Friday, October 16, 2009

i heART NYC ::: YOUNITY Fresher! show flicks

Here are some of the flicks from YOUNITY's hugely successful third annual group art show. This year, we focused on creating art that raises awareness about environmental issues and inspires folks to be ecologically conscious. Here are some of TONE's dope pics...check out more on his site. Also, KIDROBOT posted some event photos, you can peep them here.

The crew. I totally missed this shot...Check out more pics on the Younity blog.

My two pieces are part of a series making references to the seven stages of the alchemical process
POLLUTION (Separatio) ::: BLOSSOM (Coagulatio)
Nature Spirit dismembered & choked by machines and factories ::: Nature Spirit pregnant with lifeforce
vision of war ::: vision of love
watchers ::: lovers

CHECK OUT MORE OF MY PHOTOS of the opening on Wronglips,
and write-ups on Highsnobette, Trendcetera Magazine, and on MISS CREW.
Big shout out to the YOUNITY crew-Toofly, Alice Mizrachi, Shana Louallen, Diana Mc Clure, Yvette Devito, Samia Grand Pierre for doing such an amazing job with the show.

Wednesday, October 14th
( Shana Louallen at gallery come visit! )

Friday, October 16th
( Toofly at Gallery Come visit! )

Saturday, October 17th
( Toofly, Yvette Devito, and Stephanie Land at gallery come visit! )

Wednesday, October 21st
( Shana Louallen at gallery Come visit! )

Friday, October 23rd
( AM at gallery last chance to view! 4:30-6pm )

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