Tuesday, July 28, 2009

inner visions

This is one of the reasons why I'm drawn to the Himalayas...I've been there in my dreams countless times as a child (i believe beyond this life), visited its foothills as an adult, and made a vow to go back. It is one of the most important power centers of this planet and I feel it is one of my spiritual homelands. The force that drew me there made me stop doing art for years and pursue an interest in a Kashmiri-Himalayan form of Sufism as a student of Persian and Islamic mysticism. The main person I was drawn to was a Persian-speaking Muslim mystic from the thirteenth century called Najm ad-din Kubra who had a discipline involving spiritual alchemy and visualization techniques of the seven colored subtle centers of the body (called latifah), much like the system of chakras developed in India and adopted into Tibetan Buddhism that developed in the Himalayas (there is very little reliable information on the web about Kubra and the order he founded, but this link gives a tiny glimpse of what Kubra was all about). Kubra's teachings were carried to Kashmir and became the foundation of the Kubrawiyya order of Sufism. If you would like to know more about the Kubrawis and another Kashmiri Sufi order that sprung off of their order, I recommend two of my friends' work (once you study something this obscure, you're bound to meet and befriend the two main experts on the subject). Check out Jamal Elias: The Throne Carrier of God : The Life and Though of 'Ala ad-dawla as-Simnani. The available online as a partial scanned preview here
and Shahzad Bashir: Messianic Hopes and Mystical Visions: The Nurbakhshiyya Between Medieval and Modern Islam, which you can also peep here .

After spending several years learning the languages and everything I could find about this line of teaching, I went to Srinagar, Kashmir to seek the legacy of the Sufis and Tibetan Buddhist teachings (as a grad student) and returned completely reborn (as an artist)...Ironically, what made me want to pursue my studies was what ended up releasing me from a carrier path that was no longer giving me any sort of spiritual satisfaction. I quit school and decided to approach my search from an angle that was more true to who I am..more of a visionary than an academic. I had to restart from scratch...but I feel more alive than ever and my passion for seeking the truth keeps me going even when the conditions get fucked up. [artwork by balaa]

This is for my fellow seekers who have been asking me to share more of my spiritual interests through my blog...a rare glimpse into the life of Tibetan Buddhists masters who have dedicated their life to finding enlightment, and much like their Sufi counterparts, were seeking liberation through the realization of the fundamental unity of all beings...that is the true meaning of LOVE...the most powerful vibration of the universe and the biggest threat to those who have usurped this-wordly power through a discourse of war and fundamental difference (=inborn inequality) between beings.

[This is a rare footage from 1963, when for the first time, the Dalai Lama allowed a Westerner, Desjardins, to film the heart of the Tibetan tradition. The original 60s commentaries are dated, take it with a grain of salt]


to embrace healing is acknowledging the strength of your own vulnerability


I'm exhibiting a few new pieces at the BETA BANGER party...come through!

Harriet’s Alter Ego, Society HAE & metroPCS presents

Celebrating the beta launch of www.SocietyHAE.com & the Birthday of Ngozi of Harriet’s Alter Ego

Beta Banger is presented in association with:

The Minority Report, The Stylistics Agency, Alador & Smith and FREE like 'frei

Friday, July 31st
9pm to 4am


Featured DJs:
The Ahficionados
DJ Trauma
Jasmine Solano

Fashion Installation By Harriet’s Alter Ego

i'm feeling...JAY ELECTRONICA :: Dear Moleskin (prod. by Just Blaze)


Monday, July 27, 2009


My great pleasure to introduce No.2 of my AURAL VISIONS art & music collabo series featuring my design for SARAH WHITE-close friend, one of my favorite singers, blogpartner on WRONGLIPS, and one of my favorite peoples period. C-Train was the first track I've ever heard from Sarah, and it was a wrap for me. Beside the haunting original track, originally produced by Sarah's super-talented partner-in-crime, DJ Don Cuco got a dubby, bass-heavy remix treatment by Heinrich Zwalen who has lended his production skills to artists such as Oliver Stumm(Touch of Class)Sam Sever (Def Jam/Mowax),Groove Theory, SupaDJ Dimitry (Dee-lite) among others. More relevant than ever (you can listen and check my feelings about the original edit here), it makes really happy to be part of this project with my visuals.

