Monday, December 28, 2009

NOT SO SECRET ::: i did it...

LinkBrooklyn, NY 11216
...i let go of this piece. it was one of my first portraits of its kind, using watercolor on canvas as a way of experimenting with other surfaces and media, and painting instead of drawing. i think wood surfaces wouldn't be able to create these washes, which i like a lot, but i still find wood a more inspiring base than linen canvas.

so this one was of those nothing fancy early sketch pieces that i was emotionally attached to for some sentimental reasons. it was a good reminder that i can always switch to canvas. i was practicing portraits by using one of the famous photos of Jamel Shabazz, a big inspiration of mine... as i've been learning to let go of stuff, i try to go for things that i might be attached the most. the person who showed me the model was my friend, amazing artist Kesed, who pretty much gave away most of his possessions to his friends, and i was one of the lucky beneficiaries. so to push forward with my promise to myself, i gave this one to my neighbor and talented fellow paint-pal, the homie Concep for his birthday (he's been also harassing me for a while to give it to him:). felt great to let go of it, actually. i'm a big fan of his of work so it's in great company. check out his cool blog for eye candies & inspirations.

the beautiful Miss Ashley Mui and Concep brought the Stoop (a youth mentoring project that connects Brooklyn youth with working artists) over for a studio visit. great convos, i've been waiting to get to know them. check out the interview about the Stoop with my friend, the amazing Sallome Hralima, one of the visionaries behind the project.

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