Saturday, June 6, 2009

iRECOMMEND :: RELENTLESS, an African story of loneliness, love, and the effects of war

My friend, Nigerian-born and Paris based writer and director Andy Amadi Okoroafor just finished his first full-lenght movie, called RELENLESS. This much-anticipated debut project is a beautiful and daring look into the tragic realities that shape African societies today set in Lagos, Nigeria's bustling capitol metropolis. The story is a powerful illustration of the redemptive power of love and human resilience amidst some of the hardest life circumstances. Please pass this on!!!!

RELENTLESS from Fortproject on Vimeo.

From the synopsis: A haunting story about loneliness, love and self-discovery that explores Africa's throbbing megacity Lagos, and the effects of war and loss. Obi, an orphan brought up by the military, becomes a peace-keeping soldier in worn torn Sierra Leone. He meets Blessing a Sierra Leonean woman and falls in love for the first time. His world and life are devastated when he finds Blessing mutilated by kid soldiers and rebels. His only option is to kill her misery.[...] The film explores the vast canvas that is Lagos today‚ powerful, dangerous, alive and uncompromising; fraught with deceptions and corruption yet thriving with hope, strength and resilience.The film is not afraid to subtly question Nigeria’s peace keeping troops in Sierra Leone, the tragic history of Biafra, the silent plague of human sacrifice, mass government inefficiency and corruption. This is also a film that celebrates Nigeria and Lagos as an African city bustling with the energy, music, vibrant, full of culture and humanity. To read more follow the link.

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