Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BROOKLYN DIARIES :: VIDEO :: New work at the CDTBK Group Art Show "Live to Change Something Through Art"

That was super fun...stay till the end to see what generated the biggest laughs of the night. Big shout out to Livingroom Johnston, Ibrahim Yaqut, Yang Chi, Taganyahu Swaby, Alice Mizrahi, Ana Bravo, One9, SeeOne, Sam Wilson and all my other fellow artists and artistas who shared their creative energy, Rasu, Daoud and Dakhil of Coup d'Etat Brooklyn and Nakeisha Gumb, our beautiful curator, for making it happen so smoothly. Also, thanks to Robert L Sims III for the editing work and to Brooklyn's own Freshdaily for providing the soundtrack, 'LazerBeam$' for the footage (you can download his mixtape' Tomorrow is Today' including this track here.).
PHOTO: w/ Dame Williams & Jim Hernandez of Guys & Girls, Nicole and one of my favorite artist buddies, Mr. Solid Gold Livingroom Johnston

'Live To Change Something Through Art' group art show, Brooklyn from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.

CDTBK, Restoration Plaza & PUMA present
'Live To Change Something Through Art' group art show, Brooklyn
November 2009, Restoration Plaza

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