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at the Artist Process documentary shoot
::: 5 pointz, Queens, NY 9-29-2009 :::
i made this gate as an opening and a focus-point to activate energies necessary for change, for a new scenery. i dedicate it to the trailblazer who first found the exit
musical inspiration :: Johnny Voltik "DO YOU"
(more behind the scenes photos are coming up)

photo : Gigi Bio

[photo : John Smalls]

[installation by Andy Goldsworthy]

Do not
Want to step so quickly
Over a beautiful line on god's palm
As I move through the earth's
I do not want to touch any object in this world
Without my eyes testifying to the truth
That everything is
My Beloved.
Something has happened
To my understanding of existence
That now makes my heart always full of wonder
And kindness.
I do not
Want to step so quickly
Over this sacred place on god's body
That is right beneath your
Own foot
As I
Dance with
Precious life
[Hafez -- from THE GIFT transl. by Daniel Ladinsky]

NOTE: Read more about Andy Goldsworthy, a true Zen master of art that finds a harmonious balance between the shaping forces of nature and the human touch. Read more about him here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

SPREAD LOVE ::: message to KON

Here is a short get-better video message I put together for my homie, Chris aka KON (Kon & Amir) at the Giant Step & DJ Spinna present: JOURNEY: A BENEFIT FOR KON fundraiser party at Santos. Got Kon's partner-in-crime Amir, the event's organizer & host DJ Spinna, A-Trak, DJ Scratch, DJ Eclipse, Eli Escobar and DJ Riz to give a shout out to KON who is on his way to recovery after being recently hospitalized. You can read more about the event and get the links to his blog here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

WATER is life ::: healing vibrations

I was asked in a recent interview on to describe my art and I tried to explain my ideas about vibration as the underlying creating force behind things manifested in the material as well as in the metaphysical world. It just happened that my good friend Johnny Voltik put me on this amazing research that shows the power of different mental and spiritual energies on water---the source of life that makes up over 70% of our body...the implications are huge.
from the documentary What the BLEEP Do We Know!? based on Dr. Emoto's research

"Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts, forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors.

Dr. Emotos newest book, The Hidden Messages in Water, further explores his revolutionary research. Since humans and the earth are composed mostly of water, his message is one of personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us."
What is really important for me in this is that the real work starts within, before we can try to save others or plan to improve the world around us, we have to start healing ourselves first.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NEW WORK ::: Butch Diva x Lichiban collabo at CANVAS & CHAOS - ROCK THE BLOCK

Here are a few images from CANVAS & CHAOS, last month's big Brooklyn event at the ROCK THE BLOCK. I was collaborating with Butch Diva's founder Tiffany Rhodes on one of her smashing lime green definite favorite piece. I've never done live painting on live models, so this was a fun challenge (painting on spandex is a bitch and I felt really bad for the models who had to get wrapped in ceran wrap underneath their outfits because the material was letting the paint through).

I tried to make my beautiful model look like a superheroine straight from the rainforest. All the other artists' pieces came out great and these hot mamas made them look like a definite work of art.

I will post more pics on my Wronglips and def check out more flicks at BUTCH DIVA's blog of the event!

iRECOMMEND: SATURN NEVER SLEEPS :: new show w/King Britt, Rucyl, Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces & SNS Ensemble + FREE PODCAST

My Philadelphia music fam, King Britt and his partner-in-deed Rucyl has started SATURN NEVER SLEEPS a highly successful event series that has been growing into a movement dedicated to spreading vibrations to further the ongoing spiritual evolution. Their first performance in New York City back in July honoring intergalactic key-holder SUN RA was an incredible success drawing over 2700 attendees. They are back for the new season hosting the next installment of SATURN NEVER SLEEPS called FREQUENCY HOLDERS. Here is the word from their site:

Join us for the season opening performance. Painted Bride Art Center presents Saturn Never Sleeps: A Night Curated by King Britt and Rucyl. Guests:

