Thursday, September 17, 2009

NEW WORK ::: Butch Diva x Lichiban collabo at CANVAS & CHAOS - ROCK THE BLOCK

Here are a few images from CANVAS & CHAOS, last month's big Brooklyn event at the ROCK THE BLOCK. I was collaborating with Butch Diva's founder Tiffany Rhodes on one of her smashing lime green definite favorite piece. I've never done live painting on live models, so this was a fun challenge (painting on spandex is a bitch and I felt really bad for the models who had to get wrapped in ceran wrap underneath their outfits because the material was letting the paint through).

I tried to make my beautiful model look like a superheroine straight from the rainforest. All the other artists' pieces came out great and these hot mamas made them look like a definite work of art.

I will post more pics on my Wronglips and def check out more flicks at BUTCH DIVA's blog of the event!

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