Monday, September 7, 2009


LA-based producer, vocalist, turntablist, RUCKAZOID's name has first popped up on my horizon a couple of years ago and I kept on hearing one banging tracks after another by him since...I personally think his work was way ahead of its time. Those who are familiar with Theophilus London's timeless track Cold Pillow feat. Jesse Boykins III, already can have an idea of his trademark soulful-futuristic-analog sound...the kind of pop music that will stand the test of time. I also featured earlier here his partner-in-crime vocalist on the album, the lovely Diamond Zoidal with one of their collabo projects. Finally, the Diamond Studded Mothaship, Ruckazoid's new project is just about to land later this year.

What once was known as human, now acted and functioned as machine. In order to regain humanity, the human mainframe must be overloaded with love emotion. The only hope is to disable the control frequency sent via radio waves keeping humanity in machine form.

Diamond Studded Mothaship is a dance record, 1 part club music & 1 part future funk, with a few oddities added for good measure. The music on this album was recorded live with a dedicated system of 6 analog synthesizers, 3 drum machines, and a sequencer connected as one organism. An amazing organic feeling is achieved with this album, its cohesive sound & unique pop songs set up a platform for a wide variety of music lovers. This is the first of a series multimedia projects completed, he says "artists that plan on creating lasting messages must include as many of the 6 senses in their projects as possible. As a producer in this day and age, I'm all about creating brands" elaborating "I used the same equipment for the entire album, creating songs that can be remembered as the Ruckazoid sound".
You can read the full intro and listen to the promo snippets to get a taste of the album on
Here is a demonstration of his turntablist skills---he actually designed this instrument, Controller One: the first musical turntable which allows djs to play musical notes with vinyl records. Each element of the music was performed in 1 take. Apparently, this instrument is not only for djs and producers, but non-djs, traditional musicians, children, and anyone wanting to get into music...complete genius, makes me want to get one!

Neva Find Anotha (not on the new album)

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