Flying Lotus (Los Angeles) // live sonic environmentalist , Shabazz Palaces (Seattle) // the new Africa & The SNS Ensemble (Philadelphia):

King Britt/ Electronics /// Rucyl/ Vocaltronics /// Tim Motzer/ Guitartronics /// Damon Bennet/Keyboardtronics /// Jason Senk/Visuals

Saturday, September 26, 2009 // Doors open at 7pm – $20 /// 230 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA, 19106 /// 215.925.9914

Saturn Never Sleeps is a celebration of the electric sound phenomenon. King Britt and interactive artist Rucyl Mills invite today’s most innovative artists to stretch the boundaries of genre, rhythm, and concept in musical conversation. Each month live musicians of acoustic and electronic inventions step outside of their usual performance format to come together in a fusion of electro-beats, oscillations, rhythms, and ethereal drones, immersing audiences in a provocative, intimate, thought altering world of sight and sound. Guests can expect multimedia installations, futuristic instruments and mind-bending visuals.

September’s theme: Frequency Holders
Their function is to anchor the frequency of the new consciousness on this planet.” – Eckhart Tolle


ALSO CHECK OUT RUCYL's new #2 podcast of the series..i recommend this for meditative hours to help you tune into your inner galaxy

/// download SNS No.2 – Resonance + Partials Between the Rings // Live mix by Rucyl

Delia Derbyshire [Radio Scotland Interview] // Cocteau Twins // Memoria – Mercof Martes // Angel’s Part – Astrid Suryanto + DJ Yellow // Kira Kira – Sawako // N.i.t.a – Young Marble Giants // Squeezed – Blevin Blectum // El Perro – Juana Molina // Those Dancing Days Are Gone – Carla Bruni // Witch Shocktronica – Yoko Ono + Hank Shocklee // Cyclotron C64 SID – Harmonic 313 // Pitch to Voltage – Brian Eno + David Byrne // The Raven – The Alan Parsons Project // Spechol Analog – Shabazz Palaces // Raindrops – John Tejada // Ele Speaks – Elephant Man // Balani – Ahmed Fofana // Det uigjenkallelige ved det… – Kim Hiorthøy // Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian // Dream Machinez – Future of Yesterday // Ernie’s Tune – Dexter Gordon

NEW SHOW:: I'm showing at YOUNITY Collective's FRESHER! exhibit on October 3rd

I'll be showing some new work at the new YOUNITY show (will give a sneak peep soon)!

- Third Annual Exhibit Features 40 Female Avant-Garde Artists Who Recycle & Create Art for the Earth -

Queens, NY (September 3, 2009)— Back for its third annual show, YOUNITY presents an eco-art exhibition entitled 
FRESHER!, opening October 3, 2009 at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center in the Lower East Side section of New York City. Running until October 23, 2009, the exhibit is not the average “white-wall” art show; the all-female collective will transform the art space into an eco-funhouse of raw materials and street art. Elements such as graffiti, photography, design and construction are used to connect ideas about consumerism, environmentalism, health, and renewable energy. The private press hour from 6pm-7pm will grant access to notable, oft-unseen artists right before the public unveiling of work at 8pm. FRESHER! features main-stay YOUNITY artists such as Lady Pink, Martha Cooper, and AIKO while introducing emerging artists such as China Morbosa and Amanda Lopez YOUNITY Co-Founders and artists, Alice Mizrachi and TOOFLY, continue to push the collective to new levels of creativity.

Exhibiting works will mask the bi-level art space with a range of colorful hand-styles, creative graphics on natural textures such as wood and abstract riffs. Some of the artworks will focus on messages about greening and preserving the earth, including recycling, pollution and even ideas about social issues. A video montage will display the collective’s latest effort to Refresh the Streets –a collaborative effort to beautify a 60ft outdoor mural in Williamsburg Brooklyn with colorful, green-themed street art by selected members of the YOUNITY. Exhibiting artists at FRESHER! include SHIRO, Diana McClure, Kerri O’Connell, LICHIBAN, Krista Franklin, Kelly Denato, Niz, Paulina Quintana Jornet, and Cece Carpio, to name a few. Only 40 out of 300 female artists were selected to participate in this special exhibit.

