Saturday, March 27, 2010


WEZN & Lichiban collabo
A.ll I.n

<a href="">A∆ by Johnny Voltik</a>
Lichiban, Damon S., Azusu, Johnny Voltik, Enki Alien

<a href="">Johnny Voltik Theme by Johnny Voltik</a>

JOHNNY VOLTIK & The Electrikats (Satellite Opening Ceremony Part I)
My debut appearance as
AIO doing the kat marks & electric movements (in Part II)

<a href="">Moon Crawling by Johnny Voltik</a>

Azusu (djembe) & Enki Alien (vocals, DJ)

JOHNNY VOLTIK & The Electrikats (Satellite Ceremony Part II)
[edited by J. Voltik :: vocals by Enki Alien :: electric moves by AIO, my Electrikat avatar]

Satellite Ceremony (Part III) coming soon.

LIFE AS A CAT:: catwalk

nightcrawling with the MY M.O. crew, Enki 'Swami' Buestami & Dion McKenzie after SPACEBALL [photo: Leon deCastro]
Johnny Voltik & the Electricats

Lichiban's furry accessories are courtesy of Cocolah


I've been a fan of Paris-based producer, ONRA's work, which has gotten a new 'Dam-Funk'-style boogie-funk touch. Love it. His new album "Long Distance" is dropping next month, stay tuned.

i'm feeling...X-VISITORS - the planet doesn't mind


Thursday, March 25, 2010

HEAT ::: FREE DOWNLOAD & ARTIST TO WATCH :: The Xpander/The Dreamer EP by GB

Oh sheeet... I first fell in love with the album art, but then the music just got me off guard... Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, the principal composer/producer and director of GIFTED & BLESSED is bringing a new carrier for the future sound of astral traveling. A fresh new twist on Planet Rock electrofunk, house and Detroit techno- I'd want to see a new dance movement develop around music like this. Get on it before everybody else does. FROM Giftedandblessed :: For those who got the 12"'re a step ahead! It's not available everywhere yet but will soon be. Meanwhile, listen and download it here. The vinyl will be available for sale here on as well as in most stores within a week or two.
Also you can get your hands on GB's 6-track album, a dope reinterpretation of his contemporary heavyhitters such as Little Dragon, Flying Lotus, Mushinah, The Race of Angels, The Beach Boyz & Radio Medley FOR FREE.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HEAT ::: ARTIST TO WATCH & FREE DOWNLOAD :: La Melodia “Come And Get It”

The latest heat from my new favorites, Dutch duo La Melodia, MC Melodee and DJ/producer I.N.T. (read more about them on their site). “Come And Get It” is the first track from La Melodia’s upcoming EP Electronic Love. Recordbreakin is releasing a 7″ “Chemistry/ Working On It (featuring Steve Hartley)”. MC Melodee has the dopest voice & flo. Waajeed is part of this project, so you know it's going to be fire...

this is for the shakti space-trips...can open up some channels.

find them on


Philly's new mystery act, SOUL LITCHFIELD is one of top 15 artists I'm watching this year. Most of the music that I've been listening are aligned with my visualization exersizes I started doing to aid my work... It's interesting to interact with the video's wintery atmosphere in connection to the music (it works, but sets a different tone than the visuals i'm mind is projecting me out to space). It has a very cathartic, victorious sense of getting lifted...beautiful track. They have a track called 'Throw Ups' from their upcoming EP available as a free download below. Check out the movement that is behind this music on

NEW WORK ::: FREE DOWNLOAD : Johnny Voltik aka ALPHALOVE 'Exhibit V'

Check out the new website I've designed & built for JOHNNY VOLTIK, one of the crew of artists whose brand and look I am working on as their art director/designer/illustrator. One of the most talented new musicians out there, Johnny Voltik is about to drop a series of heavyhitter releases. I believe that he is going to be one of the most defining musical figures of the new musical renaissance. Music that is coming out these days is on some new level, something about these times brings out an incredible amount of phenomenal projects - a lot of portal music for space travels. Anyone who wants to tap into the cosmic energies out there are aided by the new music that has been coming out. Voltik is one of the pioneers of the future sound of music-in several dimensions both sonically and spiritually as well. His new track 'EXHIBIT V', a tribute to Jay Electronica's EXHIBIT A, showcases his lyrical and production skills as a hip-hop artist, though his sound that draws on multiple genres such as psychedelic rock, abstract hip-hop, funk, electrofunk, house and many more is really about creating without limitations. Stay tuned for the evolution of the artwork on the website, it's going to change regularly as he'll be releasing a series of mind-altering music (for free download!)
I'll be making a cameo as LOTUSHEART at his next performance at Fat Baby on Thursday, March 25th, where he'll be playing along with my girls from MY M.O.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WHERE THE PARTY AT:: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE presents Johnny Voltik & MY.M.O @Fat Baby 3/25

