Thursday, November 26, 2009

The incredible world of SHUSEI NAGAOKA


This man's artistic vision shaped so much of the visual imagination of the 70s and 80s. Born in 1936 in a mountain village in the vicinity of Nagasaki, SHUSEI NAGAOKA's family had to evacuate their home when the atomic bomb hit the city in 1945. He entered Tokyo Musashino Art University at the age of 19, but decided to quit three years later, as he was already operating a successful business as an illustrator. Nagaoka illustrated several iconic record covers ranging from Earth Wind & Fire to Deep Purple, Munich Machine, Calderon and several others as well as graced the covers of sci-fi books, movie & car ads. Huge inspiration! Check out his website
Earth Wind & Fire "All 'n All" (album cover)

Sun: “Destination Sun” (album cover), 1977

Munich Machine (album cover), 1977

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MIZ FUZE said...

That Destination Sun cover is one of my favez of all time... ;-D