Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NEW WORK :: Transsiberian Vision

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I made this new piece, entitled "Transsiberian Vision" in one sitting, inspired by my recent trip back to the motherland, Hungary. People often ask me if and how my roots shape my work. I think I haven't yet tapped completely into my "roots" (I mean one of my roots, the country & culture I was born into), but this is my first true attempt to incorporate some of the floral symbolism and shamanistic lore I've grew up around into my personal mythology. Hungarian's closest relatives are obscure Siberian languages, and according to ancient oral lore, Hungarians were part of Attila, the Hun's tribal confederation and were nomads who came to Europe pretty late in the 8th century. Growing up, shamanism was one of the spiritual traditions that stimulated my mental universe (and that of a whole the generation of artists back then). I've been drawn to the spirituality of nomads (and that includes the wandering Sufi poets or qalandars as well) since I was a kid. Finally, I am ready to bring out more of that in my new work.

This is a video recording of the shamanistic ritual of the North Siberian NGANASAN tribe (a lingistic relative of Hungarian from the Uralic language family), which comes closest to what I imagine what the rituals of Hungarians living in the Central Asian steppes may have looked like. I've been waiting for the right moment to drop it and I found the perfect one (for more than one reason).

I made this for the upcoming FEAR NO ARE 3 show opening on June 21, in Boston, curated by old friends and dope artist colleagues Marka 27 and ninerevolutions.
Check out their blog for the show featuring Jesse Hernandez, Deme5, Kenji Nakayama, WERC and more. Also check the blog for venue info here.

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