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DAM-FUNK x RED ::: I Should Tell Ya Momma On You

Check out this trippy DÂM FUNK remix of I Should Tell Ya Momma On You of RED, The Man Without The Machine or also known as the homeless G-funk beat-boxer/ MC recently 'discovered' by art collective/record label HVW8. LA fam, DÂM FUNK was visiting New York to play a couple of sold-out shows with Animal Collective at Prospect Park, BK (check my earlier interview with him for the download link to their collabo joint) and to do a live/DJ set at the TROPHY Bar in Williamsburg before he set out to play along side of De La Soul on their tour. I saw the video of RED that's been circulating for a couple of months, but this was the first time I heard Dâm's hypnotic remix on a real soundsystem...Check the video of him putting fire under the evocative vocals. This track is so dope, nothing really like anything I heard before...RED is using no vocoder, and though people call his style beatboxing, I believe that he is doing more than just that, using a vocal technique known as throatsinging! Actually, the reason why I posted my previous post on Tuvan throatsinging was to illustrate what I mean. --Big thanks to Dâm for the shoutout!
DAM-FUNK @ TROPHY Bar, Brooklyn, NY from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.
Here is the Official Video for Red (the Man Without the Machine) - I Should Tell Ya Momma on You with remixes by Dam-Funk and CHOPS.

From Stonesthrow about the vinyl release:: "Limited Edition 7". Original Version b/w Dam-Funk Remix, released by Stones Throw and HVW8. The song “I Should Tell Ya Momma on You” was originally recorded behind the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in December 2008. This raw video was posted on YouTube and became an instant online phenomenon. Equal parts G-funk, California Soul and Hobo Street, the song features full musical accompaniment created only by Red. The natural funk and flow struck a chord with an international audience representing a true Cali sound. In this era of T-Pain and excess studio production, the video showcased an almost forgotten musical form with no auto-tune or talk-box, only the beating of his chest and the hum of his throat as a bass kick and snare, and highlighted by signature vocals and original rhymes, this was Red - The Man Without The Machine. Stones Throw's resident funk maestro Dam-Funk remixed the track into a West Coast funk classic."
Get it in digital format on itunes or the Limited Edition 7" vinyl on stonesthrow.

i'm feeling...FLYING LOTUS :: Infinitum

this is a masterpiece
::: FLYING LOTUS :: Infinitum :::

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FRIENDS WE LOVE presents: Rasu Jilani of CDTBK

My good friend, RASU JILANI, Owner & Creator of Coup D'Etat Brooklyn was recently featured on Rasu explains how to apply the idea of a coup d'etat to overthrow the negative aspects of not only the economy & business practices proven to be disfunctional but also of the self. Change comes from within, and to build a new system based on sharing, we do have to work on elevating our selves...this is the voice of the BROOKLYN Renaissance. Kudos to Rasu!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

NEW WORK :: "BROOKLYN SUPERHEROES" go to B-GIRL BE :: A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop :: MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OU

As part of the fourth installment of Intermedia Arts' hugely successful festival B-Girl Be: A Celebration of Women in Hip-Hop, this Friday the all-female art show "Mama Said Knock U Out" will open its doors in Prince's hometown, Minneapolis. Curated by Michele Spaise and Theresa Sweetland, "Mama Said Knock U Out" is an international visual art exhibition that will showcase 28 female artists from around the world who use their visual voice to empower, inform and organize. These women are employing hip-hop culture as a means of expression, connection, education and social and political activism globally. The show will feature a select group of very talented female artists who are influenced or work within the hip-hop community.
Representing the feminine wing of the Brooklyn creative force, I'll be showing two pieces entitled Brooklyn Superheroes 1-2, along with the works of my friends & fellow artistas, Abeni Garret, JenOne, Sarah White, Alice Mizrahi, Toofly, & Minneapolis-native C-Rocka.

