Tuesday, October 13, 2009

EXCLUSIVE MIX::: Aromadozeski Therapy :: Rubicon Sun

I am very pleased to present for the first time online this exclusive mixtape RUBICON SUN by AROMADOZESKI THERAPY, the joint project of close friend and one of my all-time favorite painters Doze Green and DJ Romanowski. This experimental sonic journey is a multi-layered social and spiritual commentary on the state of the world at the time of its creation in 2007, echoing timeless cosmic truths and alarming references to this-worldly realities. These amazing paintings were created by Doze Green at around the time of this mix was born, and they mirror the same sentiments...there is a lot to discover in there.

Aromadozeski Theraphy - Rubicon Sun mixtape by zenith01
[cover art:: Doze Green x Fefe : Omega Bridge ]

For Bruce Lee art was an expression of one's inner truth and he believed that "To express yourself in freedom, you must die to everything of yesterday. From the "old" you derive security; from the "new", you gain the flow." Traditional methods and established forms give a structure to expression but by nature they are limiting, true artists use them as guiding disciplines but find freedom in self-expression beyond styles, allowing the soul to be like free-flowing water, the vehicle for one's creative energy. Much like Lee, for whom true self-expression is the manifestation of one's flow, Doze have created a unique vision that simultaneously references and transcends its roots in esoteric lore, apocalyptic prophecies, and hip-hop (a movement he was shaping as an original member of the Rock Steady Crew). As he described in an interview about his freestyle approach "I believe that graff, b.boying and djing are kinetic language that in turn are related with each other. Motion, style and expression (or intent) are relayed information to the viewer participant audience. It’s a sonic and visual form of hieroglyphics stemming from 21st century living and technosymbolic sigils created by sentinels and a sort of unique and personal magic is released. This is called ka. The creative force of the universe. This is why it appeals to so many people. This only comes naturally when you release your graff purist letter formats and regulations or when you toss out strict b.boy power moves for a more diverse portfolio."

These divinities represent sentinels, the guardians of universal truths. Immortal warriors warning mankind of dangers society has manifested, looming on the horizon and threatening to destroy us.
Doze Green ::: Dustmite Nephilim Series

These painting-silkscreen collage pieces were part of his solo show last October at the Jonathan Levine Gallery entitled, N.O.O.N. (No One Observes Nibiru). The show's title referenced the planet X prophecy of a cataclysmic cosmic shift occurring in the year 2012, causing dramatic effects to life on earth. Also a prominent year in the Mayan and Hopi calendars, 2012 marks the end of our current solar cycle, signifying transition into a new age. Inspired by these theories, there is a transitional quality to the artwork. Movement, migration and transformation of form combine to form enigmatically kinetic narratives. Portals and beams of energy, layered over collaged media clippings, surround Green’s figures which echo social diaspora of the past, yet also seem to be preparing for a futuristic voyage of sorts—a survivalist evacuation plan for the great escape from doomsday.
UPPER PLAYGROUND presents :: DOZE GREEN :: Talking to one's self

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