Thursday, July 2, 2009

WHERETHEPARTYAT? Cubic Zirconia record release w/ Dam-Funk @ Santos Party House, Thursday July 2nd

Cubic Zirconia Record Release with Dam Funk & DJ Assault & Chico Mann

Thursday, July 2 11:00p
at Santos Party House, New York, NY
Price: $12

Cubic Zirconia Record RELEASE
w/ DJ Sets by Dam Funk, DJ Assault & live sets by Cubic Zirconia, Head Automatica, Chico Mann.
Cubic Zirconia -- comprised of Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart, and Todd Weinstock -- just got back from their Uk tour, having played alongside La Roux, Afrikan Boy and many other breaking artists. On July 2nd, they are throwing a record release party to end all record release parties.

Check the stream of CZ's recession special Fuck Work's killer remix on by Dam-Funk, coming from their new EP!

Here are some images from last week Tyler Askew's party at APT with Dâm-Funk doing a guest DJ you can see it from the pictures, people were having a hella good time. Lots of industry heads the whole Cubic Zirconia crew, Waajeed (PPP, bling47), DJ Smallchange, Melo-X, Mel D Cole, Dhundee, Oveous Maximus, Jason Lewis were in the house...Good energy & good's just one more reason to check the party tonight.

Dâm on fire! I actually got this shot of him at the last STONES THROW tour a month ago, but had to share it.

Waajeed, Tiombe Lockhart of Cubic Zirconia (ex-PPP) and Nick Hook of Cubic Zirconia. If you're not familiar with CZ, check out the FREE MIXTAPE I posted a while back here. ::: Tiombe on the mic chanting FUCK WORK, their new single (check the video for the song here)...You can expect to hear Dam Funk's remix of the track tonight. :::

Artists to watch, my homies, Oveous Maximus who recently dropped a (free!) dope new album FUTURE INTENTIONS, which I'll post soon...stay tuned! ::: Melo-X, one of my favorite peeps -- he just dropped his debut album MUSTAFA'S RENAISSANCE and was responsible for all the production on Nikki Ntu's recent album A HISTORY OF DREAMS that I illustrated.Skipping a lot of steps, Melo got instantly booked at London's premier venue CARGO...the man's got talent!

One of my favorite producers/ DJs, good friend Waajeed (PPP, bling47). Waajeed is a super versatile producer and a true pioneer, he tends to come out with records that are way ahead of their time. Like for instance, his timeless album WAR part 2. (feat. Jay Dee, Tiombe Lockhart, Invincible, Taraach now available on Bagpak) is one of the most brilliant hip-hop records in my view. Take a listen and buy it here.

My boy Kenshin, big boss at Kilo Intl & Rocksmith Tokyo (left) :: Arden, DJ/ globe trotter. Below is dope photographer, Jason Lewis with lovely friend.

Dj Smallchange was having a good time. I had to get a shot of photographer Mel of Village Slum... This man never stops working!

that's talented homies, Jelsen Jargon & Dhundee in character times...Jason Lewis, Waajeed, Dam-Funk, Tiombe Lockhart, L, Dhundee & Nick Hook

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