Artists: Abeni Garrett, Alice Mizrachi, Amanda Lopez, B Fresh, Catiesha Pierson, Chanel Kennebrew, Corinne Santiago, C-Rocka, Desdamona, Erotica67, Faith 47 & Rowan Pybus, Janelle Olson, Jennifer Rasinski, Jessica Kitzman, Katrina Knutson, Keegan Xavi, LadyKFever, Lauri Lyons, LICHIBAN, Monica Kelly, Motel 7, Niz, Sarah White, Shannon Joyce, Steph 1, Tamiko Mitchel, Tiffany Smith, and Toofly.

EXHIBIT ON VIEW August 28 - October 23, 2009 /// Opening Night Reception
Friday, August 28, 2009 // 6-9 p.m. at Intermedia Art // 2822 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis //Free and open to the public

BROOKLYN SUPERHEROES 1-2 (16"x24" mixed media on wood)

LIFE AS A CAT :: the world is a mirror

Here are some new shots of my feline alterego Mercuria-the alchemist of the heart- by fellow artist, my beautiful friend ARIA ISADORA. Mercuria's mask's silver and turquoise colors are referencing mercury// Hermes Trismegistos and my sign Virgo ruled by the planet Mercury/Hermes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VISIONS OF A NEW WORLD :: Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes

::: new world calling :::
::: love vibration :::

i'm feeling...CHESCA :: You Like It Raw & Twilight Fades

You Like It Raw by chesca
Twighlight Fades by chesca
Just got these sexy new futuristic boogie tracks from my girl, CHESCA a few days ago. Recorded at her home studio with EBOW on JUNO 60 and MATRIX 06-will surely excite all the analog purist out there....much like our mutual friend, DAM-FUNK who is repping the galactic funk //boogie-funk vibrations on the West coast, Chesca is holding it down in Londontown...check out her free mix CHESCA's System with some of the hottest boogie joints on her soundcloud page.

iheartbeats:: VOODOO SOUND refix

Fresh from the source, this dope remix by top UK producer Sasquatch of Crunc Tesla's original VOODOO SOUND from his 2008 release What's Really Rad?" on Tigerbeat6/ Ekleroshock/ Luv Technologies has been on heavy rotation...intented for lucid dreaming stimulating flying experience to terrestial and outofspace jungles. Thanks for my fellow intergalactic bhakti Aeon for putting me on this!

What's Really Rad? "is a 23-minute kinetic energy burst along the lines of Outkast, The Pharcyde, Squarepusher, and even Harry Bellafonte. Acid basslines, gypsy organs and tweaked synths melt into grimy beats while creamy, rapid-fire lyrics flicker from dark to brilliant. The bipolar fusion of tones melds Middle Eastern melodies with dirty south drum kits, dancehall riddims and broke-beat glitchology." The vocalists bombard from all angles, with MCs hailing from Jamaica, Baltimore, D.C., Atlanta and New York." You can take a listen and download the album on amazon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

PHOTO OF THE DAY :: angel mujer

::: Angel Woman, Mujer angel, Desierto de Sonora, México, 1979 :::
by one of my favorite photographers and huge inspiration, Mexican artist GRACIELA ITURBIDE.

FREE DOWNLOAD :: LOOTPACK : Soundpieces: Da Antidote

I've been listening to the Stones Throw Podcast 50: Lootpack's “Pieces of Soundpieces” mixtape, 1999, for the past few days. Soundpieces was the first and only record by the famed West-coast ninjas---this mixtape was put together by Madlib before the album dropped in 1999 and now it is given away for FREE to mark Stonesthrow's 50th podcast series. If you haven't signed up for the amazing Stonesthrow podcast, now is the time to do will find freebies (for a limited time only) from artists such as ST founder Peanut Butter Wolf, Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne, The Gaslamp Killer, Madlib, Quasimoto, Jay Dee, Guilty Simpson and many more. Follow the link to subscribe.