video edited by Enki of MY M.O

Masters of the Universe
Performances by:
Johnny Voltik 9pm
My M.O. 10pm
Dj Hide will be spinning all night!
Doors Open at 8pm Admission: $7 (small price to pay to the party gods)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

NEW WORK ::: The Catship Has Arrived :: BODDHI, the cat messenger [HIMALAYA SERIES 3#]

NAME : BODDHI, the cat
HOMELAND : Mt. Golden Blossom (Planet Citraka)
CARRIER : Catship Lotus 7
ROLE :: ambassador / trickster / connector /
love, liberation through light consciousness, eternal bliss through joy, nature & animal world harmony alert
MEANS OF INTERACTING WITH EARTHLINGS : visualization & mental projections, parables, humor, telepathy, language of vibration control

it was hard to let him go...NEXT APPEARANCE ::
Crewest Gallery Saturday, March 27 th, 6-9pm, LOS ANGELES
Zakka, April 9, 6-9PM BROOKLYN, NY

This is #2 of the forthcoming series of work that will introduce the feline inhabitants of planet CITRAKA. Limited edition prints are coming soon.

Designed by my boy Marka27 (recently featured), CREWEST Gallery in Los Angeles have his newly launched toy platform the BIC BUDDY available, as well as 8" blanks, and the first big artist custom lineup of the year!

The lineup includes Angry Woebots, Asylm, Auks, Dez Einswell, DrilOne, Enamel Kingdom, Erick Scarecrow, Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, Jasper Santos, Jesse Hernandez, Jester, Jnub of “Leroy Jenkins”, kaNO, Keith Poon, Kenji Nakayama, Lichiban, Lou Pimentel, MAD, Man One, Marka27, Munk One, NC Winters, Nemo, Pen ‘Tha/Black/Krayon”, Phu!, Pon, Problak, Reactor-88, Ritzy Periwinkle, Saner, Scribe, Sket-One, Southerndrawl, Spankystokes, Nakanari, Tristan Eaton, Vyal.


Friday, March 19, 2010

NEW WORK ::: The Catship Has Arrived : DORJE, the teacher of the mountains [HIMALAYA SERIES #2]

NAME : DORJE, the teacher of the mountains (sage)
HOMELAND : Mt. Golden Blossom (Planet Citraka)
ROLE :: guide / teacher /master of non-verbal communication
liberation through non-duality & light consciousness, meditation, eternal bliss
MEANS OF INTERACTING WITH EARTHLINGS : visualization, mental projections, telepathy, language of vibration control, mudras
MEANS OF TRANSPORT :: levitation over Spacecraft '
the prelude

Mt. Kailash (Meru) one of the most sacred sites of the planet: it is believed to be the axis mundi or primordial center and birthplace of the world. It is sacred to four major religions Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jainism. In Hinduism & Buddhism, it is often depicted as the center of the world mandala, the symbolic representation of the micro- and macrocosm. In Buddhism, it is the home of the Buddha Demchok (also known as Demchog or Chakrasamvara),[5] who represents supreme bliss. According to legend, Milarepa defeated Naro Bon-chung, the leader of the Bon religion of Tibet in a contest by riding to the summit of the Kailash on the rays of the sun, thus winning the battle for Tantric Buddhism over Bon in Tibet. The closest I got to Kailash was a few years ago, when I stayed in Srinagar (Kashmir, India) which lies at the foothills of the Himalayas (my journal entry on the trip) for a month. one day...

inspiration :: MILAREPA, legendary yogi saint of Tibet -- this is one of his tantric parables
VI. Songs About Vajra Love 46. Answer to Dakini Tzerima

