Tuesday, July 21, 2009

LOVE IS REAL ::: GAS'D collection :: 'Love on Mars' Tee coming AUGUST 1st

Earlier this month, I posted a free mixtape called LOVE IS REAL (you can download it here), a collabo between beatmaker AFTA-1 & GAS'D a clothing line with a message very close to my heart. Founded by artist/designer Imani Waddy, GAS'D stands out amongst the countless number of streetwear lines not only with its sexy, minimalistic aesthetics but also with its conceptual foundation dedicated to spreading higher frequencies. I am in full support of the mission...yes yes, love IS the message...the tribe is gathering!
Check out their super dope website to join the movement.

THE MESSAGE ::: "GAS’D is a clothing line created to uplift the masses by relaying the message that “Love is Real”. We believe that there is a universal love in all of humanity, that is stronger than the ignorance and hate that seems to breed in areas of our world. We are ALL human … and humanity is what matters. Love for all humanity and each other can overcome so much in this life. GAS’D will forever embrace this ideal and use our art and our clothing to spread this message."

LOVE IN 24fps #1 from GAS'D on Vimeo.

check out more videos from Gas'd on vimeo

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