Directly from Sarah's presskit:
"Blog it, Forward it, Play it, Feel it! Celebrating our 2 year anniversary of moving to Bed Stuy from Minneapolis, we have decided to let our buzzed about single, C TRAIN, out on the streets for FREE! In times like these, chasing the dollar and trying to find the balance between living your dream and making ends meet, is a feeling all too real for many artist. I wrote this song in a moment like this. Feeling very inspired by the music culture on our streets, Rico aka Dj Don Cuco dug deep into his spirit and chose a sound/frequency that became the root and foundation of this track. The lyrics were easy. Anyone who has to make the journey daily through the grind to make ends meet, can understand"

1. C Train (Original)-- Produced by Dj Don Cuco
2. Bed Stuy Remix -- Produced by Heinrich Zwalen

** Vocals and lyrics by Sarah White**
**All mixing and mastering by Heinrich Zwalen (Basscut)**

---The cover design is a collaboration with visual artist/writer/designer, LICHIBAN, also currently living in Brooklyn---

"Sarah White’s voice can be described as hypnotic at times, with breathy, soothing soliloquies, and deep, seductive stanzas. What’s impressive is her ability to effortlessly transform from singer to emcee, as in the introspective song, C Train. In this selection, she combines a spitfire flow, with dancehall style chatting and soulful melody, to create her own unique “scatois”. Each of Sarah’s songs is a perfectly balanced moment, reflecting the full spectrum of her vocal abilities and bringing a positive focus to the issues of growth, fulfillment, and love...." Devin "PAN" Barrett // TRACE Magazine

About Don Cuco

"I am a DJ, Musician and Producer. I love Music, Fashion and Art. I am a proud Father of a beautiful daughter. I believe Music heals, Fashion speaks and Art reflects. Fight the good fight and turn on your light ! PEACE Thank you God for blessing me with my life, my gifts and talents to share with the universe in the most positive way."
PLEASE send feedback, comments, or questions to bookingsarahwhite@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SOLAR LOVE ::: /////// stargazing

the solar eclipse of July 22, 2009 is the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting as much as 6 minutes and 39 seconds in some places.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LOVE IS REAL ::: GAS'D collection :: 'Love on Mars' Tee coming AUGUST 1st

Earlier this month, I posted a free mixtape called LOVE IS REAL (you can download it here), a collabo between beatmaker AFTA-1 & GAS'D a clothing line with a message very close to my heart. Founded by artist/designer Imani Waddy, GAS'D stands out amongst the countless number of streetwear lines not only with its sexy, minimalistic aesthetics but also with its conceptual foundation dedicated to spreading higher frequencies. I am in full support of the mission...yes yes, love IS the message...the tribe is gathering!
Check out their super dope website to join the movement.

THE MESSAGE ::: "GAS’D is a clothing line created to uplift the masses by relaying the message that “Love is Real”. We believe that there is a universal love in all of humanity, that is stronger than the ignorance and hate that seems to breed in areas of our world. We are ALL human … and humanity is what matters. Love for all humanity and each other can overcome so much in this life. GAS’D will forever embrace this ideal and use our art and our clothing to spread this message."

LOVE IN 24fps #1 from GAS'D on Vimeo.

check out more videos from Gas'd on vimeo

Monday, July 20, 2009


Here is a new video from one of my favorite bands, messenger-from-the-galaxy-of-dreams, LITTLE DRAGON. If you were lucky to get in on time last Saturday to see their rare US performances at SUMMER STAGE sharing the stage with Chester French and Q-Tip, then you know what's up. Keep your eyes out for their new album dropping on August 18.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

HEART-SEED-LIGHT: Interview with artist, Eva Bertok

The beauty of having a place to share my inspirations -the works of fellow artists & thinkers -is that I can connect seemingly distinct worlds and work towards building a global movement of like-minded visionaries from across the globe. It is a time of change and awakening, and the more we bring that to the light, the more we help to elevate & reinforce the vibration that can bring on positive change. In that spirit, I would like to introduce my fellow soul-traveler, inspiration and closest friend from Hungary, Éva Bertók. A born-artist who could connect effortlessly with people of all ages and backgrounds, Éva has always been for me a model of how to stay free and forever young in spirit and how to do art for the love of creating while staying true to your principles. I've always loved her radiant, genuinely loving and nurturing spirit, and knowing what tough life challenges she had to work through to get to that space of positivity, makes it ever more so real. Éva was born and grew up in Hungary, but like myself has been a world-traveling nomad who could find her spiritual home amongst the artist communities of Mexico, Barcelona or Budapest with equal ease. Her story of self-discovery as an artist has been a great inspiration for me, and it is my great pleasure to share her world with those who come to read my blog.

