Thursday, September 17, 2009

iRECOMMEND: SATURN NEVER SLEEPS :: new show w/King Britt, Rucyl, Flying Lotus, Shabazz Palaces & SNS Ensemble + FREE PODCAST

My Philadelphia music fam, King Britt and his partner-in-deed Rucyl has started SATURN NEVER SLEEPS a highly successful event series that has been growing into a movement dedicated to spreading vibrations to further the ongoing spiritual evolution. Their first performance in New York City back in July honoring intergalactic key-holder SUN RA was an incredible success drawing over 2700 attendees. They are back for the new season hosting the next installment of SATURN NEVER SLEEPS called FREQUENCY HOLDERS. Here is the word from their site:

Join us for the season opening performance. Painted Bride Art Center presents Saturn Never Sleeps: A Night Curated by King Britt and Rucyl. Guests:

Flying Lotus (Los Angeles) // live sonic environmentalist , Shabazz Palaces (Seattle) // the new Africa & The SNS Ensemble (Philadelphia):

King Britt/ Electronics /// Rucyl/ Vocaltronics /// Tim Motzer/ Guitartronics /// Damon Bennet/Keyboardtronics /// Jason Senk/Visuals

Saturday, September 26, 2009 // Doors open at 7pm – $20 /// 230 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA, 19106 /// 215.925.9914

Saturn Never Sleeps is a celebration of the electric sound phenomenon. King Britt and interactive artist Rucyl Mills invite today’s most innovative artists to stretch the boundaries of genre, rhythm, and concept in musical conversation. Each month live musicians of acoustic and electronic inventions step outside of their usual performance format to come together in a fusion of electro-beats, oscillations, rhythms, and ethereal drones, immersing audiences in a provocative, intimate, thought altering world of sight and sound. Guests can expect multimedia installations, futuristic instruments and mind-bending visuals.

September’s theme: Frequency Holders
Their function is to anchor the frequency of the new consciousness on this planet.” – Eckhart Tolle


ALSO CHECK OUT RUCYL's new #2 podcast of the series..i recommend this for meditative hours to help you tune into your inner galaxy

/// download SNS No.2 – Resonance + Partials Between the Rings // Live mix by Rucyl

Delia Derbyshire [Radio Scotland Interview] // Cocteau Twins // Memoria – Mercof Martes // Angel’s Part – Astrid Suryanto + DJ Yellow // Kira Kira – Sawako // N.i.t.a – Young Marble Giants // Squeezed – Blevin Blectum // El Perro – Juana Molina // Those Dancing Days Are Gone – Carla Bruni // Witch Shocktronica – Yoko Ono + Hank Shocklee // Cyclotron C64 SID – Harmonic 313 // Pitch to Voltage – Brian Eno + David Byrne // The Raven – The Alan Parsons Project // Spechol Analog – Shabazz Palaces // Raindrops – John Tejada // Ele Speaks – Elephant Man // Balani – Ahmed Fofana // Det uigjenkallelige ved det… – Kim Hiorthøy // Deadbeat Summer – Neon Indian // Dream Machinez – Future of Yesterday // Ernie’s Tune – Dexter Gordon

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