Saturday, June 6, 2009

NEW WORK :: My new ad in the second issue of BOYS & CLOTHES!

I am very excited about this full page ad (p.98) promoting my new website, fine art & illustration services in the new issue of Boys & Clothes Magazine, courtesy of Sofia of B & C, to whom I owe a big thank you for this one. The new issue features a number of dope women such as Raye 6, Nikki NTU, DJ Jasmine Solano and Nikki of Heavy among others who are making it happen in the city.

While i was designing the ad, I found all these old drawings of mine from a few years ago, when I used to draw in the style of 15th-century engravings in preparation to study etching (which I didn't ended up doing).


Raye 6 said...

The Ad is amazing! The articles are amazing! B+C Magazine is amazing! I can't wait for you to solidify the Raye 6 cyber takeover! Lichi Rocks! xoxoxxx Raye 6

Anonymous said...

This is really dope!... I just found your blog last week and I really like all the stuff you've been posting... Thanks