ReCreation, due out on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group, on May 26th, 2009.

In the developing world, one woman, every minute of every day, dies giving birth. The proceeds from iTunes download sales of "Hello To Mama", which will help CARE's efforts to reduce persisting high maternal mortality in the world's poorest countries. You can help the cause by purchasing the song HERE. You can also link her on myspace here.

"A percentage of the hard earned money paid for this track will go to CARE with the vision and hope of setting the people of the world free through truth, love, and education," says Zap Mama's Marie Daulne.

For more regarding CARE and its partnership with Zap Mama visit: www.care.org/zapmama.

Zap Mama has added new tour dates including appearances at Lollapalooza and the Essence Festival, as well as kicking the tour off with an intimate residency at Joe's Pub with special surprise guests:

5/27, 28, 29 /2009 Joe's Pub, New York, NY /// 6/17/2009 El Rey, Los Angeles, CA /// 6/18/2009 Bimbo's, San Francisco, CA /// 6/19/2009 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Boonville, CA /// 6/20/2009 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR /// 6/21/2009 Triple Door, Seattle, WA /// 7/5/2009 Essence Music Festival, New Orleans, LA /// 6/23/2009 Ann Arbor Summer Festival, Ann Arbor, MI /// 8/7-9/2009 Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL

Friday, May 22, 2009

Interview with me on NEVERLEAVEBROOKLYN.com

Many thanks to Chuck of Never Leave Brooklyn for the interview opportunity!!! Coincidentally, this just came out now that I am leaving Brooklyn (well, not for long though)... NeverLeaveBrooklyn.com is my favorite blog when it comes to finding out what's good in King's County, so I'm pretty psyched about getting this feature. Thank you! Here is the link to the interview and follow NLBKLYN on twitter. Oh and yes, my new website is on it's way!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PHOTO OF THE DAY + FREE Flying Lotus :: TEA LEAF DANCERS Damage is Done remix

I just came upon this free remix of one of my favorite FLYING LOTUS tracks... completely brilliant, not the easiest tracks to remix, since the original is so perfect, but it works. And the track reminded me of yet another photo by mi-zo..the sound and the image make a convincing fantasy world.. If they were doing a remix release for this track, I'd pick this photo for the cover.

Tea Leaf Dancers (Damage Is Done Rmx) by upmyalley

On the side, as a blogger, I recommend soundcloud over imeem for player widgets...they actually play the whole songs or even a whole mix and are not loaded with advertisements...you can set it to allow downloads or just shares. It makes it easier to promote people's tracks or mixes. And last but not least, I can even customize the color to turqouise.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD :: KidVector presents :: INFINITY CITY

I just found this fantastic mix called KidVector presents : Infinity City a guest mix recorded for the good people at Eat Concrete. A mix is in many ways an unspoken tribute to Dilla and his musical legacy featuring some heavy-hitters, such as Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73, The Anti-pop Consortium, Spacek, eDIT, and more...and the mixing is superb, the album has a great flow.