Lichiban: I know that you had a decisive moment in your life when you realized that doing art is your true calling. You jumped into the deep and decided to work with clay. What triggered this move?

Eva Bertok: Yes, I can clearly remember, I simply jumped blindfolded into the unknown, but I didn’t have a choice, since the unexpressed creative energies started to cause physical symptoms. I had to find the deeper layers of my creativity, so I started working with clay three times, again and again, after I tried out wood and metal as well. I think that what has to be expressed is going to be expressed in one way or an other. The moment of enlightenment is when you realize that you have to step on the PATH that leads to your destiny. For me this message came while I was in a state of uncertainty and feeling stuck.

L: What drew you to clay as your medium? What does clay represent to you?

EB: I’ve always liked clay, although I stopped working with it twice in Budapest. The European ceramic-culture didn’t satisfy me, the available techniques bored me to hell. It was in Barcelona – where I lived for a couple of years – where I got introduced to pre-Columbian cultures, and their love for small statues and figure-shaped pots which are filled with a magical quality, beauty and ‘SERVICE’, struck me right away. Their symbolism tell you plenty of things and take you to endless journeys, with which I can’t get bored of. After a while I felt like I became a figure-shaped pot as well…

I started to learn the Indian techniques in Spain, and continued to do so in Mexico. Its good to touch the clay, to smell it, fiddle with it, shape it, to manifest the imagination in 3-D. To work with the 4 elements /earth, fire, air, water/ is a truly complex thing to do. It’s fascinating to see how it always tells us if we are not listening enough!

L: You and I often talk about the therapeutic effect of art. Could you tell me about your approach to art therapy?
EB: In 1994, when after six years my family moved back from Spain to Hungary, I opened my school of ceramics, which in a-now-fashionable way can be called art-therapy, however I’ve always called it simply ‘fonó’ (Hungarian word for a traditional female circle, where the women in the community gather together to work on some craft while sharing stories and passing down traditional lore). Here, even today, while working everyone gets to a relaxed and chilled out space where they can open up to talk about their problems and issues, which we all try to solve. It is combining healing with creating.

On the other hand, if we work alone in silence, we get into a meditative state which helps a lot in solving our problems by letting us see them from a relaxed point of view. We release blocks and obstacles inside and out. The finished work shows us that we are able to manifest what we want, and that can give us a huge deal of confidence. I should stress however that it’s not the finished pieces what really matters, but the path that leads there and the meditative state that calms us down or gives us the creative flow.

L: The heart is an ever-present symbolism in your work. What does it represent to you?

EB: For me the heart means Life. It symbolizes The Male and the Female principle, the ‘self-core’ or ‘self-seed’ (‘seed’ and ‘core’ are both signified by the same Hungarian word ‘mag’, which is also the root of the word ‘self’), unity, love, sexuality, the place from where new LIFE arises again and again. It can be put into many forms, that is what my ‘Szivugyek’ (‘Matters of the Heart’) series was all about.

L: Your sculptures have an elemental, sensual feel to them. I always see the recurrent theme of combining abstract with organic forms and a constant play on female and male sexual symbolic imagery. Could you tell me a little more about this symbolism?

EB: The pre-Columbian cultures were the first that made me aware of this duality...the symbolism of the Sun- Moon, Male-Female, Sky- Earth etc. This harmony of opposites that I would like to express. The sexual symbolism always played an important role in my life. Life-energy in harmony, I guess this is what I would like to express with my work.

L: Many of your work serve as light sculptures. Why do you like to work with light effects?

EB: I’ve been playing with light for a long time now, it makes clay (=matter) more ethereal, and it always creates a different pattern, which only becomes visible when the piece is finished. You get a very special atmosphere thanks to the light-dots in the space. I wanted to make a Sun-lamp, and to my biggest surprise sunrays appeared in front of me on the wall. That’s when I started to create light-structures in different forms more consciously. I think about them as tools of meditation, which project light spots and lines according to the vibrations of the mind, depending on how the hand moves while creating it. Its always different, can’t get bored of it…

L: What was the most important experience you learned in your artist carrier so far?

