Saturday, October 31, 2009

PHOTO OF THE DAY ::: orchidman

photo by the brilliant mi-zo duo


happy halloween
MGMT ::: "The Youth"

i'm feeling ...TEMPER TRAP :: Sweet Disposition

I just discovered this Melbourne-based band, Temper Trap while blog-surfing. Much like their fellow Aussie band the Empire of the Sun, or the new US groups MGMT and Passion Pit, these guys have been putting out some quality pop music. I'm not surprised that they have been compared to U2 or Coldplay, you can definitely hear their influences, but Temper Trap got their own sound locked down. They just dropped a new album this month, called "Conditions".

Thursday, October 29, 2009

SUPERCHICKEN :: Jimi Hendrix Forever

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." (Jimi Hendrix)

My first musical experience and memories go back to my father's incessant listening sessions of Jimi Hendrix, whose music he managed to secretly record on his Telefunken mono tape recorder by tapping into one of the clandestine pirate radio stations blasting Anglo-American rock music to communist countries like Hungary (you can read a little more about that in my previous post). According to my mom, he was literally "obsessed" with Hendrix's music...he considered himself an outsider, and even though he didn't speak English, he knew the language of music intuitively. I still get really emotional when listening to Crosstown Traffic, which I feel like had a definite shaping influence on my infant brain. I believe if he was born in a different place and time, my dad would've become a guitar player himself, though he definitely passed on to me his passion for real soulful music. I remember being six years old and waiting for the radio to play a Pink Floyd record so we could record it on tape...ever since, my love for music was always up there with drawing. This post is as much as a thank-you note to my dad for introducing me to the sound vibrations of JIMI HENDRIX as an homage to the man himself whose spirit is still alive and whose spiritual message is more relevant now than ever. Also, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom, who put up with both of our obsessions and who later managed to save enough money as a single mom to buy me my first stereo equipment when I was 14 (it cost her whole month worth of salary). Thank you!

The Love Movement is growing is some inspiration

Well I travel at the speed of a reborn man // I've got a lot of love to give // from the mirrors of my hand // I sent a message of love // don't you run away look at your heart, baby // come on along with me today // well I am what I am, thank god // some people just don't understand // well help them god // find yourself first // don't you be no fool // here comes a woman // wrapped up in chains // messin' with that fool baby // your life is pain // if you wanna be free // come on along with me // don't mess with the man // he'll never understand // I said find yourself first // and then your talent // work hard in your mind // so you can come alive // you better prove to the man // you're as strong as him // cause in the eyes of god // you're both children to him //
everybody come alive
everybody live alive
everybody love alive
everybody hear my message

HUNGARIAN MEMORIES :: with a pure heart

Syrius, Hungarian progressive rock band from the 70s performing an English version of "Tiszta Szivvel" or "With a Pure Heart", a poem by one of my favorite Hungarian poets, Attila József. The poet, who was born into a poor working-class family and spent most of his childhood in foster families and orphanages, is a shining but melancholy star of the post-WWI generation of artists. This poem earned him his expulsion from Szeged University. Struggling with a life-long depression, war trauma and spiritual isolation, he committed suicide at a young age 0f 32. [A sad fact about my old country is that suicide rate has been among the highest in the world...partly, because many of our cultural heroes, like Attila, have committed suicide.] You can find out more about Attila József and read some of his poems in translation here.

†Miklós Orszáczky - Bass, Vocals * * †Zsolt Baronits - Winds * * László Pataki - Organ * Mihály Ráduly - Winds * * †András Veszelinov - Percussion *
The band's lead singer & bass guitarist Miklos Orszaczky immigrated to Australia and became a famous musician known under the name of Jackie Orszacky. You can get an idea about how the American/Western music of the 60s and 70s -mostly illegally transmitted via a few pirate radio stations such as Radio Luxembourg (a pirate station run and broadcast from a boat somewhere in the channel),Radio Free Europe and Voice of America shaped the music and the youth of Communist Hungary, by reading an interview with Orszacky from 1996 about the music scene he grew up immersed in Budapest, Hungary. Despite the fact that Hungary's communist government-a self-declared dictatorship- tried to maintain isolation from the "decadent culture of the West", there was no way to stop the music secretly infiltrating and transforming the youth culture of the 70s. Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and many UK and US rock and funk bands were the inspirations and catalysts for the exploding underground culture that no Iron Curtain could stop from getting their sense of liberation through music.

