Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm pleased to present the first of my Lichiban presents music & art collabo series, the album cover I recently finished for Brooklyn- based songstress/ MC, Nikki NTU's debut release A History of Dreams... Nikki's commitment to make honest music with a spiritual message sets her apart from most other MCs today. Her lyrical flow is at times like a punch in the stomach, at others like a heart massage. The album produced by the one and only Melo-X (check his free mixtape at Featured Downloads on the right) who really outdid himself on the production end. Both artists are from the Brooklyn-based cosmic artist collective The Galaxy Riders/A.L.I.E.N. A History of Dreams is set to drop on June 2nd, and to get a taste of what you expect of this amazing album, they are giving away another new track, Muse. DOWNLOAD it here!

Also Nikki's earlier track from the album, Birth of Venus, has gotten over 6000 downloads already, if you haven't gotten it already, make sure to get it.
As for my part, I will post a more detailed post about the inspirations for this cover and a step-by-step photo log of the project. I also designed Nikki's blog & logo, which you can check here. Stay tuned for this much-anticipated album coming soon...(and yes, it is going to be free!)

Make sure to come out to Nikki's release party on June 3rd, I am co-hosting with my homies Selah Says, Melo-X, MEGA, and Visionary Dary (this is going to coincide with the much-talked-about weekly C'Est Noir party).

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Anonymous said...

such a lovely image. i saw this image originally on and knew i had to check you out. thanks for creating...