EB: Probably the most important is that we have to listen to our inner voices, and don’t let ourselves being manipulated by the conditions when working. Oh yes there is a very good advise I received from a friend of mine, when I lacked inspiration and my creativity was stuck: it is the idea of the ‘routine-fuck’, which means that if we are having a writers' block, we should revisit one of our previous projects, and while working on it allow new inspiration to come which might give birth to a new period, a new cycle. This has been given to me at the end of a really long and hard time-period when I felt completely empty. It changed my life and gave birth to a new style. It helped a lot since then, I recommend it to anyone.

L:. Does 2012 have any significance to you? If yes, what?
EB: It was in 2000 when I first heard of 2012, on my first trip to Mexico. There are quite a few theories about what is going to happen with today's civilization, but no one can really know completely. On my first trip to Mexico, Palenque, the ruins of a Maya city, was the last stop of my pilgrimage, or to be precise, the tomb of Pakal. It’s quite a long story and I don’t want get into it, I only mentioned it to show that I have a long-time interest and affinity for Mayan culture. They close their calendar with 2012, in which they write about not only our culture, but the previous ones as well, however a missing link hasn’t been found yet, which would tell what they think is going to happen in 2012. Astrology also underlines the things that are bound to come suggesting that the systems as they are known today will change. Only the higher vibration of love-energy will allow access to embrace the dimensional change. Let’s watch ourselves.

Jung’s idea of the “shadow” comes to my mind. Briefly: If we have the courage to recognize the flaws in ourselves, and we don’t try to project them onto someone else, then we have done something in order to make a better world and raise positivity. “The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.” (read more on Jung’s idea of the “shadow” here)

Friday, July 17, 2009

SATURN NEVER SLEEPS : Sun Ra Tribute 7/22 Philadelphia & 7/28 NYC

My girl, Rucyl & her partner-in-crime King Britt are putting together a tribute project to legendary jazz musician/composer, intergalactic visionary SUN RA, entitled SATURN NEVER SLEEPS. Knowing what these two are capable of, I can't wait to see this multimedia project manifest. follow them @ twitter.com/satnevsleeps

Sun Ra:Lectric PreVue from Saturn Never Sleeps on Vimeo.

Teaser for Saturn Never Sleeps performances "Sun Ra:Lectric" July 22nd at ICA in Philadelphia and July 28th at World Financial Center in NYC.
Visuals by Jason Senk and micro-edits by King Britt for Saturn Never Sleeps.

King Britt and Rucyl present 2 nights of sonic night of sonic and visual funk taking micro-edits of Sun-Ra source music and combining with live experimentation and video collage.
(King Britt- Electronics /// Rucyl Mills- Vocals and sampling /// Tim Motzer- Guitartronics /// Damon Bennet- Keyboards and Flute /// Jason Senk- Visuals)

Wed July 22 @ 7pm
Institute of Contemporary Art | University of Pennsylvania (118 S. 36th St. Philadelphia, PA 19104-3289) icaphila.org/events
Tues July 28 @ 9–10:30pm
World Financial Center Winter Garden NYC

ATOMIUM EXPRESS :: Os Crunc Tesla Fearless Vampirekiller Arc. :: 3RD WORLD

spacetimetravelingmindunravelingsound. check for more on http://www.crunctesla.com

The video is from the 2008 debut album of the #1 US Grime group Os Crunc Tesla Fearless Vampirekiller Arc. Filmed in the " First World" country of Belgium and the " Third World " country of Brazil, Crunc shows us the vast difference between Sao Paulo and Bruxelles. He travels through a Time-Space machine called the Atomium to view and interact with these cultures. Vocals and Production by Raedawn. //// Directed by Warhologram.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ON MY RADAR :: CUBIC ZIRCONIA :: real diamonds are made of these

Tiombe Lockhart is back! I love this woman and am very happy to see her back in the game fiercer than ever (I believe she is a fellow feline)! She has gained notoriety as the sexy lead singer on the first Platinum Pied Piper album, Triple P (check this FADER interview w/her and Waajeed from 2007), and she has been making big waves with her new band CUBIC ZIRCONIA.

If you missed the CUBIC ZIRCONIA release party at Santos, here is a lil taste of the madness. The band -Nick Hook, Todd Weinstock, Daud Sturdivant- was insane as well...these guys put on one of the hottest shows I've seen in a loooong time. Don't miss them live, you won't be dissappointed.

[photos courtesy of Deneka Alams]

CUBIC ZIRCONIA-Tiombe Lockhart at SANTOS NYC from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.