Monday, October 26, 2009

ELECTRIC VISION:: video of painting the RE:GENERATION mural

A little window into the process...I'm painting the RE:GENERATION :: Earth Spirit Rise mural on the rooftop of the New Design High School (check my earlier post for location & more photos). The footage that I took was edited by my good friend, video artist Vanguard Bot. Also big shout out to my fellow artist, Borish of the Trust Your Struggle crew for inviting me to do this (his murals & studio work are can check them here). Thank you!
The Rise of the Earth Spirit, GEA, avatar of Re:Generation
GEA launches <3thunderbolt> to release magic power to heal and awaken earthlings

Lichiban :: "RE:GENERATION: Earth Spirit Rise" mural-LES, NYC from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.


earthlings realize the need to protect COSMIC ARK ::
feel the vibration ::: we open gates :::

Sunday, October 25, 2009


"Funk is not a fad, it's a way of life" insists LA fam, DAM-FUNK, who has been responsible for keeping funk alive and bringing back the good vibrations with his trademark galactic/boogie touch--giving birth to a kind of sexy cosmic music that makes you feel free and elevated. His debut album Toeachizown has finally come out in a double cd-version last week. The album was released in 5 parts on Stonesthrow (check below for the individual release links) and is going to drop as a delux 5LP set early next year. This Tuesday, FADER will present the album release party at BROOKLYN BOWL, BK, which is expected to be a blowout...not to mention that it's a free event...don't miss it! Check out a video of him spinning in BK back in August and my interview with him from earlier that also includes some freebies.
Also, for a week you can listen to a special 3 hrs Dam-Funk set on one of UK's top BBC radio hosts & DJs, the homie Benji B here. Shout out to Benji who actually put me on Dam Funk over a year ago. If you want to stay up on fresh music, tune into Benji's program on BBC here.

Dam-Funk - Toeachizown (Double-CD Version) 2/CD with 6p. folder, $16.98

Dam-Funk's debut album Toeachizown (2/CD) is here and will be released worldwide on Tues, October 20th. The double-disc CD contains over 2 hours of music.

The vinyl will be released as 5LP box set. Note: the 5LP box is delayed due to manufacturing issues – we hope to have it in late Dec. 2009-Jan. 2010, and will announce as soon as a release date is secured.

In anticipation of the 5LP set Stonesthrow have released the five distinct parts digitally:
Toeachizown Vol. 1: LAtrik $6.93 // Toeachizown Vol. 2: Fly $5.94 // Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life $5.99// Toeachizown Vol. 4: Hood $5.49 //Toeachizown Vol. 5: Sky $5.99

hRo moves like water boy, artist/dancer and the best popper I know, Heat Rock One, showing off his brilliant skills

Saturday, October 24, 2009

iRECOMMEND ...L.E.S Captured ::: exhibition & documentary by CLAYTON PATTERSON

EXHIBITION:: Alife presents

“For me, taking the front door photos was magic. It was like touching someone’s soul. We were sharing a moment in time together, in a very intimate and deep way. I always felt a union, a deep connection and respect for my subjects. We were one. We were exploring our inner selves to each other. I was saving a presence, a spirit, the image of a person from the moment, the here and now, for the future. All of us were the Lower East Side.”

ALIFE PRESENTS and KINZ + TILLOU FINE ART are proud to announce CLAYTON PATTERSON, L.E.S. CAPTURED, a co-produced exhibition that focuses on Patterson’s 30-year documentation of the dramatically transitioned Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City. The exhibition features select photographs; a digital showcase of Patterson’s Front Door portraits; “The Documentarian”, a short from the widely acclaimed recent feature-length documentary, Captured, a film by Ben Solomon, Dan Levin, Jenner Furst. A documentarian by choice and community activist by circumstance, Patterson’s career spans 30 years of dedicated and compulsive photographic capture of the neighborhood and its community. From documenting the 1988 Tompkins Square Park Police Riot—which earned him both jail-time and Oprah airtime—to photographing individuals posed in front of his gallery door on Essex Street, Patterson is the eyes of the Lower East Side.
For more info about the exhibit, visit Alife.