From Stonesthrow about the mixtape: It's the 10th anniversary of Lootpack's classic hip-hop album Soundpieces: Da Antidote, the record that launched Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes along with their crew Quasimoto, MED, Dudley Perkins, and Oh No. Our 50th podcast is a mixtape tape put together by Madlib as the album was about to drop in early 1999 - back when a mixtape really meant “tape.”
Side one is tracks from earlier Lootpack singles, side two is tracks from Soundpieces, but throughout the mix are various other Madlib beats - some unreleased, and some that would later get worked into tracks like Madvillain's “Rainbows.”

i'm feeling....AMOROUS ::: Jesse Boykins III

The amazing Jesse Boykins III performing Amorous at our VONY fundraiser back in July.
>>>>>love is the message<<<


I recently got this link in my inbox to a free download of these rare hip-hop beats by Philly-fam, producer/DJ KING BRITT. Much like DJ Spinna, another favorite musicians of mine, King's production skills are infinitely versatile ranging from hip-hop, electronica, deep house, soul to music that defies boundaries. His Adventures in LoFi (BBE, 2003) is actually one of my favorite hip-hop records-you can check it & listen to it on itunes.

The instrumental tracks on this free release are for all the lovers of dope beats to inspire. FOLLOW THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT and make sure to sign up for future freebies as well.

From King's intro:
Sometimes in the studio, I feel I have too many options. Too many software choices, synths, etc. I felt like I needed to go back to the essence of making beats. So I dusted off the MPC2000 and grabbed stacks of wack from my library to make beats. It was such a wonderful feeling to just flip beats again. Wasn’t even thinking of releasing them, just an exercise for my brain. The fun part was that I only used the floppy drive. Only 12sec of sample time for each joint. All kicks, snares and sounds are all from records. Mixed raw, right out of the MPC stereo outs. Done in 1 week in April 2009 (one or two oldies thrown in for good measure). Just some boom bap vibes for all my peeps who just love a good loop…Enjoy and share !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

TUVAN Shamans, Punks and Throatsingers ::: YAT KHA-Mankurt & Genghis Blues

I've been working on a video collabo project with fellow artist, motiondesigner/animator Vanguardbots, and we were looking for some soundtrack for our first project that would reflect some of the symbolic references of Central Asia (Check out Vanguardbots' vimeo site for some of his projects here). I remembered this Tuvan throatsinging punk band I used to listen to years ago, called Yat Kha. So I youtubed it and found this amazing animation made for their joint I've never heard before. It is based on the Turkic legend of Mankurt, a story def worth looking up. It's a symbolic tale about actual and mental slavery through the story of Mankurt whose memory is erased and turned into a you see the character here finds himself in the city later self-destructing. It's also a metaphor about what happens if you forget your love, roots, ancestors, your mother Earth, and get enslaved by your own forgetfulness...
Yast Kha's birthplace, Tuva has gotten recent attention through it's music. The Soviets cut off Tuva from the outside world for over 50 years, it is one of the most hidden and mysterious places of the southern regions of Siberia in Central Asia. Tuva maintained to a large degree its nomadic heritage and shamanistic culture, though Tuvan shaman were persecuted under Stalin. Their religion is similar to many Northern American Native tribes and their musical culture is tied in with their shamanistic healing tradition. Yat Kha is born out of the marriage of native Tuvan music and Anglo-American punk rock.
YAT KHA :: Mankurt

It just happened that I wanted to post another Tuva related post with American musician, blind blues-singer Paul Pena visiting Tuva to learn throatsinging after hearing it on Radio Moscow while back in San Francisco. He went to Tuva and entered the contest! GENGHIS BLUES, the documentary following Paul Pena's journey to Tuva is one of my favorite films. I highly recommend it. I love this scene, Paul's throatsinging skills are astonishing.

