Friday, November 20, 2009

THE MAGIC ROOM ::: lichiban presents ::: EDOHEART

Eseohe Arhebamen aka EDOHEART
I love EDO. Urban priestess of heart & fire, though so-far has mostly been known through her dance performances, Edoheart is a visionary & a singer with one of the most powerfully heart-piercing voices. I am currently working with her and my friend Joel Mejia on a video for her new song "Sometimes (Lord Take Me Away)" as an art director. She is a definite artist to watch.
Check out one her beautiful
and unsettlingly powerful BUTOH performances.
Eseohe Arhebamen performs Fire Butoh 2 at Grace Exhibition Space, NYC 2008.
Eseohe is calling this type of butoh performance, BUTOH-VOCAL THEATRE. The sound/music she has created and termed her "BUTOH-SINGING". This sound collaboration and production is with Toshio Kajiwara. Stage design by Eseohe Arhebamen. Lighting design by photographer Jene Youtt. Visuals: Mariette Papic+room 404 media + dinosaur fight of the zuvuya collective. Costume by Maggie Smith.
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