Friday, October 23, 2009

PRESS ::: STREET TALK UK interview :: behind the scenes teaser

London fam, Kevin (also editor of the upcoming site, Craig and Mike of STREET TALK UK came through my studio last month for an interview for their new New York City interview project sponsored by UK streetwear brand, BOXFRESH (their community site will be hot!). These guys are some of the coolest cats I know! They also got to interview the gorgeous songstress N'neka and Chelsea gallery owner, Jonathan Levine among others. I just got the behind the scenes teaser trailer for their project.

Street Talk NY - Behind The Scenes... from Mike Osaer on Vimeo.

Site is coming soon Follow StreetTalkUK on twitter here

ARTIST TO WATCH ::: Johnny Voltik

Here are some footage of my friend, JOHNNY VOLTIK aka the Alphalove's show from last week at the Littlefield, BK. Whew...Woodstock is gone, but the love movement is ever so alive and so is the psychedelic rock/funk sound. Straight from the heart of Brooklyn Johnny Voltik is on the path toward taking sound and soul vibration to the next level. On the mic were also my two lovely girlfriends, Kira Michell and Enki Alien (who by the way are cosmic twins from different continents, and the two people who recognized it even before the girls met were Johnny and myself...long but amazing story). For bookings, please contact

JOHNNY VOLTIK "Higher" live from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.

JOHNNY VOLTIK "Sunshine" live from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.


LinkLinkThe Voices of New York (VONY) movement is evolving beautifully. VONY's founder, Suzie and I have been given an opportunity to talk about our work at Rise Up Radio - WBAI-FM, New York a couple of months ago (This was actually my second time at the radio. Back in December, I had a chance to talk about my solo show the Secret Lives of Samurais on this dope program). The show this time focused on education and on some of the flaws inherent in the public educational system, and it touched on some less serious tabloid stories. We came in at the second half of the show discussing the alarming phenomenon of the reduction of funds from art education and how VONY tries to counteract the negative effects of this by creating and implementing mentoring workshops that encourage creativity at an early stage of child development. I believe that art, among other things, is the foundation of culture, and it is the voice of a community; hence it has a powerful political potential. So if you take away the arts, you practically undermine a community's (and of course the individual's) creative power for self-determination and expression. This is why I think as artists it is very important for us to give back and nurture the next generation of visionaries to create, dream and believe in their have a VOICE! Big shout out to our lovely hosts TastyKeish & the boys Digo and Divino for having us on the show and doing a great job with the program. Thank you!
You can listen to the show on RiseUp Radio HERE (we come in on the second half of the show.)

You can see some of the video footage from our first youth media arts conference & fundraiser concert with BILAL, 88-Keys, Jesse Boykins & Honey LaRochelle from this past summer here. Check the VONY blog for more info and become a fan of Voices of New York on facebook. New website coming soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ANIMATION OF THE DAY: The Point - The Rock Man

"It's the here and now that I'm talking about"
Rock Man lays it out... -clip from Harry Nilsson's The Point - 1971.
Thanks to Doze Green for putting me on! To find out Who Is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?), visit here.

DOOM - Unexpected Guests is here

Preview of DOOM's Unexpected Guests forthcoming release on Gold Dust recordings.The album contains previously released, but hard to find material by DOOM, featuring guest appearances from Masta Killa, Talib Kweli, Ghostface, De La Soul, Jake One and J Dilla to name a few.

Monday, October 19, 2009


This show is going to be a blowout...the line-up is crazy. I've been waiting for BILAL's much-anticipated album to drop..Expect the unexpected, his new album is completely AMAZING! Also check the EPK for Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra to get a feel for his new project.