From the presskit ""Blind American blues singer Paul Pena discovered the art of throatsinging while listening to Radio Moscow on shortwave more than fifteen years ago. Emanating from the autonomous republic of Tuva, located between Mongolia and Siberia, multi-harmonic "khoomei" (throatsinging) remained almost unknown in the west until the 1990's. Genghis Blues charts Pena's incorporation of throatsinging into his own music and his entry in Tuva's singing contest in 1995.."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Naked is beautiful :: Commissions are accepted

This is one of my commissioned work entitled THE UNDINE OF THE FROTHLESS SEA (2 feet x 4 feet, mixed media on wood). Even if you are not ready to go all the way and get naked, I could still capture your or your favorite person's loveliest moment. Get at me for details and price packages (I also do bartering, so don't hesitate to hit me up.)

got body?...RAYE 6 ::: MISSTERY

::oh my, did she....?! this is fierce and I don't expect less from one of my muses, Brooklyn tigress RAYE 6. Raye, one of the hardest working independent artists I know from BK, is the master of envisioning and manifesting her sexy performances bringing out a different persona, a new alterego, each time she puts on a show. She is not afraid to push the boundaries and you can never expect the same show from her. This song is off of her much-anticipated full length album, Universal Lover dropping in October. Stay tuned for more and catch her at one of her upcoming shows:::

FREE DOWNLOAD :: PETER HADAR & THEOPHILUS LONDON (prod. by Machinedrum) :: Want U 4 Myself

Another gem born out of a collabo of three of my favorite New York musicians, vocalists PETER HADAR, THEOPHILUS LONDON and producer MACHINEDRUM. Thanks to my homie Law who put me on this freebie today!


Also make sure to check out both Peter Hadar's dope new site here
and Theo's This Charming Blog

Friday, August 14, 2009

<<<<>>>>EYE SEE TEETH<<<<<

These psychedelic creatures of Philly-based artist, A J Fosik, reminiscent of South-East Asian and Tibetan masks stay true to the power of art made with the old fashioned, hand-made process. These new pieces are simply off the hook! Check out more pieces and read a recent interview with him on

iRECOMMEND :: Gergia Anne Muldrow :: UMSINDO & Dudley Perkins HOLY SMOKES

Check out the new projects of two of my favorites, power couple Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. I'll let the homie, Kenny Fresh of FRESHSELECTS take the lead in doing the write-up..he did a way better job than I could. Link FRESHSELECTS for Georgia and Dudley to get download links & some of the preview tracks.


Donald Byrd gets Madlib of my favorites

Monday, August 10, 2009

RIDING THE WAVES: Exclusive Interview with Marie Daulne of ZAP MAMA

Visionary, cultural nomad, healer, mother and one of the most authentic female artists of our time, Marie Daulne has returned from the lab with a new album Recreation (Heads Up International 2009) reflecting her new vision for finding way to healing and rebirth by inviting pleasure into one's life. The singer and songwriter born in Congo, and raised in Belgium, Marie Daulne created the concept ZAP MAMA at the beginning of the 90’s with an acapella group of Afro-European women. Zap Mama’s first full-length album Adventures in Afropea 1 came out in 1993, and she has since released six albums worldwide. In 1996, Marie decided to go solo as Zap Mama and has since integrated a wide variety of genres such as hip hop, Afrobeat, pop, indie, jazz, R&B, funk into a musical blend that is the unmistakable 'Zap Mama' sound. She has collaborated with a number of high profile musicians like Al Jareau, Bobby McFerrin, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Manu Dibango, U Roy, Maria Bethania, Speech (Arrested Development), David Byrne, Hans Zimmer ("Mission Impossible 3"), The Roots, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Common, Bahamdia, DJ Krush, DJ Jazz Jeff, Bilal, Jazzy Fatnastees, Lady Alma, Sergio Mendes, G. Love, Meshell Ndeogecello, and Karriem Riggins, among others. She is a humanitarian at heart, and has used her artistic power and outreach to support projects such as LOVE, LABOR, LOSS: a documentary film that profiles women in Niger, West Africa living with obstetric fistula, and through her most recent involvement in the humanitarian organization CARE's efforts to reduce maternal mortality rates in the world's poorest countries.
Inspired by her first visit to Brazil, Marie's latest project ReCreation is a play on the words multiple meanings: both an invitation to take a break away from the matrix of everyday life and find a way to rediscover and recreate oneself from and through the experience of play. “That moment when you are relaxing and enjoying yourself,” says Daulne, “is the perfect moment to create a new person within yourself – to heal yourself and let go of all the negative aspects of your life. In those times when you relax, you recreate yourself.” In addition to a rhythm section rooted in a rich Brazilian vibe, “ReCreation” boasts a guest list of high-profile vocalists including Bilal, G. Love, actor Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Ocean’s Twelve) and several others. My personal favorite is her collabo with Bilal, called "The Way You Are", a song about love on the next level. Recently, I had a chance to ask her about her new album and get to the more intimate aspects of her art.

