Monday, July 27, 2009


My great pleasure to introduce No.2 of my AURAL VISIONS art & music collabo series featuring my design for SARAH WHITE-close friend, one of my favorite singers, blogpartner on WRONGLIPS, and one of my favorite peoples period. C-Train was the first track I've ever heard from Sarah, and it was a wrap for me. Beside the haunting original track, originally produced by Sarah's super-talented partner-in-crime, DJ Don Cuco got a dubby, bass-heavy remix treatment by Heinrich Zwalen who has lended his production skills to artists such as Oliver Stumm(Touch of Class)Sam Sever (Def Jam/Mowax),Groove Theory, SupaDJ Dimitry (Dee-lite) among others. More relevant than ever (you can listen and check my feelings about the original edit here), it makes really happy to be part of this project with my visuals.

Directly from Sarah's presskit:
"Blog it, Forward it, Play it, Feel it! Celebrating our 2 year anniversary of moving to Bed Stuy from Minneapolis, we have decided to let our buzzed about single, C TRAIN, out on the streets for FREE! In times like these, chasing the dollar and trying to find the balance between living your dream and making ends meet, is a feeling all too real for many artist. I wrote this song in a moment like this. Feeling very inspired by the music culture on our streets, Rico aka Dj Don Cuco dug deep into his spirit and chose a sound/frequency that became the root and foundation of this track. The lyrics were easy. Anyone who has to make the journey daily through the grind to make ends meet, can understand"

1. C Train (Original)-- Produced by Dj Don Cuco
2. Bed Stuy Remix -- Produced by Heinrich Zwalen

** Vocals and lyrics by Sarah White**
**All mixing and mastering by Heinrich Zwalen (Basscut)**

---The cover design is a collaboration with visual artist/writer/designer, LICHIBAN, also currently living in Brooklyn---

"Sarah White’s voice can be described as hypnotic at times, with breathy, soothing soliloquies, and deep, seductive stanzas. What’s impressive is her ability to effortlessly transform from singer to emcee, as in the introspective song, C Train. In this selection, she combines a spitfire flow, with dancehall style chatting and soulful melody, to create her own unique “scatois”. Each of Sarah’s songs is a perfectly balanced moment, reflecting the full spectrum of her vocal abilities and bringing a positive focus to the issues of growth, fulfillment, and love...." Devin "PAN" Barrett // TRACE Magazine

About Don Cuco

"I am a DJ, Musician and Producer. I love Music, Fashion and Art. I am a proud Father of a beautiful daughter. I believe Music heals, Fashion speaks and Art reflects. Fight the good fight and turn on your light ! PEACE Thank you God for blessing me with my life, my gifts and talents to share with the universe in the most positive way."
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