Last week the exciting news surfaced that Bilal is joining Plug Research for his highly anticipated next project. Now, Plug Research and VTech are announcing a celebratory event in New York City during CMJ week to commemorate the occasion with an amazing line up.

Bilal will headline with a six piece band, Shafiq Husayn of the mighty Sa-Ra collective will be perform material off Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka with musical collaborators from the album Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Exile will be showcasing his wizadry on the MPC with a guest spot by Blu, one of the best new MC's around. DJ sets will be provided by Blu Jemz, the legendary Large Professor and mind-blowing combination of Spinna and J Rocc. The nights festivities will be hosted by the one and only Pharoahe Monch and you never know who might also stop by...

This has the makings of a classic show, take advantage of presale tickets, do not miss out!

Friday, October 16, 2009


This is sooo oldie and probably my favorite mixtape from West-coast sound wizard, Gaslamp Killer (check an earlier mix I posted here). A part of the Brainfeeder family housing artists such as Ras G, Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer is known for his trippy concoctions made of experimental hip-hop -jazz- psychedelic kraut rock-soul sound bites that draw inspiration on anything from Turkish funk, Jimi Hendrix, Lonnie Liston Smith , Thunder Cat, Beth Gibbons, Kraftwerk to Pharoah Sanders... GK is a breath of fresh air.

i heART NYC ::: YOUNITY Fresher! show flicks

Here are some of the flicks from YOUNITY's hugely successful third annual group art show. This year, we focused on creating art that raises awareness about environmental issues and inspires folks to be ecologically conscious. Here are some of TONE's dope pics...check out more on his site. Also, KIDROBOT posted some event photos, you can peep them here.

The crew. I totally missed this shot...Check out more pics on the Younity blog.

My two pieces are part of a series making references to the seven stages of the alchemical process
POLLUTION (Separatio) ::: BLOSSOM (Coagulatio)
Nature Spirit dismembered & choked by machines and factories ::: Nature Spirit pregnant with lifeforce
vision of war ::: vision of love
watchers ::: lovers

CHECK OUT MORE OF MY PHOTOS of the opening on Wronglips,
and write-ups on Highsnobette, Trendcetera Magazine, and on MISS CREW.
Big shout out to the YOUNITY crew-Toofly, Alice Mizrachi, Shana Louallen, Diana Mc Clure, Yvette Devito, Samia Grand Pierre for doing such an amazing job with the show.

Wednesday, October 14th
( Shana Louallen at gallery come visit! )

Friday, October 16th
( Toofly at Gallery Come visit! )

Saturday, October 17th
( Toofly, Yvette Devito, and Stephanie Land at gallery come visit! )

Wednesday, October 21st
( Shana Louallen at gallery Come visit! )

Friday, October 23rd
( AM at gallery last chance to view! 4:30-6pm )

iRECOMMEND... 100% recycled drawing pad made with hydro power

iRECOMMEND ...CMJ Kickoff party w/ Cubic Zirconia, Free The Robots, MeLo-X & Stimulus

The 3rd Annual CMJ Kickoff Party
Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Above Allen // 190 Allen Street between Stanton & Houston

Cubic Zirconia, one of Taste's West Coast favorites, Free The Robots, the multi-talented Melo-X and the Soundcloud king Stimulus will be providing tunes for the night.

7pm - Midnight // __$Free // by RSVP only.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

how to kill a hot dog

1960s anti-LSD Propaganda Film

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

EXCLUSIVE MIX::: Aromadozeski Therapy :: Rubicon Sun

I am very pleased to present for the first time online this exclusive mixtape RUBICON SUN by AROMADOZESKI THERAPY, the joint project of close friend and one of my all-time favorite painters Doze Green and DJ Romanowski. This experimental sonic journey is a multi-layered social and spiritual commentary on the state of the world at the time of its creation in 2007, echoing timeless cosmic truths and alarming references to this-worldly realities. These amazing paintings were created by Doze Green at around the time of this mix was born, and they mirror the same sentiments...there is a lot to discover in there.