LICHIBAN: The new album is entitled ReCreation…knowing that you have a strong spiritual side, I sense that this album is a fruit of an internal rebirth. Would you agree?Marie Daulne: Yes, it was a manifestation that I did not control. It just happened. I always follow my intuition and instincts. I pray and meditate every day for a good balance of well being. This is what the Universe has proposed me.

L: You seem like a cultural nomad, seamlessly melting different traditions of music together into the sound that is so uniquely Zap Mama. What are the ingredients?
MD: 5 elements and love.

L: There is clearly a vision behind all your work. Could you tell me more about the spiritual universe of Zap Mama?
MD: That is a big question. I could take hours to respond. I believe strong in mental power (faith). We just have to (practice) pray every day. Our connection with the essence of live is to be what we want to be. We must feel the vibrations (instincts) that guide us in the right place, at the right time, to the right people. And understand these signs. In theory it’s easy, but in practice it is not. When you have friends (a community, a tribe) that’s undergoing the same process, that helps.
L: Healing & relaxation…could you elaborate on the connection between the two in the context of the new album?
MD: Often we try hard to obtain something. And with this album, I’m proposing to relax. Take it easy. Let it be. Let it go! Believe in your desires, and let the universe guide you – but be awake! Like a curious child. Be able to follow the signs.

L: How long did it take to finish the album?
MD: 6 Months

L: You seem to love to collaborate. On ReCreation, you have worked with high-profile vocalists including Bilal, G. Love, actor Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Ocean's Twelve). How was it working with them?
MD: Magical and Sensual ;)

L: You partnered up with CARE to honor mothers around the world, and donated the revenues from your track, “Hello To Mama?” Could tell us a little bit about the mission of CARE and why you chose to work with them in particular?
MD: I chose them because a few years ago, CARE’s CEO Helen Gayle, invited me to a perform at a CARE conference in Washington DC, where there was a conference/discussion about empowering women. They (CARE) asked for ideas – both big and small – to improve the world. This collaboration for my track ‘Hello to Mama’, given CARE’s campaign for maternal health, and my prior involvement with CARE (I had already been involved with CARE Norway, CARE Mali, CARE Tanzania in the past. We shot a documentary) was a positive and natural extension.
Check out "HELLO MAMA", the video made for Zap Mama's collaborative project with CARE in my earlier post.

Where do you see this album in the evolution of your growth from your first album to the artist behind Recreation in 2009?

MD: My personal evolution is that I recreate new ways of appreciation again and again. Our minds are organic and need to be constantly renewed. We need to feed our souls with simple little things. With this album, I chose to bring people on vacation, feel the beauty, harmony, and color that surrounds us, and let this album be the soundtrack of your pleasures—your vacation.
ZAP MAMA feat. Erykah Badu "Bandy Bandy" from her 2006 release "Ancestry In Progress" featuring Erykah Badu.

L: Ideally, what would you like people to take away from listening to this album?
MD: Pleasure

L: New projects you are working on?
MD: Ohh, a lot -- non stop! But still in development

L: Many of us artists are coming together and realizing that we are on the same path trying to transmit a similar vibration with our art, a positive message of love and healing. I definitely see this tendency growing in Brooklyn, do you see this phenomenon in the arts in other places as well?
MD: Yes. I would always like to meet more artists. I don’t know a lot of artists yet here in Brooklyn.

