Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My 'Galactic Maiden' featured in BUSTED IN TWO CITIES group artshow, Friday January 29, Gallery Bar NYC

My 'Galactic Maiden' is going to be featured alongside of some 30+ amazing artists at the Busted in 2 Cities group show at the Gallery Bar, 120 Orchard Street, NYC opening this Friday, January 29th, 7pm-12am. The show is curated by my friend Frankie Velez, and has been on display in the Art N Soul Studio in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the past month. I've seen some of the works already, they are bananas...Come through!

Ingenious Talent Bursts Through Busts in NYC

Busted in 2 Cities

Over 30 artists created unmatched pieces as part of Busted in 2 Cities. These artists received unadorned palettes that once were plain busts and transformed them into original works of art. Each participating artist has their own distinctive style which makes for a truly unique collection. A wide variety of artists include tattoo artists, toy designers, graffiti artists and mix media artists that have created busts inspired by folk art, erotica and science fiction.
Group show of over 30 artist list of artist include
Big Toe / El Stabo / Jesse Hernandez / Castro / Deseo / Bader /Franny Drummond / Mia Hernandez / Konnik / Curtis Richter / Adam Kuder / Mike Arehart Dave Cortes / Masa Hiro Ito / Sien Ide / Alex Yanes / Miguel Paredes / Arianne Zager Marthalicia Matarrita / LICHIBAN / Ben Angotti / Andre / Squindo / Porkchop Alexis Kovacs / Destroy & Rebuild / Justin Stewart Tim Pangburn / Joshua Andrew Belanger/ Jason Lentz / Pain / Byran Velasquez / Dan Harding / Lara Slater

Sol Galactica
leather necklace by saint yacque // belt by G4
courtesy of

Lichiban & Masahiro Ito

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