Monday, October 26, 2009

ELECTRIC VISION:: video of painting the RE:GENERATION mural

A little window into the process...I'm painting the RE:GENERATION :: Earth Spirit Rise mural on the rooftop of the New Design High School (check my earlier post for location & more photos). The footage that I took was edited by my good friend, video artist Vanguard Bot. Also big shout out to my fellow artist, Borish of the Trust Your Struggle crew for inviting me to do this (his murals & studio work are can check them here). Thank you!
The Rise of the Earth Spirit, GEA, avatar of Re:Generation
GEA launches <3thunderbolt> to release magic power to heal and awaken earthlings

Lichiban :: "RE:GENERATION: Earth Spirit Rise" mural-LES, NYC from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.


earthlings realize the need to protect COSMIC ARK ::
feel the vibration ::: we open gates :::


Anonymous said...

Great work, great choise of music nice mural! Great to see females doing there thing. This is Eljerbool.

LICHIBAN said...

Thanks Eljerbool... much appreciated.