Saturday, May 2, 2009

On My Radar ::: MACHINE DRUM

Last weekend I was chilling with my friend Baltimore-based producer Dolphin (an amazing musical multi-talent himself), building and sharing our new work. As I usually do with my artist colleagues, I make sure to introduce them to work that I've been feeling (mostly my friend's stuff), so I decided to put Dolphin on among others Machinedrum, whose projects I've been checking on since I'd heard his work on Theophilus London's brilliant mixtape JAM! Machinedrum has remixed a wide variety of artists like Johnny Cash, Solange, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Mochipet, Edit and worked with several vocalists from NYC and from around the world including Yo Majesty, Mickey Factz, Addiquit, Sarah Ruba and many others. While poking around his myspace page, I discovered his new stuff. This fenrisrise mixtape is off the hook...don't sleep on this cat. Download his WNYU mix, Solange Knowles:: Sandcastles remix (a track you might familiar with from Theo's record), Michelle Williams remix for FREE!

WANT TO 1 2? RELEASE CELEBRATION : PART 3 from machinedrum on Vimeo.

MACHINE DRUM LIVE! May 8th 2009 CassetteNYC 2-Year Anniversary @ LOVE (179 MacDougal) in NYC w/ Megasoid, Jimmy Edgar, Jesse Boykins iii, Melo-XEliot Lipp, Body Language, Throwy,

Tabloids (Machine Drum Remix) - Jesse Boykins III

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