1. Cornish Waters - Walking (Brownswood Recordings //2. FLYamSAM - The Offbeat (Ghostly International) // 3. Rustie - Just for Kicks (Stuffrecords) // 4. Hud Mo - Ooops! (Wireblock) // 5. Prefuse 73 - The Class Of 73 Bells (Feat. School Of Seven Bells) (Warp Records) // 6. Milez Benjiman - Hold Your Head High // 7. eDIT - Night Shift (Feat. Abstract Rude) (Alpha Pup) // 8. Carlos Y Gaby - Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlite’s Hot Air & Thick Plastic Remix) (Alpha Pup) // 9. eDIT - The Game Is Not Over (Feat. J-Dilla, Phat Kat & Dabrye) (Alpha Pup) // 10. JDSY - Else2 (Ghostly International) // 11. DJ Kentaro - One Hand Blizzard (Ninja Tune) // 12. Tipper - Jibber Jabber (Tipper Music) // 13. Anti-pop Consortium - Dead In Motion (Warp Records) // 14. Flying Lotus - Beginners Falafel (Warp Records) // 15. Spacek - Dollar (Sound In Color) // 16. Telefon Tel Aviv - 8 Track Project Cut (Hefty // 17. Headset - Back Before (Feat. nonGENETIC) (Plug Research) // 18. TAKE - Make Believe (Dimlite’s Unbelievable Re-Make) (Eat Concrete) // 19. Harmonic 313 - Word Problems (Warp Records) // 20. Flying Lotus - Spicy Sammich (Warp Records) // 21. Dabrye - Game Over (Feat. J-Dilla & Phat Kat) (Flying Lotus Remix) (Ghostly International) // 22. Saul Williams - Black Stacey (Deadbeat Remix) (~scape) // 23. Dimlite - When Devices Off (Sonar Kollektiv) // 24. Omid - World From My Mouth (Feat. Ellay Khule) (Astro Lab) // 25. Forss - Atomised (Sonar Kollektiv) // 26. Caribou - Melody Day (Feat. Luke LaLonde, Adem & One Little Plane) (Four Tet Remix) (Merge)

DOWNLOAD for free at KidVector's page ..make sure to check more info on the individual tracks!

Monday, May 18, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: DOLPHIN :: Mono Vs Stereo Collection

Kenny of Freshselects & I are both old fans of musical multi-talent DOLPHIN, who has finally decided to surface from his several-year-long underwater exploration of sound that produced over 50 albums worth of unreleased music. So this year Kenny was the first to make the move and send people to Dolphin's site and feature him with free downloads...Dolphin has several records worth of music for free download on his blog, so make sure to go and explore. Dolphin is a (no longer) hidden gem.

to download Dolphin's 5 exclusive tracks, links to more downloads and read Kenny's in-dept writeup. I'll post some free music by him soon too. He is a definite artist to watch and I think both Kenny and I are happy that we recognized his genius years ago. He was actually the first person I interviewed two years ago, when I started this blog. As we found out later, we played a key role in inspiring each other to bring our art to light finally...read it here.

To find out more about him check a more recent interview with him on Avanturb.com.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm co-hosting C'EST NOIR presents:: KITTY KAT CLUB

Come check out this week's C'EST NOIR party's ladies' night edition appropriately called KITTY KAT CLUB I'm co-hosting. C'EST NOIR has quickly grown into one of the hottest new parties of the city brought to you by my good peeps who are also part of the A.L.I.E.N. crew. Though most people probably know A.L.I.E.N mainly as a street-ware brand, it is actually one of the freshest art and music collectives the city has to offer, including artists like Nikki Ntu, the Dweebz, Quan Luv, Dorjan, Mega, Melo-X, Kesed, Lou Diamond, Bentley and many more.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Open bar 10-11pm
Happy Ending, 302 Broome St

Last weeks, when A.L.I.E.N. celebrated it's anniversary, apparently the party had the same number of people on the street trying to get in as there were inside. Peeps the pix from the party on the galaxyrider's site. Don't miss out...


A little over a month ago, I participated in the PSA shoot for Voices of New York (VONY) a wonderful and much-needed educational project of my good friend Suzanna (aka Suzanna Ali (read an interview with her about VONY on Coup d'Etat BK). I've been a huge supporter of her project, and she's chosen me as one of the main art mentors for her organization, which I'm very excited about, since I always wanted to be part of some kind of art-educational project involving kids. Suzanna is a visionary with a holistic, spiritual outlook on education and she has in mind to build a program that would nurture a new generation of youth with a focus on encouraging creative expression from an early stage onward. She is planning to involve artists as art mentors who could also serve as role models for the youth. We used a work of mine that I did as collabo project with my good friend, Jelsen Jargon, called We Are (read my post about the collabo here).