L: What do you think about the ‘global transformation of consciousness’ many people are talking about these days?
MD: It’s the reason why I moved to the US. To be part of the evolution. During the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s everyone talked about revolution. Now let’s begin the ‘evolution. The election of Obama is definitely part of the reason I moved to the US. I’m open and really want to listen to others. I will soon be giving workshops (teaching my vocal technique) in NYC very soon!
Thank you. MARIE

You can purchase her CD or download the album on Also check out her store for previous releases and link with her on her myspace page.

Check out Marie talking about the album on Fusicology.

iheart ::: GAS'D new LOVE tee


I love the new LOVE V-Neck GAS'D tee. Not to mention that every shirt comes with a free CD from AFTA-1 (he also features in the promo video) COTTON :: DRUM, which includes a never before heard track "Fortune" - AFTA-1 visit ::

▲ 100% Organic Cotton
▲ Low-impact fabric dyed, enzyme fabric washed for a super soft hand
▲ Soaked for an hour in music
▲ Wash in cold water, tumble dry medium

ALSO COMING UP: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH GAS'D FOUNDER, IMANI WADDY...and don't forget to check out the dope GAS'd blog...def one of my favorites.

BROOKLYN DIARIES ::: Rock The Block Aug 14-15

ROCK THE BLOCK returns to Brookyn with an even bigger production this year. On Saturday, repping my organization Voices of New York (VONY), I will be painting on one of fashion-designer BUTCH DIVA's sexy pieces, which will be featured later the day on live models.

Butch Diva discount promotional offer
Click "Begin Order" in the box to the right
*You can also see additional promo info on the following sites:

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NEW WORK ::: MESSENGERS of the Kingdom of Citraka

These are the messengers from the KINGDOM OF CITRAKA ['Citraka' is Sanskrit for cheetah, leopard or artist.] These images appeared with an intention to protect me and channel strength while I was doing my visualization exercises. The Sages/ Gateopeners -my messengers from the feline planet of CITRAKA -need to be developed more, I was only able to capture them partially. I will work on more along this line with verbal commentaries. This one on the left is based on the symbolism of Tibetan mandalas that represent the analogous correspondence of microcosm (human) and macrocosmos (galaxy)..a diagram or map of the outer and inner kingdom.

I am trying to unite my old style (which took much inspiration from Tibetan Tantric Buddhist art) back from before I went on my hiatus with my new characters, and find other media that allows me to not be confined to wood canvas (though I continue to work on raw wood, of course). Painting is a form of meditation -a chance for me to explore the inner labyrinth and focus-these new ones came with a message, certain aspects of it I'm still trying to decipher. Here are some of the texts that serve as inspiration.
A Light Offering Prayer

I consider that this lamp is made of the finest precious metal,
And is as vast as the entire billionfold universe.

It is filled completely with the finest essence of butter,

And in its centre is planted a wick as large as Mount Meru.

Its flame is alight and has the nature of the five wisdoms;

In appearance, it blazes with the dazzling splendour of a billion suns,

Its light pervading everywhere throughout all the realms of the ten directions.

Out of this radiant expanse, appear vast clouds of offerings like Samantabhadra’s,

To make gifts throughout all eternity, until the very ends of time,

So that the objects of our prayers, be they living or dead,

Gather the two accumulations, purify the two kinds of obscuration,

And swiftly attain unsurpassable awakening.

composed by Gatön Vāgindra

Some of my inspirations came from the Spandakarika , or “Song of the Sacred Tremor,” is one of the essential texts of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism. To read the full text, visit here.

