Friday, November 13, 2009

i'm feeling....HARMONIC 313 : Battlestar

This album makes me feel like machines have soul...I imagine it could aid astral travel visualizations. There is a definite alarming, dark-vision-of-the future type of tone that dominates the album---it reflects an aspect of the spiritual atmosphere that is present these days and which many artists are tapping into.

Battlestar from sixty40 on Vimeo.

Check out the Warp Release page:

From the press release: "Harmonic 313 (aka Mark Pritchard aka Troubleman aka Reload aka 1/2 of Global Communications aka 1/2 of the The Jedi knights...) came to Sixty40 for his first ever film clip. Despite releasing seminal records since the 90's and being on Warp Records since 1994 and being the poster child for super-technical, superbly-crafted, bass heavy, crazy-ass electronica there'd never been anything to translate his floor-filling tracks on TV. Crazy. Sixty40 had to pioneer a variety of new techniques to take an entirely open brief into a eye-popping warning of extra-terrestrial doom."

Without trying to limit it, Warp artist,Harmonic 313's album When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence is where futuristic Detroit techno meets electro-funk, UK bass, dubstep & Dilla's hip-hop legacy (313 is a reference to Detroit area code). If you are into the kind of electronic music that Dilla, Cybotron, Kraftwerk, Waajeed, or Flying Lotus have put out, you'll probably get into this album. Find out more on Harmonic 313 When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence & on his myspace, and there is a great review of the album here.

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