Aromadozeski Theraphy - Rubicon Sun mixtape by zenith01
[cover art:: Doze Green x Fefe : Omega Bridge ]

For Bruce Lee art was an expression of one's inner truth and he believed that "To express yourself in freedom, you must die to everything of yesterday. From the "old" you derive security; from the "new", you gain the flow." Traditional methods and established forms give a structure to expression but by nature they are limiting, true artists use them as guiding disciplines but find freedom in self-expression beyond styles, allowing the soul to be like free-flowing water, the vehicle for one's creative energy. Much like Lee, for whom true self-expression is the manifestation of one's flow, Doze have created a unique vision that simultaneously references and transcends its roots in esoteric lore, apocalyptic prophecies, and hip-hop (a movement he was shaping as an original member of the Rock Steady Crew). As he described in an interview about his freestyle approach "I believe that graff, b.boying and djing are kinetic language that in turn are related with each other. Motion, style and expression (or intent) are relayed information to the viewer participant audience. It’s a sonic and visual form of hieroglyphics stemming from 21st century living and technosymbolic sigils created by sentinels and a sort of unique and personal magic is released. This is called ka. The creative force of the universe. This is why it appeals to so many people. This only comes naturally when you release your graff purist letter formats and regulations or when you toss out strict b.boy power moves for a more diverse portfolio."

These divinities represent sentinels, the guardians of universal truths. Immortal warriors warning mankind of dangers society has manifested, looming on the horizon and threatening to destroy us.
Doze Green ::: Dustmite Nephilim Series

These painting-silkscreen collage pieces were part of his solo show last October at the Jonathan Levine Gallery entitled, N.O.O.N. (No One Observes Nibiru). The show's title referenced the planet X prophecy of a cataclysmic cosmic shift occurring in the year 2012, causing dramatic effects to life on earth. Also a prominent year in the Mayan and Hopi calendars, 2012 marks the end of our current solar cycle, signifying transition into a new age. Inspired by these theories, there is a transitional quality to the artwork. Movement, migration and transformation of form combine to form enigmatically kinetic narratives. Portals and beams of energy, layered over collaged media clippings, surround Green’s figures which echo social diaspora of the past, yet also seem to be preparing for a futuristic voyage of sorts—a survivalist evacuation plan for the great escape from doomsday.
UPPER PLAYGROUND presents :: DOZE GREEN :: Talking to one's self

Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

PHOTOS OF THE DAY ::: Eikoh Hosoe x Yukio Mishima :: ORDEAL BY ROSES

Ba-ra-kei :: Ordeal by Roses
One of my favorite Japanese photographers Eikoh Hosoe's photos of the late writer Yukio Mishima. Visit link to read Eikoh Hosoe's tribute talk to Mishima where he recalls his experience working with the writer.


Here is a dope new freebie from this charming THEOPHILUS LONDON.
DOWNLOAD it here

Also if you're in NYC during CMJ or in UK at the end of October, don't miss his live performance.


My buddy, Jelsen put me on this dope music site, YES YES Y'ALL a few months ago...YYY not only has their design aesthetic locked down, but they also have lots of goodies, such as free podcasts and exclusive tracks from a ton of new artists. I am reposting their first podcast collabo with FS Green which features FS' remix of Youtube phenomenon, singer Tay Zonday's Chocolate Rain (his video got over 42 million hits!), which takes the original track to the next level.
Jaylib – Raw Addict [Stones Throw] /// QuasimotoMHB’s (Instrumental) [Stones Throw] /// Blu – Local Legends (Prod. Flying Lotus) [White] /// Hezekiah – Looking Up Ft. Bilal (Prod. Theo Bark) [Soulspazm/Rawkus] /// 88 Keys & Bilal – M.I.L.F [White] /// Flyherro – You Know What [White] /// Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues [White]
Flying Lotus LTWX REMIX [White] /// Tay Zonday – Chocolate Rain (FS Green remix) [White] /// James the Red Engine – Brain [White] /// FS Green – Happy Holly [White] /// Jay-z – Ignorant Shit Ft. Beanie Sigel (Prod. Just Blaze) [Def Jam] /// Pharoahe Monch – Desire Ft. Showtime (Prod. Alchemist) [Universal Motown] /// Talib Kweli – More or Less Ft. Dion (Prod. Hi-Tek) [Blacksmith/WBR] /// Up Hygh – Love Dat [Jugglin’] /// ZO! – Time Table [White]
Little Brother – When Everything Is New (Prod. ZO!) [ABB] /// Rapper Big Pooh – Live Life Ft. Spectac & O-dash (Prod. Khrysis) [6 Hole] /// Median – Powershift (Prod. Nicolay) [Halftooth] /// Louis Bordeaux – 1st session [Appletree]