[1.]The venerated Shankari (Shakti), source of energy, opens her eyes and the universe is reabsorbed in pure consciousness; she closes them and the universe is manifested within her.[2.] The sacred tremor, the very place of creation and return, is completely limitless because its nature is formless.[22.]The profound and stable sacred tremor can be reached in extreme states: anger, intense joy, mental wandering, or the drive toward survival .
::: Caduceaus ::: Kokala ::: Energy Flow ::" The Sage of Citraka

[23. 24.]When the tantrika gives himself over to Shiva/Shakti, the sun and the moon come
up in the central channel.[48.] The energy of the sacred tremor that passes through the vulgar person enslaves him, whereas this same energy liberates the person who is on the Path.
[49. 50.]The subtle body itself is an obstacle that is tied to limited intelligence and to the ego. The enslaved person has experiences that are tied to his beliefs and to the idea that he has of his body, and in this way thing perpetuates the tie.
:::: Magic Pelo ::: Revelation

::: Spirit Transformers: Kokala 1 & 2 :::

[51]But when the tantrika becomes established in the sacred tremor of reality, he liberates the flow of manifestation and return, and in this way takes pleasure in the universal freedom, as a master of the wheel of energies."

FREEDOM IS IN THE HEART OF THE BEHOLDER. the mind can never take you there

MADVILLAIN :: Shadows of Tomorrow

::: ouroboros :::

Saturday, August 8, 2009

FLYING LOTUS ::: Los Angeles

Soft Gun Lily. Tim Saccenti. from commonwealth on Vimeo.

on August 17th, galactic beat wizard Flying Lotus will release the final piece of his three-part L.A. EP series following his second release on Warp Records, Los Angeles, featuring unreleased tracks and remixes by fellow producers such as Ras G, Dimlite, Take, Matthew David and others. Kudos for the amazing marketing job, artwork and packaging for both the EPs and the album, a collaborative effort between Flying Lotus, photographer Timothy Saccenti, design studio Build and design studio Commonwealth.

Friday, August 7, 2009


When people ask me about some of my favorite artist inspirations, I always bring up MAX ERNST, and I'm often surprised how little is known of him compared to other painters of his caliber like Dali or Magritte, who actually took inspirations from Ernst's early work[1]. Aside from his work, which first drew me in with its dreamy, otherwordly quality, I always felt a deep affinity for Max Ernst the artist, who stood out for me with his contemplative, spiritual approach to doing art.

Max ERNST (b. 1891 in Bruehl, Germany) was one of the most important painters of the 20th century, a founding figure of Dada and Surrealism- two of the most outspokenly anti-war art movements born and evolved as a reaction to the horrors of WWI and WWII. "As a child Max was strange and suffered many emotional crises and a few mental collapses. During the First World War, Max Ernst was conscripted into the Germany army to serve as an artillery engineer. The traumatic experience prompted Ernst to write in his autobiography, “Max Ernst died the 1st of August, 1914.” Ernst further emphasized his point by writing, “You cannot save a man who has already been dead. And I had been dead since the first ‘World War."[2] In 1937 Nazi officials purged German museums of art works the Party considered to be degenerate. From the thousands of works removed, 650 were for a special exhibit of Entartete Kunst-among them Max's works. In each installation, the works were poorly hung and surrounded by graffiti and hand written labels mocking the artists and their creations. Over three million visitors attended making it the first "blockbuster" exhibition."[3] Max fled from Nazi Germany to France, but with the outbreak of the Second World War Max Ernst was arrested by French authorities for being a "hostile alien". Thanks to the intercession of fellow artist, Eluard, he was discharged a few weeks later. Soon after the French occupation by the Nazis, he was arrested again, this time by the Gestapo, but he managed to escape and flee to the US in 1941.
"Max developed a fascination with birds that was prevalent in his work. His alter ego in paintings, which he called Loplop, was a bird. He suggested this alter-ego was an extension of himself stemming from an early confusion of birds and humans. He said that one night when he was young he woke up and found that his beloved bird had died, and a few minutes later his father announced that his sister was born."[source WP]

"When strolling through the forest, fixing the eyes obstinately on the ground, you certainly discover many wonderful, splendid things. If then, all of a sudden, you turn your eyes upwards, you are overwhelmed by the revelation of another equally wonderful world. The significance of suns, moons, constellations, nebulae, galaxies and space as a whole outside the earth zone have steadily taken root during the last century in human consciousness as well is in my work, and will most probably remain there." M. Ernst (Peter Shamoni, MAX ERNST Maximiliana, p. 5)
Of This Men Shall Know Nothing. Oil on canvas. 81 x 64 cm. 1923. Tate Gallery, London, UK.