“We wanted to provide a working network of opportunity for female artists,” says YOUNITY Co-founder Alice Mizrachi, “and we, as women, need a space to create art exhibitions, murals, books and a much needed archive of women’s urban contemporary art.” YOUNITY Co-founder TOOFLY adds, “Look at recent events that are affecting us and the next generation: the economy, global warming and healthcare, this is the perfect time to put on a show like FRESHER! and express our creative desire to promote green living and the improvement of our community.”

With the success of their premiere exhibit, The C R O S S O V E R, and the second annual Heart and Soul show, YOUNITY has become one of the most sought after all-female collectives to date. With that, they are devoted to passing the torch on to younger female artists through the YOUNITY Youth team. As of now, YOUNITY is in need of continued support to foster its self-publishing endeavors and independent growth. Limited edition YOUNITY t-shirts will be available for sale on opening night and online at We will also have a very limited amount of Heart and Soul books available as well. The limited edition shirts and books will both retail for $20. Any other donations to the collective can be directed to: via PayPal.

PRESS CONTACT: Shana Louallen: // P: 646.359.8448 BLOG: // Twitter: // MySpace:

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WE NEED PEACE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

J. Period & K'NAAN are pleased to present the 2nd installment of "The Messengers," a tribute to Fela, Marley & Dylan. Episode #2 celebrates Jamaica's global emissary of struggle & unity: Bob Marley. J.Period remixes iconic tracks like "Belly Full," "Shot the Sheriff," and "Stir It Up," while K'NAAN shows why he is one of the next generation's illest MC's. Special guests include: Toronto's Kardinal Offishall, Steele (Smif'N'Wessun), Sierra Leone's Bajah (Dry Eye Crew) & Netic the Rebel (Game Rebellion)!

& get THE MESSENGERS 1 (Fela Kuti) & 2 (Bob Dylan) links here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Iconoclast, letter anarchist, sculptor, one of the pioneers of graffiti & MCing, and theoretician of Gothic Futurism, RAMMELLZEE is one of the most enigmatic (and largely overlooked in the US) artists that came out of the 80s New York art scene & hip-hop culture.

:::from the 2004 solo album The Biconicals of Rammellzee :: PAY THE RENT ::: sending this recession anthem to everyone who might be affected by unfortunate circumstances...LMAO! aside from the humor though, this is the stark reality of many people who have been effected by the economy and the ongoing gentrification process...

The instant classic that put Rammellzee on the map, "Beat Bop” a ten minute duet with K-Rob. The initial test pressing was financed and designed by Jean Michel Basquiat. You can read more about the story of Beat Bop and about his more recent projects an interview with him here.

Rammellzee rocking the mic at the Amphitheatre w/ b-boy pioneers, the original Rock Steady Crew from the Charlie Ahern's iconic 1982 classic Wild Style.

RECYCLED IS THE NEW BLACK :: Junkprints : VISIONARY spectacle & necklace

No offense, but I am not inspired by most of the blend & shapeless items that pass for eco-friendly clothing and designs marketed in Whole Food stores and nature-friendly boutiques. Can something other than your 'recycled' trackjackets and vintage outfits you pick up at your local thriftstore be fresh and eco-friendly? The answer is yes, junkprints got it all (well at least for the ladies).

