Saturday, November 28, 2009

FREE DOWNLOAD ::: DAM-FUNK :: Toeachizown Vol. 5 :: SKY

For those who haven't gotten yet into LA's Ambassador of Boogie-Funk, here is a chance to get a taste of DAM FUNK's galactic soundscapes for FREE! This volume features some of my favorites from the album (yes to 'Sky Is Ours!'). Thanks to Fusicology for the exclusive feature.
For a limited time only

From Dam-Funk:
'Sky' is the final chapter of my 5-part presentation of Toeachizown. I chose to round out the set on a totally positive vibe & level of sound with these songs. Joints like “The Sky Is Ours” (MP3) I feel captures positive & uplifting vibes while still remaining based in the 'Funk' yet, with new types of chords & arrangements being experimented with + vocals throughout this particular song. I consider “The Sky Is Ours” to be one of my signature compositions in regards to sound, style, arrangement, drums, vocals, & keyboard playing. I'm very proud of this one. I'm glad that it was able to be released 'officially' on this project. I also hope U dig the rest of the joints contained on 'Sky'. With “Nu-Frontiers” I got to pull out my silver-sparkled Slingerland drum set and funk out for a bit, real tough for U. It, as with 99% of all my material, was 'recorded live' from beginning to end. “Spacecapades” is for the ultra critical headz whom hold the opinion that a lot of my stuff 'sounds the same'. Pleeaaaze! Just give “Spacecapades” a whirl, will ya'? 'New-Wave-Funk' vibes on that one, as well as on the joint “Fantasy”. Both made from the heart & without any irony attached, whatsoever. "Come On Outside" is a vocal joint that I hope U dig, which invites U to do just what it says: “Come On Outside & Won't U Funk Wit' Me”. It's long overdue y'all. And, I chose to close 'Sky' out with “Keep Lookin' 2 The Sky”, which I hope we ALL remember to do whenever we get low on this rock.
Always fam...remember to: “Keep Lookin' 2 The Sky”!
Peace & thank U for glidin' wit' me thru Toeachizown.
Sincerely yours;
- DâM-FunK / 2009

Sky is the last volume of Dam's Toeachizown Vol. 5. All five volumes of Toeachizown are now available in digital form, and a double CD. The 5LP box set's release date is to be announced.


Baary said...

ithink the freebie is from stones throw. they dropped a track from each of the 5 records. who/what is fusicology?

LICHIBAN said...

nah, it was Vol.5-SKY, a one-week only special exclusive on Unfortunately, the file is no longer available.

But of course it's available on as a digital download or as part of the CD.

Do a search on my blog, I've got a few mixes & freebies from Dam.