I have mastered energy and mind,
May accept the mudra of your kind.
'Tis true, among many offerings,
Most fruitful is mudra we could find.
Your face and lotus is full of bliss,
Shell shaped nadi speeds the ecstasy,
Protective mark is in your recess,
Through elephant get true fantasy.
You are the noble body of longevity
BHAM and E shapes are in your lotus secret,
And in my Dorje there is a Bija HUM,
When combined with PAD as the semen great,
Wisdom & merit both joined together.
The Bliss of two-in-one thus dictates
The four blisses and four moments are
The essence of the four Buddhakaya.
Like the crawling of a tortoise,
Should drop down slowly without loss,
Then hold it in the channel central
Like the camel with water control.
When you spread all bliss in your body,
The liberating mudra is ready:

TIA is the bliss of equality,
LE is Nirvana of reality.
LA means the various coitus actions,
KYI is the twixt bliss meditation,
PHYAG is the intercourse this and that
RGYA, Nirvana & samsara unite.
LA is to contact this & act on that,
KYI is do this & that & associate.
PHYAG is the union of voidness & bliss,
RGYA is the one beyond which nothing could pass.

This is the most speedy path of union
Which is blissful in both companions.
Enable us to quickly be enlightened
In illumination of wisdom,
Leading to the great Dharmakaya,
Obtaining great Sambhogakaya,
Manifesting Nirmanakaya.
This is a path of bliss and voidness
Of no thought of no duality.
This is a path of assistance
By the Dakini to the reality.
Following this good inspiring way
Four Ladies you will in freedom stay,
And remain in the realm of non-born
Oh! Fairies you are always welcome.

[Source : The Essential Songs of Milarepa ]

this is a video i posted a while back. was one of the inspirations

This is one of the first of the forthcoming series of work that will introduce the feline inhabitants of planet CITRAKA. Limited edition prints are coming soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


LinkI'm going to feature a series of posts dedicated to my love for Tibetan/Himalayan culture & spirituality. This is the first one of the HIMALAYAS series.

One of my cultural heroes is Alexander CSOMA de Koros or Körösi Csoma Sándor (1784-1842), a Hungarian pioneer of Tibetan studies who was responsible for compiling the first Tibetan-English dictionary. Born in Transylvania (not too far from where I was born), CSOMA was an adept linguist (he spoke over 10 languages) and a fellow nomad in spirit. Inspired by the quest for the "original homeland of the Magyars (the way Hungarians call themselves) in Central Asia" that has been part of my countries cultural tradition, he set out on an adventure to follow up on a traditional lore recounting that there were Magyar tribes still living in Asia. Oral legends recorded at the times when the pagan Magyars were converted by Christian missionaries in the 11th century would claim that some of the tribes had stayed in Asia. People have to this day set out to find the roots of our nomadic tribal ancestors who came and settled in the Carpatian valley (Eastern Europe ) around 9 AD...what makes the search difficult is that being a tribal-oral society, there were no written document left by the Magyars, who claimed to have been part of the Scythian tribal empire (which included many other ethnic groups like Persians, Huns, Turks, Mongols and other Asiatic tribes). Recent research based on archeological & ethnomusicological evidence found some ethnic relatives of the Hungarians in Xinjiang, the north-western province of China, called UGARS, a now Muslim minority that used to have a similar shamanistic tradition to the pre-Christian Magyar tribes.

Long story short, CSOMA set out for the East on foot and traveled to the frontier Himalayan regions, Ladakh, but he never reached Tibet. In Ladakh, he studied under local Tibetan Buddhist teachers or lamas and compiled the first Tibetan-English dictionary and a Tibetan Grammar (both published 1834) while studying Buddhist texts. In 1842 set out again on quest for Magyar homeland, but died on the road in Darjeeling of malaria. You can find his writings that were composed by Csoma’s teachers at his request here.

He was later recognized as "Csoma Bosatsu, the Bodhisattva of the Western World" by Japanese buddhists who consecrated a Tibetan tanka (see above) and a statue to him.

For me, his story is not so much about 'looking for the ancestral land' but rather about 'finding home' in a country that offered him spiritual roots. As someone who believes in reincarnation, I have a hard time connecting my identity to my current ancestors alone, and I prefer to identify myself as an artist/spiritual nomad/soul traveler [we all go back to same cosmic source]. Tibet, this completely magic land with a tragic history, has always had a mysterious power over me. I've been drawn to the Tibetan visual and spiritual world since I was a child and had several dreams about living in the mountains as a young Tibetan boy. Once an isolated country with one of the most powerful, but hardly accessible traditions, the displacement of Tibetans by the Chinese government had inadvertently forced their Buddhist leaders to become the spiritual ambassadors of the world who have been playing a major role in elevating people's consciousness globally.