This Tuesday, May 19th the premiere of our PSA shoot, also featuring Bilal and 88-Keys, will take place along with a with spoken word performances that serve as a fundraiser for VONY. Def Jam and HBO have partnered with VONY to bring you "FLOW 4 CHANGE" showcasing some of the most talented poets of our time! See the flyer below for details. Here are some flicks from our PSA shoot near the Brooklyn Children Museum...this was back in early April, at the first spring weekend of cherry blossoms and 80 degrees balmy weather....the blossoming trees were shouting new life and flourishing future...a perfect symbol for VONY's growth and the blossoming of a future generation of creatives.
Suzy, Liz, Rasu of Coup d'Etat with the kids. Joel and Anna were directing the shoot.

The event will be hosted by Bilal & Suzen Baraka with performances by Brave New Voices' Queen Godis and Joshua Bennet, Def Poetry Jam's Staceyann Chin and Black Ice, and our beloved poet and brother, Kesed just to name a few. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The VONY is dedicated to nurture a new generation of youth whose creativity is reinforced and guided by art mentors and visionary educators. So come out and support this fundraiser for Voices of New York Speak!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

WhereThePartyAt ::: BOYS & CLOTHES 2nd ISSUE Celebration

While many major magazines are in the process of folding, Boys and Clothes, New York's hot new lifestyle magazine is ready to prove that there is a way to make it. I'm very excited to see my friends Nikki Ntu and Raye 6 featured along with my full page add in the printed issue which is scheduled to drop on June 1st....until the official release date, the ladies of B & C have a pre-release party to celebrate their second baby.

Friday, May 15, 2009


still mi-zo (pt. 4)...one day, my characters will come to life through the lens of these guys.

iRECOMMEND: TRUE :: The Photography of Mike Schreiber

Mighty Tanaka presents:
the photography of Mike Schreiber

One of my favorite photographers and friend, Mike Schreiber is having an opening for his solo exhibit this Saturday at the Dapper Dan's Imperial Gallery. I've been a fan of Mike's work for a while, so I'm eager to see what he's got up there. Highly recommend it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Giant Step presents: AFRIKA BAMBAATAA at the Hudson next Monday 5/18. FREE with RSVP here!

MOS DEF :: Casa Bey

this is tight

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FUTURE ARTS 2009 ::w/ DJ Andy Rourke of the SMITHS!! I'm live painting in Boston May 16

If you are in Boston, check out the city's biggest annual underground art event on this upcoming Saturday, May 16th, bw 6-11pm. I'm excited to see my homies' new work from the bean and do a live art collabo with my fellow painter-in-crime, Concep (we are scheduled to go on at 8:30pm). The line-up is crazy, Future Classic got SMITHS legend, former bass player Andy Rourke doing an exclusive DJ-set. Don't miss it if you are around!

I heART NYC: I became a rooftop legend:)

Opening Reception, Saturday May 16 3-7pm on the New Design High School Rooftop
350 Grand Street
Dj set by HOT 97's Dj Enuff of the Heavy Hitters

I had a chance to work on a new mural on rooftop of LES' progressive New Design High School and be part of one of the illest collection off graffiti and mural art in the city. This Saturday, they are having an opening for the new pieces. Check out some of the work from 2007 here. I actually will not be able to make this as I have a live art gig in Boston, but if you love street art, this is a dope opportunity to check out some classics.

Big shout out to Ben (super dope artist and member of the Trust Your Struggle art collective) who invited me the do this. It's still in progress, I am going to post pictures of the steps soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Man, I'm really feeling this new track of Fresh Daily of the AOK Collective called Apollo 13, referencing NASA's third (unsuccessful) mission to the moon. This cosmic hip-hop sound is one of the freshest I've heard coming out of Brooklyn.

The song appears on Daily's upcoming EP/mixtape, Tomorrow is Today, which drops next week. FD's full length album, The Gorgeous Kill In Crimes of Passion, drops July 21st via High Water Music.