I recently met Chanel Kennebrew, the beautiful designer/visionary behind junkprints at YOUNITY's outdoor arts market. A graphic designer/art director by trade, she designs and manufactures a wide range of recycled/ repurposed goodies from bags to dresses & hoodies. Dig through the collection here. My favorite one of her pieces was this VISIONARY necklace /frames made of 100% recycled vinyl records!
$34 necklace $50 necklace-spectacle (on photo) Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


in progress :::: a new commissioned piece I've been working on...she is so beautiful

for commissions inquiries, please contact me here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A big shout out to one of my favorite new online cultural magazines READCONVENTION.COM for the opportunity for this interview...I had a chance to dive in a little about my approach to my work, my new collabo plans and my future projects. Here is the link...thank you!!!

SPREAD LOVE ::: Giant Step & DJ Spinna present :: JOURNEY -A BENEFIT FOR KON

I had recently found out that one of my oldest friends KON has fallen seriously ill and was hospitalized for weeks...but only after I talked to him, did I found out what a serious threat he had to fight off. KON, one-half of the legendary duo Kon & Amir (Kings of Digging, Off Track :: BBE) is my favorite disco Jockey and is hands-down one of the most brilliant musical talents out there, and I feel very lucky to have been exposed to his vast collection of rare disco, boogie, soul & funk records he had been collecting for decades...most of what I know about disco and boogie I learned from him (check my feature on him and Amir from last year here). One of his genius is the ability to break down a song he is hearing to its basic rhythm structure, mood and energy level and then pull out of his memory a track that would match and flow seamlessly with the song...of course, most DJs do this with varying degrees of skills but he had actually mastered this with a vast mental library of music...his mixes have a type of flow that is very hard to master. The real test of this comes to light in his ability to move crowds on a level I only see the best of DJs can achieve. This Thursday some of New York's finest DJs will come together to raise money to support KON while he is recovering, showing how much respect he has in the game. Check out Kon's blog to get the updates from the man himself and while you're there make sure to listen and download his prized mixes. Oh and leave him a note if you can, since as I was telling him last time we were on the phone, he probably has no idea how much love is out there for him...good energy is something that could certainly help to speed up his recovery.
For those who further want to dig into the amazing musical world of Kon & Amir host their monthly radio show with free downloads!

Giant Step & DJ Spinna present


100% of the proceeds will go to our friend Kon...

Acclaimed DJ, legendary digger and our good friend Kon (of Kon & Amir fame) has been hospitalized lately which has left his pockets flat, not fat. Come out and celebrate helping the homie out, with some of New York's illest DJs. On the set:

(I also heard that DJ Premier will make a surprise appearance as well)

Kon and Amir are two of the most extraordinary but underrated beat diggers in the game." -- Lord Finesse

"Kon and Amir are legends in the beat digging game. Their compilations and mixtapes are classics and represent a style of Djing that's true to the essence of Hip-Hop." -- A-Trak

TWIN GRIFFINS get ready for The Sixth Annual New England CULTUREFEST

Just as I was ready to expand my choice of media to experiment with animation and film, a couple of opportunities of playing around with fashion & art offered themselves. I was getting ready to do a live art piece on one of Tiffany Rhodes, founder of Butch Diva's sexy catwoman suits for the Canvas and Chaos event in BK, when another friend of mine, stylist/fashionista Vanessa Guzman approached me with a similar idea. What's even greater about the project that it serves a positive cause.
Vanessa is working on putting together a fashion show for Second World's Sixth Annual New England Culture Fest under Valerie Parker, a filmmaker, sustainability activist and executive director of Second World. Second World is a pro-fair trade non-profit arts organization dedicated to empower thousands to not only earn a living wage, but to also survive poverty, wars and natural disasters to ultimately contribute to a very important aspect often left out of the international development model: to preserve ancient cultures and fast fading indigenous ways. A few years ago, I used to be more involved with hands-on humanitarian work, and I've since tried to keep supporting such causes through my work as an exhibiting artist as well. This was a new kind of challenge, but perfectly in line with my direction these days...bringing the need to preserve indigenous cultures into the forefront. Scroll down to read more about the festival coming up this Saturday in Lowell, MA and find out more how to get involved.

