Friday, July 17, 2009

ATOMIUM EXPRESS :: Os Crunc Tesla Fearless Vampirekiller Arc. :: 3RD WORLD

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The video is from the 2008 debut album of the #1 US Grime group Os Crunc Tesla Fearless Vampirekiller Arc. Filmed in the " First World" country of Belgium and the " Third World " country of Brazil, Crunc shows us the vast difference between Sao Paulo and Bruxelles. He travels through a Time-Space machine called the Atomium to view and interact with these cultures. Vocals and Production by Raedawn. //// Directed by Warhologram.

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‘м)м(б, said...

Wow blast from the past - I remember Raedawn crashed on my couch up in Boston years ago, after seriously tearing up the Paradise sound system. Thanks for the relink-up; he's one talented dude.