Fresh Daily "Apollo 13 (prod. Benamin)"
Get it for free here. Also check Fresh Daily's dope blog here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD :: DÂM -FUNK + STONES THROW x STUSSY tour coming to NYC :: May 8th & May 9th

I am a big boogie and electro-funk head (still in a novice phase, but been following cats like Greg Wilson, the UK "godfather of electro funk" for years (check my feature on him from back in 2007 here). I am excited to see that boogie funk, electro-funk, galactic funk or whatever you want to call it finally getting the attention it deserves...well at least in the UK and on the West Coast. One of my favorites, Los Angeles-based Dâm-Funk has been making big waves on local and overseas shores, and now New Yorkers get a chance to check what's all the buzz about this Friday, May 8th and Saturday, May 9th.

DâM-FunK, Los Angeles' Ambassador of Boogie Funk, is part of the Stussy x Stones Throw 2009 Tour that kicked off on April 21st in Los Angeles @ Echoplex and is making its way toward New York City. I'm also a big fan of James Pants and Peanut Butter Wolf, so this is going to be a quadruple treat. If you dig music that makes you feel good, then you don't want to miss out on this one. Peanut Butter Wolf will be mixing music videos live, James Pants is performing with his band Royal Zodiac, and Dam-Funk and Mayer Hawthorne will be Djing. Mayer Hawthorne will perform a few songs with James' band as well. This will be the first US tour for James Pants, Dam-Funk, and Mayer Hawthorne and the best tour for Peanut Butter Wolf. Crazy line-up, not to be missed!!

5/8 NYC @ American Museum of Natural History. 9pm. 21+. $20
5/9 NYC 11pm. 21+. $10 (Pants, Dam, Hawthorne & Folerio) @Le Poisson Rouge (MAP) 158 Bleecker Street, New York, NY :: Tickets

To get a feel for the vibe you can expect,here is an exclusive DJ mix for Stussy (option click to download).

:: STONES THROW x STUSSY Connection :: DâM-FunK ~ Beautiful Music 4 Beautiful People ~

1. AURRA - "Like I Like It" (Inst. Vers.) // 2. NITE JEWEL - Let's Go (The Two Of Us Together) ~ 2008 // 3. A CERTAIN RATIO - "Hot Knights" ~ 1982 // 4. DâM-FunK - "Gold"~ 2008 // 5. PAULINHO Da COSTA - "Deja Vu" // 6. PARADISE - "Back Together" MAKOTO MATSUSHITA - "Lazy Night"~ 1981 // 8. POINT 3FM - "Picks Me Up (Your love)"~ 1987 // 9. THE LIMIT - "Destiny" ~ 1985 // 10. DEL RICHARDSON - "Rainbows" ~ 1983 // 11. SYLVIA STRIPLIN - "Keep Pushing"~ 1982 // 12. DYNASTY - "Lock On Love"~ 1986

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with him coming soon. Check his page on stonesthrow.com.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


One of the baddest catwomen of the music world, Raye 6 always blows me away with her kaleidoscopic look. She is one of the hardest working entertainers I know, and she really knows how to put on a sexy show. We've been inspiring each other back & forth with the whole feline theme, so I was super excited to hear that she used my Raye design as her new tattoo. Check the my original drawing in a previous post where you can also download her new mixtape for free. [photo: IHart Photography (right)]


Last week, I had a chance to meet photographer Ricky Powell and start plotting a photo & painting collabo.

"Ricky Powell is one of the best photographers of our time."--Run of Run-D.M.C.

"Ricky is one of the best photographers I've ever worked with-- and I've worked with a lot."--LL Cool J

"Whether it was the birth of the Beastie Boys or Run-D.M.C. or Public Enemy, Ricky was there...I could go on and on, but in short, Ricky's the bomb!" reminisced Fab 5 Freddy who called Ricky the “The Weegee of hip hop.”