While I was visiting Vanessa to drop off the dresses, she and I had a spontaneous photoshoot. The photos of her were captured by me, while the ones of me were taken by Vanessa's partner-in-crime Bradford James, producer/ DJ and founder of SEED Recordings.

IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE BIGGEST CULTURAL EVENT of the season :: September 12, 2009 (rain date September 13)
Ancient Meets Urban at The Sixth Annual New England Culture Fest 2009!!

LOWELL, MA, August 20, 2009 /Press Release/ -- In an exciting fusion of film, fashion, world culture, and fair trade advocacy, The Sixth Annual New England Culture Fest returns to the Arts District of downtown Lowell, Massachusetts at the Middle Street's Enterprise Bank Parking Lots (2:00PM -10:00PM) with a world class lineup of music from around the world fusing the indigenous with the modern on behalf creating a more equitable world. In its sixth year, this outdoor benefit festival will feature Senegalese phenomenon Gokh-Bi System, who combine ancient sounds of instruments like the bougarabou, djeme and sabaar drums, ekonting- with modern hip hop beats and rhymes in multiple West African languages accompanied by African dancers and, a special treat to set the tone: the ladies and gentlemen of the 2009 Fashionably Fair Runway Show will showcase recycled and modified clothing from local and global cutting edge designers strutting their stuff to the music and a special surprise from urban fashion label and beak dance crew, Losst Unnown.

The fashion show from the Fashionably Fair advocacy program fusing fashion and fair trade in a stunning display of innovative design supporting economic justice and indigenous cultural preservation in the local and global community. Let recycled vintage set the scene this year with style source Cult of Individuality makeup artist Nichole Richard, urban fashion label and Boston break dancing crew Losst Unnown, Jamaica Plain artist Maj-Britt Pedersen and Lichiban a Brooklyn-based visual artist to create a play between tribal and urban that just might be the fabric of the future. Original creations will meld haute couture with urban and current ethical design pulses, with hair and makeup by innovative cutting edge stylists showcased on the beautiful and diverse faces of Fashionably Fair ethical fashion revolution to live music from the NECF09 headliner, Gokh-Bi System! Since their arrival in America in 1999, Gokh-Bi System completed 10 US tours sharing the bill with artists such as Kanye West and Damian Marley. Gokh-Bi emcee Mamadou says, "Through our music we want to spread that sense of family we share in Senegal around the world."
Also on the bill is Boston's reining reggae king Mighty Mystic and the Strings of Thunder
who captured national attention for his string of hits including "Treat Her Right," "Riding on the Clouds," and the recent "Here I Am" featuring superstar Shaggy. DJ Ray will juggle innovative funk, world, and hip hop beats in between and host a spotlight called Dance for a Better World featuring Boston's leading DJs, veteran DJ Bruno (Utopia), Bradford James (SEED) and Adam Gibbons (Uhuru Africa) plus surprise guests.

"First" World. "Third" World. Forget What Your Were Told. Welcome to the Second World.
Second World's mission
On the Second World website under "Initiatives" please find information regarding Second World projects. They involve not only documentation and in-depth research, but also the education of the public through marketing initiatives and the development of art empowerment projects and micro-credit funds to re-establish income generation in disaster/conflict affected regions. With funds raised from the New England Culture Fest, Second World will continue to develop these initiatives linking New England with communities throughout India, Nepal, Peru and Jamaica to increase awareness of fair trade and increase the number of orders given to cooperatives, along with establishing a self-sustainable online portal of multimedia information regarding fair trade, and its cultural/economic impact for disadvantaged indigenous and marginalized communities.
For more info, check out and/or Facebook Event Page

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LA-based producer, vocalist, turntablist, RUCKAZOID's name has first popped up on my horizon a couple of years ago and I kept on hearing one banging tracks after another by him since...I personally think his work was way ahead of its time. Those who are familiar with Theophilus London's timeless track Cold Pillow feat. Jesse Boykins III, already can have an idea of his trademark soulful-futuristic-analog sound...the kind of pop music that will stand the test of time. I also featured earlier here his partner-in-crime vocalist on the album, the lovely Diamond Zoidal with one of their collabo projects. Finally, the Diamond Studded Mothaship, Ruckazoid's new project is just about to land later this year.