Check the original post for more details.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

iRECOMMEND ...Johnny Voltik aka the ALPHALOVE LIVE in BK, Friday October 9, 2009

I've been waiting for this show since the first time I heard my friend's, Johnny Voltik's yet unreleased debut album. This man got a serious gem on his hand...Mark my word, he is going to be the next artist to watch.

JOHNNY VOLTIK LIVE! bringing you some supersonic alphalove frequencies...not to be missed!

Friday, October 9, 2009
622 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NEW WORK ::: protection COMPLETE!

here is the final version of the commissioned piece I was working on. (here is phase one)

for commissions inquiries, please contact me here.


Just before I moved to NYC, I had an interview with Sallome Hrallima of Dope Swan who asked me what is my bucket list. One of my answers was to meet my favorite artists personally... a wish that has been coming true since. I've had the opportunity to meet and become friends with some of the most amazing artists of this city; it is truly what keeps me here. One of my favorite photographers/community activist/humanitarian JAMEL SHABAZZ was definitely a person I wanted to meet, and interestingly, it was via Dope Swan's A GREAT DAY IN BROOKLYN project that I had a chance to connect with him.

If anyone wants to get a feel for what Brooklyn is about, they should make sure to check Jamel's site and books...he has done to capture the spirit and the peoples of Brooklyn in photography what Spike Lee has done in film. Jamel is also a mentor and a community activist who has dedicated much of his life to help and educate the youth of Brooklyn and beyond. You can imagine how honored I was to receive this birthday message from him last month.

From his books "Back in the Days" and "Time Before Crack"
[it looks like while adidas lost a lot of its street presence, tights pants are back:)]

JAMEL SHABAZZ's work on display in NYC
Posing Beauty
Photography Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: September 1- October 18, 2009

Media are invited to the closing reception and book signing on October 8, 2009 from 6-8 p.m.

The Department of Photography & Imaging in the Kanbar Institute of Film and Television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts has announced its first fall show will be Posing Beauty, an exhibition of approximately 80 works-including black and white, color, and digitized photographs; video installations; and web-based projects-drawn from public and private collections. The exhibition explores the contested ways in which African and African American beauty have been represented in historical and contemporary contexts in a diverse range of media. Read more about the exhibit here.

The exhibition will be on view in the Gulf + Western Gallery and in the 8th floor gallery of the Tisch School of the Arts Department of Photography & Imaging, located at 721 Broadway (at Waverly Place). Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and noon to 5 p.m. Saturdays

BROOKLYN INFLUENCE :: A Great Day In Brooklyn
On view September 27, 2009 -November 7, 2009

Last summer I was part of Dope Swan's project A GREAT DAY IN BROOKLYN. We worked with Jamel Shabazz who documented through a series of photographs some of the makers of the Brooklyn Renaissance. You can read my post about it here. A year later, the photos can be finally viewed!

“Brooklyn Influence”
commemorates the one year anniversary of “A Great Day in Brooklyn” and “Another Great Day in Brooklyn”, organized in June 2008 by Brooklyn-based community arts organization DOPE SWAN. Featuring the work of renowned documentarian Jamel Shabazz and visual storyteller Lafotographeuse, the exhibition doubles as a visual blueprint and photographic memoir of Brooklyn residents who eloquently merge the worlds of art, activism and entrepreneurship.

