Friday, July 10, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD :: DÂM -FUNK :: Toeachizown + 5 LP set coming in Fall

:: galactic funk is bringing the future back ::

I just bought LAtrik the first part of Toeachizown, LA fam Dâm-Funk's debut album which will be released this Fall as 5/LP set - two and a half hours of music - with CD version to follow. Toeachizown is a modern funk album, created in five distinct parts: LAtrik, Fly, Life, Hood, Sky. I'm really feeling the cover, whoever did the art direction did a great job of creating a mood for the music..makes Dâm look like some kind of space superhero. That is definitely where this is going... galactic memories translated into sound vibration. Check my recent interview with him here.

Stones Throw will be releasing a few of these volumes digitally prior to the vinyl & CD release in Fall. LAtrik is available now exclusively at Here is an extra freebie entitled Toeachizown off of the album you can download here.

From Dam-Funk himself: “LAtrik is more of my 'electric style' (hence the title of this volume) which is influenced by, yet never bitin', such great artist as Juan Atkins (Cybotron) & Prince to name just a few. It also highlights the more Modern sounds of L.A. based Funk right now with instrumentals like ‘Toeachizown’ & vocal tracks like ‘Mirrors’ which, I feel are distinctly my sound, humbly speaking. I hope U dig it, as this was made 4 U! Stay tuned 4 Volumes: 2. 3, 4, & 5. - D-F”
Check his live set I recorded at Santos at the Cubic Zirconia record release party (which by the way was OFF THE HOOK...I'll have some videos of that up too soon.)

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C-Rocka said...

Very nice! Girl you are out there workin' it. I got that LAtrik this past week too been bumpin' it pretty hard.