What once was known as human, now acted and functioned as machine. In order to regain humanity, the human mainframe must be overloaded with love emotion. The only hope is to disable the control frequency sent via radio waves keeping humanity in machine form.

Diamond Studded Mothaship is a dance record, 1 part club music & 1 part future funk, with a few oddities added for good measure. The music on this album was recorded live with a dedicated system of 6 analog synthesizers, 3 drum machines, and a sequencer connected as one organism. An amazing organic feeling is achieved with this album, its cohesive sound & unique pop songs set up a platform for a wide variety of music lovers. This is the first of a series multimedia projects completed, he says "artists that plan on creating lasting messages must include as many of the 6 senses in their projects as possible. As a producer in this day and age, I'm all about creating brands" elaborating "I used the same equipment for the entire album, creating songs that can be remembered as the Ruckazoid sound".
You can read the full intro and listen to the promo snippets to get a taste of the album on
Here is a demonstration of his turntablist skills---he actually designed this instrument, Controller One: the first musical turntable which allows djs to play musical notes with vinyl records. Each element of the music was performed in 1 take. Apparently, this instrument is not only for djs and producers, but non-djs, traditional musicians, children, and anyone wanting to get into music...complete genius, makes me want to get one!

Neva Find Anotha (not on the new album)

i'm feeling...FABIAN TEJADA's animation for Sarah Fimm :: White Bird

I just rediscovered this video as I was browsing through my homie, Fabian Tejada's site to refer him to a friend of mine. Fabian is a true visionary and one of my favorite peoples..his creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Though very impressive, his arsenal of trophies reflect only a fraction of his talents. (He was the Emmy 2008 winner, (Outstanding Main Title Design for Mad Men Title Sequence) and American Graphic Design Awards Broadcast Design Winner 2003 (Comedy Central’s “COMIC REMIX” just to name a couple.) Read more about him here.
I love this dreamy music video for Sarah Fimm from her White Birds EP, for which Fabian did the Compositing, 2D Animation & 2.5 Animation. Stay tune for a feature on him.


Joining forces with my favorite West-coast love movement GAS'D, the folks at Apple Juice Break dedicated their latest podcast to celebrating good music & the GAS'D manifesto LOVE IS REAL.

1. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood Feguson -Fall In Love ( J dilla Tribute) // 2.Pêche Noir- Nomono // 3.Afta-1 -Cotton::Drum. // 4.Flying Lotus - Auntie's Lock Inifinitun ft. Laura Darlington // 5.MeLo-X - Just Me // 6.Dam Funk- I wanna thank you // 7. Nikko Gray - 4 Page Letter (Aaliyah Cover) // 8.Devonwho - Withstand Pt 1 (AJB love special remix) // 9. Visita Homemade (Full Crate & FS-GREEN & Mar) - Homemade // 10.Nikko Gray Ft. Chris Young - Focus (pro. NEVIN) // 11.Devonwho - Peppajack // 12.Afta-1 - Nightlight / x love outro

Download AJB x GAS'D 'Love Special' Podcast!

AJB x GAS'D - A Love Special by applejuicebreak


ninjas at my Samurai show opening for inspiration
just found this video of my friends & collaborators Theophilus London, Quan Luv, Dorjan, Bentley, Kesed, Melo-X & Print who were interviewed back in December during my show opening. Feels great to be able to be work now as an artist and be part of the evolving art movement in Brooklyn and in the larger universe.