Saturday, December 5, 2009

BILAL & ROBERT GLASPER :: 'All Matter' receives Grammy nomination

We are all excited about BILAL's Grammy nomination for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for his appearance on Robert Glasper's fantastic new album Double Booked out on Blue Note!! Bilal recently got signed to Plug Research, which also houses artists, such as Shafiq Husayn and Exile. His own album is completely brilliant showing the versatility of Bilal's taste and talent - it is a future classic . These are intense times and artists manage to pull from somewhere deeper because of this opening of creative source energy that is available more because of the economic and political transformations are creating tension---artists are more sensitive to this kind of vibration perhaps, but we soak it up and transform it in our art. This is how I experience it and the more artist friends I talk to, the more confirmation I get. I'm excited about 2010 because I know how many truly amazing projects will be finally released next year. This year was a year of hardship and let go of the limitations and unnecessary attachments to the past for many, but next year will be time for the rebirth & creative freedom, The Year of the Phoenix. And a lot more amazing good energy released through music and art. Time to elevate. Taking off also means to take off the load that is holding you back from rising to a more free and elevated state of consciousness that allows you to evolve and manifest yourself on a higher level. Expand, realize and love.

Robert Glasper & Mos Def :: the message
Mos Def's The Ecstatic, another brilliant album that came out this year

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