Oh and last but not least, here is the link to their dope mixtape I posted a few months ago.
Stay tuned for an interview with Tiombe coming up!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Here are some of the audio-visuals from the fundraiser concert for VONY, the organization I am helping to build as their teaching artist from three weeks ago. The conference was a great success, we had lots of real talk between activists, youth mentors, artists, art therapists about ways of improving children's confidence in their creative skills and about new ways of nurturing talent in kids. I had a chance to display my superhero feline samurais as the artist-in-residence of VONY (shout out to Melo-X and Claude "Visionary" Dary for repping them).

The show following the conference was OFF THE HOOK...Honey Larochelle, Jesse Boykins III, 88-Keys and BILAL were all amazing. I am a visual artist, but music, especially live music takes me to a higher level of inspiration... I am never afraid to tell my colleagues how much their work moves me. Jesse and Bilal (who actually was a mentor of and gave voice lessons to Jesse a few years ago) are two of the most powerful singers working today in my view--- I recommend everyone checking them out at their live performances. Check Jesse's blog for some pics from the show. I didn't get a chance to record 88-Keys performance due to memory shortage, but all I can say is that man was on fire!

And let's not forget the band THE CYPHER was CRAZY! My friend Daru (ex-Slum Village, one of the illest drummers in the city) on drums, Igmar Thomas on trumpet, Louis Cato on bass, Yukion keys, James Casey on sax, they were really vibing with Bilal, and had everyone moving by the end of the show

JESSE BOYKINS III at VONY Benefit Show, NYC from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.

Check out Daru's RUSIC TV episodes of the event. For more on DARU, visit his blog here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Photoshoot with AMIR EBRAHIMI & invite to his show opening loft party Sat July 11

Back in the winter, my good friend and one of my favorite photographers, AMIR EBRAHIMI and I had a chance to work together on a photoshoot for a CLAM Magazine feature. I've been a fan of his work for a while and gave him some light here before. He captured some of my favorite photos of many BK artists, such the likes of Raye 6, Sarah White, Taylor McFerrin, DJ Cuco, Jah Dan, Livingroom Johnston, Concep, The Roots, and many more...he's just got that special skill to capture people in their element/presence. I highly recommend him.

Here are some of the images from the shoot (the series has its own storyline). I waited to share them together until CLAM came out, and it's just happens that Amir's doing his debut solo show opening this Saturday at the LOFT (13 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn NY), so it's perfect timing. On top of the photography exhibit and tee-shirt line launch we have TAYLOR MCFERRIN and RAYE 6 performing so you can be assured that it's going to be a sexy vibe and the photos are guaranteed to be amazing (including some stunning nudes of Raye). If you haven't seen either of these two perform, now it's the time to get an intro! Check for details on the flyer below.

Here is the man

Amir Ebrahimi, Photographer :: 120 Seconds from friendswelove.com on Vimeo.

COME THROUGH TOMORROW-this is Brooklyn underground in the making
amir ebrahimi,amirnyc.com,jahdan,raye6,taylor+mcferrin,live music,brooklyn,nyc,show,exhibit,art,painting,fun,photos,metric nine productions,metricnnine.com,anyc.com,the loft,13 lexington,new show,friends we love

THANK YOU :: CLAM :: n:19 :::

Much love to my favorite magazine for giving me another opportunity to get some shine. The new issue is based on the theme THE WORLD AROUND YOU.

As my friend Andy, the visionary founder behind CLAM once told me, "CLAM is not about the money it's about people and their creativity". These days, when magazines are folding and print media is starting to become a collectible commodity it's especially great to see a magazine thrive while being true to that principle.

CLAM has only a very limited amount of adds, most of the space is taken up by features of artists/creative folks from around the world...and I mean truly around the world (not just the usual players, but less represented countries from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe as well). Each issue has a theme, and everybody responds to the same set of questions. You read it and leave feeling inspired by people's vision and passion.

CHECK HERE FOR distribution in the US. [I heard that the big magazine store on Prince & Lafayette carries it in NYC]

FREE DOWNLOAD :: DÂM -FUNK :: Toeachizown + 5 LP set coming in Fall

:: galactic funk is bringing the future back ::

I just bought LAtrik the first part of Toeachizown, LA fam Dâm-Funk's debut album which will be released this Fall as 5/LP set - two and a half hours of music - with CD version to follow. Toeachizown is a modern funk album, created in five distinct parts: LAtrik, Fly, Life, Hood, Sky. I'm really feeling the cover, whoever did the art direction did a great job of creating a mood for the music..makes Dâm look like some kind of space superhero. That is definitely where this is going... galactic memories translated into sound vibration. Check my recent interview with him here.