The Equivocal Woman (also known as The Teetering Woman). 1923. Oil on canvas. 1923. 130.5 x 97. 5 cm. Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, Germany.

L'Ange du foyer ou Le Triomphe du surréalisme. 1937. Oil on canvas. 114 x 146 cm. painted in response to the defeat of the Republican Spain reflecting Max's feeling of helplessness in the face of the coming menace of fascism.

The Temptation of St. Anthony. 1945. Oil on canvas. 108 x 128 cm. Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum, Duisburg, Germany.

"My wanderings, my anxieties, my impatience, doubts, beliefs,hallucinations; my loves, rages, revolts, contradictions; my refusals to submit to discipline, even my own; the sporadic visits of perturbation, my sister, the hundred headed woman - all this was not conducive to a favorable climate for quiet, serene work. Like my behavior my work is not classically harmonious, nor even classically revolutionary. Seditious, uneven, mcontradictiory, it isn't appreciated by the specialists of fine arts, culture, behavior, logic, morals. But it delights my accomplices: poets, pataphysicians, and some illiterates." M. Ernst (Peter Shamoni, MAX ERNST Maximiliana, p. 39)

You can find out more about him in Werner Spies: MAX ERNST: Life and Work and Max Ernst and Alchemy : A Magician in Search of Myth

Monday, August 3, 2009

BROOKLYN DIARIES: my new work at the Collective Art 3

I will be showing some new work at the CA3-the third installment of the Collective Art group show coming up on this Thursday, August 6, 2009. I've been working on a number of new pieces illustrating my avatars from the feline Planet (whose name I can't reveal quite yet).

This show is organized by fellow artists, collectively know as Gen Par, and is a grassroots project.

Please come through!
To find out more visit
the Collective Art site.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I would like to share some of these images of my good friend and one of my favorite photographers, LUKE POWELL. The two of us connected through our mutual love for Afghan culture and the heart-piercing beauty of the land and its people, while I was working on organizing the first Afghan Human Rights Film Festival and Art Show a few years ago back in Boston. Most people are probably familiar with the famous green-eyed Afghan refugee girl captured by Steven McCurry, but I would say that if you want to have a more intimate look at Afghanistan, you should browse through Luke's images. Luke made his first visit to Afghanistan in the 1970s and has made his way back several times dedicating his life to document the land and its people throughout some of the most tumultuous periods. No one, in my view, has been able to capture landscapes with a camera better than Luke; his images are able to reveal the magic quality of the land--you look at his images of emerald mountains and desert roads leading to infinity and are humbled by the sacred power of nature. Without the need for words, his photos remind you that this planet is a temple---not to be taken for granted.

Throughout our long conversations, I came to understand Luke's motivation to focus on capturing the magic and tragic beauty of the natural terrain and its people who had prevailed despite the horrors that they had to endure in the last century, instead of showing the horrors...he wanted to show Afghans not as victims but as heroes of their show their strength and endurance that helped them overcome decades of war, loss and trauma and enabled them to continue on with their lives no matter what. I starred into the eyes of the men, women and children captured by Luke's loving lens, and fell in love with them...and realized the power of images to evoke compassion for fellow humans...images that speak of the power of 'us' without words against the dehumanizing force that lurks behind the infinitely distancing faceless 'them'. Thank you, Luke.

CLICK ON THE images to read Luke's notes

Check out more photos on his website, where you can read his commentary as well.

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