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NEW WORK ::: MESSENGERS of the Kingdom of Citraka

These are the messengers from the KINGDOM OF CITRAKA ['Citraka' is Sanskrit for cheetah, leopard or artist.] These images appeared with an intention to protect me and channel strength while I was doing my visualization exercises. The Sages/ Gateopeners -my messengers from the feline planet of CITRAKA -need to be developed more, I was only able to capture them partially. I will work on more along this line with verbal commentaries. This one on the left is based on the symbolism of Tibetan mandalas that represent the analogous correspondence of microcosm (human) and macrocosmos (galaxy)..a diagram or map of the outer and inner kingdom.

I am trying to unite my old style (which took much inspiration from Tibetan Tantric Buddhist art) back from before I went on my hiatus with my new characters, and find other media that allows me to not be confined to wood canvas (though I continue to work on raw wood, of course). Painting is a form of meditation -a chance for me to explore the inner labyrinth and focus-these new ones came with a message, certain aspects of it I'm still trying to decipher. Here are some of the texts that serve as inspiration.
A Light Offering Prayer

I consider that this lamp is made of the finest precious metal,
And is as vast as the entire billionfold universe.

It is filled completely with the finest essence of butter,

And in its centre is planted a wick as large as Mount Meru.

Its flame is alight and has the nature of the five wisdoms;

In appearance, it blazes with the dazzling splendour of a billion suns,

Its light pervading everywhere throughout all the realms of the ten directions.

Out of this radiant expanse, appear vast clouds of offerings like Samantabhadra’s,

To make gifts throughout all eternity, until the very ends of time,

So that the objects of our prayers, be they living or dead,

Gather the two accumulations, purify the two kinds of obscuration,

And swiftly attain unsurpassable awakening.

composed by Gatön Vāgindra

Some of my inspirations came from the Spandakarika , or “Song of the Sacred Tremor,” is one of the essential texts of Kashmiri Tantric Shaivism. To read the full text, visit here.

[1.]The venerated Shankari (Shakti), source of energy, opens her eyes and the universe is reabsorbed in pure consciousness; she closes them and the universe is manifested within her.[2.] The sacred tremor, the very place of creation and return, is completely limitless because its nature is formless.[22.]The profound and stable sacred tremor can be reached in extreme states: anger, intense joy, mental wandering, or the drive toward survival .
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[23. 24.]When the tantrika gives himself over to Shiva/Shakti, the sun and the moon come
up in the central channel.[48.] The energy of the sacred tremor that passes through the vulgar person enslaves him, whereas this same energy liberates the person who is on the Path.
[49. 50.]The subtle body itself is an obstacle that is tied to limited intelligence and to the ego. The enslaved person has experiences that are tied to his beliefs and to the idea that he has of his body, and in this way thing perpetuates the tie.
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[51]But when the tantrika becomes established in the sacred tremor of reality, he liberates the flow of manifestation and return, and in this way takes pleasure in the universal freedom, as a master of the wheel of energies."

FREEDOM IS IN THE HEART OF THE BEHOLDER. the mind can never take you there

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