Stones Throw will be releasing a few of these volumes digitally prior to the vinyl & CD release in Fall. LAtrik is available now exclusively at stonesthrow.com. Here is an extra freebie entitled Toeachizown off of the album you can download here.

From Dam-Funk himself: “LAtrik is more of my 'electric style' (hence the title of this volume) which is influenced by, yet never bitin', such great artist as Juan Atkins (Cybotron) & Prince to name just a few. It also highlights the more Modern sounds of L.A. based Funk right now with instrumentals like ‘Toeachizown’ & vocal tracks like ‘Mirrors’ which, I feel are distinctly my sound, humbly speaking. I hope U dig it, as this was made 4 U! Stay tuned 4 Volumes: 2. 3, 4, & 5. - D-F”
Check his live set I recorded at Santos at the Cubic Zirconia record release party (which by the way was OFF THE HOOK...I'll have some videos of that up too soon.)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PHOTO & SONG OF THE DAY :: cardiac connect

This photo was taken of me by my closest friend from Hungary, sculptor/life artist, and one of the most amazing human beings, Éva Bertók. The heart-light sculpture is one of her work...Just like in mine, the heart is a central symbol in her creations...An inspiring interview with Éva is coming up, stay tuned.

been listening to AFTA-1

ARTIST OF THE MONTH: René Laloux -animator/ galactic visionary

This is my all-time favorite animation from my childhood:: AZ IDÖ URAI :: Les Maitres du Temps [Lords of Time]. It is the 1981 masterpiece of Renê Laloux, one of my favorite artists & big inspiration, who co-produced this movie with a Hungarian animation studio, so I always thought that it was a Hungarian production. I later discovered Laloux's surreal imaginary world and was floored. Way ahead of its time with timeless messages.
[the first video is in the original Hungarian, in case you were wondering...unfortunately, I don't think this was ever formatted to English audience]


GANDAHAR --Light Years (English version)

PHOTO OF THE DAY :: Galaxyriders

Monday, July 6, 2009

NEW WORK :: RE:GENERATION mural :: Earth Spirit Rise

A follow up to my UP IN THE CLOUDS mural, here is the piece I've worked on in June (the rain kept on sabotaging me) and submitted to my collective, YOUNITY's new environmental awareness-raising mural exhibition, FRESHER. The piece is located on the rooftop of the Grand Street New Design High School (It was revealed a few weeks back at the Rooftop legends party). The rooftop hosts some of the illest legal street mural/graf pieces of the city...definitely worth a trip asking the people at the school to let you check out all the pieces up there. I'll post some of the other pieces from the roof soon.

<3thunderbolt> starts generating vibration :::
code: <3+3>=1

The Rise of the Earth Spirit, GEA:: GEA launches <3thunderbolt> to release magic power to heal and awaken earthlings

GEA - Avatar of Re:Generation

earthlings realize the need to protect COSMIC ARK :: feel the vibration ::: we open gates :::


Ninjas vs. Samurais ::
Big shout out to homies Melo-X (check my feature on him) & Claude Dary for repping my work shinobi style (the one on the right is a collabo with Quan Luv) at the VONY Fundraiser. Stay up on Melo's blog to get the latest from the lab (including lots of free music) and go to Claude if you want to book Melo..he is taking the world by storm.

Tehas Beans - MeLo-X

Saturday, July 4, 2009

NEW WORK :: <<<<-VV-Vibration-Exchange+VV+>>>>

coil :: swallow :: eternal :: pathways :: electric :: love

listening to Jay Electronica :: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - Jay Electronica

Friday, July 3, 2009


A fellow artist on the path of spreading love vibration, AFTA-1 just dropped a GAS'D collabo mixtape that's in Afta-1's own words "a sound scape of tracks old and new, featuring a collection of good friends, contemporaries, and other artists influential in my own musical journey." It looks like we share more than just the focus on the heartvibrations, some of the the acts on this mix are among my all-time favorites.
Check back for an upcoming post on GAS'D, my new favorite tee line.


