Saturday, September 12, 2009

RECYCLED IS THE NEW BLACK :: Junkprints : VISIONARY spectacle & necklace

No offense, but I am not inspired by most of the blend & shapeless items that pass for eco-friendly clothing and designs marketed in Whole Food stores and nature-friendly boutiques. Can something other than your 'recycled' trackjackets and vintage outfits you pick up at your local thriftstore be fresh and eco-friendly? The answer is yes, junkprints got it all (well at least for the ladies).

I recently met Chanel Kennebrew, the beautiful designer/visionary behind junkprints at YOUNITY's outdoor arts market. A graphic designer/art director by trade, she designs and manufactures a wide range of recycled/ repurposed goodies from bags to dresses & hoodies. Dig through the collection here. My favorite one of her pieces was this VISIONARY necklace /frames made of 100% recycled vinyl records!
$34 necklace $50 necklace-spectacle (on photo) Check it out here.

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C-Rocka said...

I got the big necklace and looooove it! She's got so many amazing pieces that she creates.