Sunday, January 10, 2010


[photo: Jeremy James]

Shea Rose :: Free Love
this video literally stopped my breath. SHEA ROSE is a goddess.
she was one of my favorite peoples when i used to live in boston for a few years...she is an infinitely talented and infinitely amazing person, and i always knew that it was only a matter of time that the world would be at her feet. when it comes to talent, my intuition never fails, and Shea is one of those people i always saw as a winner who will take it to the top. i just found this footage of her, and as expected, i was completely blown away by this performance when i saw her power on stage. wow!!!! she is completely in charge of the stage and her voice will stop your heart...fucking amazing! she's got the fierceness of BETTY DAVIS combined with the gentleness of SADE, and she is unstoppable. she is definitely one of my top ten artists-to-watch--- i'm very excited to see her takeover this year.
I took this photo of her a few years back. I caught more of her deer-like energy--great contrast with the lioness above.

[photo : Lichiban]

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