1. Cazeaux O.S.L.O - Conan Bout With Circumstance : // 2. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur - I Need You Close (pts. 1&2 edit) // 3. J Dilla - Dimepiece (Instrumental) : The Shining Instrumentals (2006) // 4. Self Scientific - Love Bird : Change (2005) // 5. Boom Clap Bachelors - Tiden Flyver (edit) : // 6. AFTA-1 - Tiden Flyver Remix : // 7. Jesse Boykins III - Pantyhose (Instrumental) : // 8. Platinum Pied Pipers - Stay With Me (Instrumental) : // 9. Nite Jewel - What Did He Say : // 10. Dam-Funk - Indigo : // 11. J Davey - Hi Sun : // 12. A Race Of Angels - We : // 13. Sa Ra - Downlow : // 14. Op Swamp 81 - Another Day : // 15. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. - Wildo Cheese Wind : // 16. Shuanise - Etoile (Produced by Fella Vaughn) : // 17. Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur - U & Endeavour // 18. Alpha - Nyquil : Come From Heaven (1997) // 19. Steve Spacek - Hidden Track : Space Shift (2006) // 20. AFTA-1 - Love Suite 2 (Sit Still) : GAS’D EXCLUSIVE

LOVE IS REAL VOL.3 promo from Imani Waddy on Vimeo.

The song thats on the promo-"Boom Clap Bachelors" AFTA-1 (official remix for Tiden Flyver Rmx) is up for download.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

WHERETHEPARTYAT? Cubic Zirconia record release w/ Dam-Funk @ Santos Party House, Thursday July 2nd

Cubic Zirconia Record Release with Dam Funk & DJ Assault & Chico Mann

Thursday, July 2 11:00p
at Santos Party House, New York, NY
Price: $12

Cubic Zirconia Record RELEASE
w/ DJ Sets by Dam Funk, DJ Assault & live sets by Cubic Zirconia, Head Automatica, Chico Mann.
Cubic Zirconia -- comprised of Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart, and Todd Weinstock -- just got back from their Uk tour, having played alongside La Roux, Afrikan Boy and many other breaking artists. On July 2nd, they are throwing a record release party to end all record release parties.

Check the stream of CZ's recession special Fuck Work's killer remix on rcrdlbl.com by Dam-Funk, coming from their new EP!

Here are some images from last week Tyler Askew's party at APT with Dâm-Funk doing a guest DJ set....as you can see it from the pictures, people were having a hella good time. Lots of industry heads the whole Cubic Zirconia crew, Waajeed (PPP, bling47), DJ Smallchange, Melo-X, Mel D Cole, Dhundee, Oveous Maximus, Jason Lewis were in the house...Good energy & good people...it's just one more reason to check the party tonight.

Dâm on fire! I actually got this shot of him at the last STONES THROW tour a month ago, but had to share it.

Waajeed, Tiombe Lockhart of Cubic Zirconia (ex-PPP) and Nick Hook of Cubic Zirconia. If you're not familiar with CZ, check out the FREE MIXTAPE I posted a while back here. ::: Tiombe on the mic chanting FUCK WORK, their new single (check the video for the song here)...You can expect to hear Dam Funk's remix of the track tonight. :::

Artists to watch, my homies, Oveous Maximus who recently dropped a (free!) dope new album FUTURE INTENTIONS, which I'll post soon...stay tuned! ::: Melo-X, one of my favorite peeps -- he just dropped his debut album MUSTAFA'S RENAISSANCE and was responsible for all the production on Nikki Ntu's recent album A HISTORY OF DREAMS that I illustrated.Skipping a lot of steps, Melo got instantly booked at London's premier venue CARGO...the man's got talent!

One of my favorite producers/ DJs, good friend Waajeed (PPP, bling47). Waajeed is a super versatile producer and a true pioneer, he tends to come out with records that are way ahead of their time. Like for instance, his timeless album WAR part 2. (feat. Jay Dee, Tiombe Lockhart, Invincible, Taraach now available on Bagpak) is one of the most brilliant hip-hop records in my view. Take a listen and buy it here.

My boy Kenshin, big boss at Kilo Intl & Rocksmith Tokyo (left) :: Arden, DJ/ globe trotter. Below is dope photographer, Jason Lewis with lovely friend.

Dj Smallchange was having a good time. I had to get a shot of photographer Mel of Village Slum... This man never stops working!

that's wassup...haha...my talented homies, Jelsen Jargon & Dhundee in character

4:30am..fun times...Jason Lewis, Waajeed, Dam-Funk, Tiombe Lockhart, L, Dhundee & Nick Hook