Saturday, November 21, 2009

AURAL VISIONS :: lichiban presents #3:: CHESCA :: taste the difference mixtape

I'm pleased to present # 3 of my AURAL VISIONS art & music collabo with my girl, CHESCA, one of the dopest women I know. Hailing from Italy, Chesca is keeping the female wing of the future boogie-funk scene alive in Londontown. If you love Dam-Funk, and the kind of vibrations his mixes and his productions carry, then you'll probably love Chesca's Taste The Difference mix featuring some rare boogie, electro funk & deep house gems. It's hard not to dance to this.

This is one sexy ass mix and I'm proud to get my design skills involved with it. (there is more where it came from...)

Check out some of the boogie-funk-Detroit tech inspired tracks she produced that I recently posted on my earlier post.
[photo is detail of Ryan Michael Kerry's amazing photo]

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