Well, they said it and it is true... Ricky aka the Rickster is the OG of street photography. A native-New Yorker, he is responsible for capturing the essence of what makes the city the cultural capitol of the world. His photos of Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Eric B. and Rakim, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Fab 5 Freddy, Steven Tyler, Dondi, Doze, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Nina Hagen, John Lee Hooker, Paloma Picasso, Calvin Klein, Barbara Walters, Grace Jones, Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, or Cindy Crawford have now become iconic mementos of some of the most influential artists that shaped the cultural landscapes of the 80s and 90s. Check out more of his photos on his website and give him some love on myspace.

His work has been exhibited at the Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery, New York and Upper Playground, San Francisco and was featured in "500 of the Greatest Rock and Roll Photos," presented by Kodak. Powell is the author of Frozade Moments: Classic NYC Street Photography (Eyejammie, 2004), The Rickford Files: Classic New York Photographs (St. Martin's, 1999), and Oh Snap!: The Rap Photography of Ricky Powell (St. Martin's, 1998). Public Access are Powell's never-before-published collaborations with top artists, graffiti writers, and photographers including Ron Galella, Ron English, Phil Frost, Lee Quinones, Sam Flores, David Choe, Dalek, DR. REVOLT, ZEPHYR, QUIK, TEAM, DAZE, SEEN, KAWS, JEST, BIGFOOT, SSUR, and HAZE, among others.

will post development about our collabo project

You can get the whole Rickster experience if you are in New York, Fri. 5/8/09 SOUTPAW
Friday Night Fever
Sankofa / Sweetie / The Antidote
Ricky Powell (The Lazy Hustler) doin' "the World Famous Ricky Powell Slideshow"
$12 8 pm doors
downsouth, the brooklyn premier of the movie "Captured", & art exhibition starring Livingroom Johnston, Dave Chino & Sacha Jenkins (Piecebook)
>> buy tickets

FREE DOWNLOAD :: KID CUDI :: Dat Kid From Cleveland

it is definitely a new age....cats are dropping music for FREE left and right. i think "She Came Along" is my favorite. get it right here.

SOLAR LOVE: Empire of the Sun ::: We Are The People

Empire of the Sun :: We Are The People
so many things about this amazing video I feel reflects the visual world I have been manifesting in my latest projects. My musical taste tends to be drawn to a more edgy, underground sound, but at the end of the day, I just like good music. This is one of the dopest pop music I heard in a while.

On My Radar ::: MACHINE DRUM

Last weekend I was chilling with my friend Baltimore-based producer Dolphin (an amazing musical multi-talent himself), building and sharing our new work. As I usually do with my artist colleagues, I make sure to introduce them to work that I've been feeling (mostly my friend's stuff), so I decided to put Dolphin on among others Machinedrum, whose projects I've been checking on since I'd heard his work on Theophilus London's brilliant mixtape JAM! Machinedrum has remixed a wide variety of artists like Johnny Cash, Solange, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Mochipet, Edit and worked with several vocalists from NYC and from around the world including Yo Majesty, Mickey Factz, Addiquit, Sarah Ruba and many others. While poking around his myspace page, I discovered his new stuff. This fenrisrise mixtape is off the hook...don't sleep on this cat. Download his WNYU mix, Solange Knowles:: Sandcastles remix (a track you might familiar with from Theo's record), Michelle Williams remix for FREE!

WANT TO 1 2? RELEASE CELEBRATION : PART 3 from machinedrum on Vimeo.

MACHINE DRUM LIVE! May 8th 2009 CassetteNYC 2-Year Anniversary @ LOVE (179 MacDougal) in NYC w/ Megasoid, Jimmy Edgar, Jesse Boykins iii, Melo-XEliot Lipp, Body Language, Throwy,

Tabloids (Machine Drum Remix) - Jesse Boykins III

i'm feeling...DIAMOND ZOIDAL

.:: loving the space-electro sound..check her out here.