Monday, May 18, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: DOLPHIN :: Mono Vs Stereo Collection

Kenny of Freshselects & I are both old fans of musical multi-talent DOLPHIN, who has finally decided to surface from his several-year-long underwater exploration of sound that produced over 50 albums worth of unreleased music. So this year Kenny was the first to make the move and send people to Dolphin's site and feature him with free downloads...Dolphin has several records worth of music for free download on his blog, so make sure to go and explore. Dolphin is a (no longer) hidden gem.

to download Dolphin's 5 exclusive tracks, links to more downloads and read Kenny's in-dept writeup. I'll post some free music by him soon too. He is a definite artist to watch and I think both Kenny and I are happy that we recognized his genius years ago. He was actually the first person I interviewed two years ago, when I started this blog. As we found out later, we played a key role in inspiring each other to bring our art to light it here.

To find out more about him check a more recent interview with him on


bT said...

This ish is FRESH! Thanks for this =)

Wally said...

He is the last great musical genius of our time...
I honestly believe there are the greats... Stevie, Prince...
but none have done it like Dolphin
thanks for sharing this with us!!!