Proceeds benefit Brooklyn youth organization The Stoop

Corridor Gallery
334 Grand Ave, Brooklyn NY

Monday, October 5, 2009

WARRIORS OF LIGHT:: Leopard Lux presents G4 magic BELT

This post has been loooong overdue... I've been meaning to shine some light on two of my favorite peoples, designer/artists Yah of Cocolah & s'aint yacque and George of G4...these two have supplied me with my favorite accessories ranging from custom made coyote-teeth chain necklace to my mystic-magic G4 leather belt. I took this photo of the two of them last summer in BK, the day I met George. Yah was wearing one of their collabo pieces "Come Out and Play" handmade leather headband inspired by the movie "The Warriors". Also, Yah's super-fresh tribal-inspired tee is her own design, she's got tote bags and cards with those patterns on her site here. Make sure to check out the Yah's highly entertaining fashion blog as well...she is mad funny!

I gave my character, light-warrior Leopard Lux one of George's belts as a way of honoring our friendship and his infinite generosity
LEOPARD LUX wearing magic belt inspired by G4 belts

You can preorder or buy one-of-a-kind G4 belt on


Here is the forth installment of this stellar series of podcast collabo by my LA fam, AFTA-1 & GAS'D featuring some friends and favorites! Love is real

1. Imani Waddy & AFTA-1 – Light & Vibration
2. Robert Glasper ft. Bilal – All Matter
3. Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark (King Britt remix)
4. Boom Clap Bachelors – Combineur
5. Little Dragon – Thunder Love
6. AFTA-1 ft. Nikko Gray – ESP (A Four Page Suite)
7. Herbie Hancock – Butterfly
8. Alpha – Reprise
9. Mos Def – Boogie Man Song
10. AFTA-1 & Cazeaux O.S.L.O. – M.M.J.S. (A Sweaterless Suite)
11. A Race Of Angels – Present Love
12. Cazeaux O.S.L.O – Wortha’s Greens
13. Deadbeat – Port Au Prince
14. Muhsinah – Lose My Fuse (Prod. By Flying Lotus)
15. Murcof – Mapa
16. Dam Funk – Angel Reflections (excerpt)
17. LAL Forrest – Pale
18. AFTA-1 – Fortune Remix
19. Alice Coltrane – Prema (excerpt)
20. AFTA-1 – 7th Sun (first Draft)


PHOTO & SONG OF THE DAY:: Galactus' dream

Cybotron :: Dreamaker

Sunday, October 4, 2009

i'm feeling..."Fancy Bones" 21 MC x SAINT YACQUE x DANTE FRIED CHICKEN x KING TEXAS

One my favorite design labels, 21 MC recently came out with a custom apron "Fancy Bones" for culinary trendsetter/cultural tastemaker/kitchen wizard DANTE of DANTE'S FRIED CHICKEN. New hand-screened and hand-sewn at the 21Trillion Collaboration Studio...I'd def rock this in my kitchen. This collabo features the work of two of my other friends, my girl Yah of S’aint Yacque (and Cocolah) made the black & gold chain neck strap, adorned with both coyote & buffalo similar to the one she custom made for me. Photography by one of my favorites, my friend King Texas. Check more photos at the 21 MC site and while you're there make sure to check out their twitter contest where you can win one of their dope Pharaoh Ponchos!

Friday, October 2, 2009

NEW WORK & MURAL ::shown at Younity : FRESHER! Eco Street Art show opens tomorrow

Here is one of the pieces (work in progress) I'm showing tomorrow at the FRESHER! show. It is called POLLUTION (Separatio)...Earth spirit choked & dismembered by the industrial takeover.

It will be on display at the FRESHER show, along with part 2, representing BLOSSOM (Coagulatio), Earth Spirit in a state of bloom & radiance. For more info about the show check my earlier post or the YOUNITY site. Big shout out to my beautiful artistas TOOFLY, Alice Mizrahi & the Younity crew for putting this together! Some of the hottest female artists' work are on display, including some brand new murals we painted at the Clemente Soto Cultural Center. I'll only post mine for now, I don't want to spoil the surprise for others.
Opening Reception: 7pm – 10pm October 3, 2009 – October 24, 2009
107 Suffolk Street New York, NY 10002!
. ...NYC don't miss out!

my NEW MURAL at the Clemente Soto Cultural Center