Monday, October 5, 2009

WARRIORS OF LIGHT:: Leopard Lux presents G4 magic BELT

This post has been loooong overdue... I've been meaning to shine some light on two of my favorite peoples, designer/artists Yah of Cocolah & s'aint yacque and George of G4...these two have supplied me with my favorite accessories ranging from custom made coyote-teeth chain necklace to my mystic-magic G4 leather belt. I took this photo of the two of them last summer in BK, the day I met George. Yah was wearing one of their collabo pieces "Come Out and Play" handmade leather headband inspired by the movie "The Warriors". Also, Yah's super-fresh tribal-inspired tee is her own design, she's got tote bags and cards with those patterns on her site here. Make sure to check out the Yah's highly entertaining fashion blog as well...she is mad funny!

I gave my character, light-warrior Leopard Lux one of George's belts as a way of honoring our friendship and his infinite generosity
LEOPARD LUX wearing magic belt inspired by G4 belts

You can preorder or buy one-of-a-kind G4 belt on

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