In our life and in the world "...the only way to break the chain reaction of confusion and pain and to work our way outward into the awakened state of mind is to take responsibility ourselves. If we do not deal with this situation of confusion, if we do not do something about it ourselves, nothing will ever happen. We cannot count on others to do it for us. It is our responsibility, and we have the tremendous power to change the course of the world's karma...As bodhisattvas...we are acknowledging that we are not going to be instigators of further chaos and misery in the world, but we are going to be liberators, bodhisattvas, inspired to work on ourselves as well as with other people."
- Chögyam Trungpa

/////////////////////////// In my new series, I will try to honor my spiritual debt to Tibet.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Big shout out to Andrea of flygirls for the support! Fly girls is one of my favorite blogs, so I'm super honored to be featured. Thank you!
You can read the interview HERE.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

GALACTIC FUN :: DÂM-FUNK w/ Master Blazter Historic NYC Live Debut Performance

With a full-house chanting 'Dam-Funk' for several minutes before and after the show, the highly-anticipated New York debut of MASTER BLAZTER, DÂM-FUNK's new live band featuring Computer Jay and J-1 along with GroWeyez & the surprise guest Peanut Butter Wolf was a historic performance...they were definitely feeling the love from NYC. I'm not into any type of hype, I just love good music and I recognize diamonds before others tell me about them. I first saw him perform last year on the Stones Throw tour, so I was really curious to see the new phase of his musical journey. (Check out my interview with him from last year here). Having a live band on stage just completed Dam's sound and took it to a completely new level. One of my favorites, "Mirrors" sounded off-the-hook with the added vocoder, Computer Jay's crazed spacey keyboard action and J-1's heavy drumming, and almost all the songs got a new twist from the live instrumentation. He smashed it with the surprise joint (at least for me) "It's My Life" --that one showed a completely new, more of the hard-rock fan side of him, further proving that he can't be pigeonholed (don't quote me on the title, see bottom video).
Computer Jay, Waajeed, J-1, Dam-Funk
Again, all I can say, next time he is around, go and experience it yourself...I could try to analyze it, but it wouldn't really do justice to the actual experience. I made a joke to him after the show that 'Dam Funk is going to become a cult', and in a way I believe it- being at the show was like participating in some cosmic energy exchange with him being the portal/space messenger- people were transformed after the show (Earth, Wind & Fire's spiritual world comes to mind). My friend & one of my favorite producers, WAAJEED (PPP, Bling47) and I have joined forces to document the event and to do an interview with Dam and the other two members of Master Blazter, Computer Jay & J-1. These videos are just a taste of WAAJEED's full feature, including our interview coming up on - not to be missed.

Check out the show through the lens of my brilliant homie MEL D COLE of Village Slum. More photos here.

FRESSSH: MARKA 27 new minigods 6" Asia mini-Minigod & MG3 Ninja Japan OUT!

So it happens that my artists friends are putting out some of the hottest work out there these days. Painter, toy-product designer & visionary, MARKA 27 is no exception. He is one of my top 3 toy designers (I own his golden minigod)...these new pieces, 6" Asia mini-Minigod & MG3 Ninja Japan just put his minigods series to yet another level. In addition to these, he is also responsible for creating the platform for the new custom toy, BIC BIDDY, for which he has curated the BUDDY CUSTOM show, a two-city release party/custom group art show. I've been a big fan and supporter of his work (check my feature on him here.), so I'm pretty psyched to have my own custom Buddy in the show I'll be posting a sneak preview of the my lil creature you can guess, it will be something furry & mysterious.

twitter // facebook // website

Eagle Nebula interviews FISHBONE for CENTRIC TV

My girl MC/visionary Eagle Nebula talks with rock legends Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher of Fishbone about their experience as black pioneers in rock music for Centric TV.>
Shot by Shawn Peters
Edited by Eagle Nebula for Chip Monk Films

Friday, March 12, 2010

IN ACTION :: 88-KEYS Chop Suey feature

Just found this dope feature of NY fam, 88-KEYS. Check out his site, where you can get a sense of his process and get the latest updates on his new projects. He is on a massive two months tour, so now is the chance to catch him performing live before he gets back in the lab.

KPLtv CHOP SUEY the beat conductor series featuring 88-keys from KPLtv on Vimeo.

LIVE ART :: live painting at WORKING TOGETHER TO HELP HAITI feat. BILAL, Jazmine Sullivan, Dice Raw, Jaguar Wright & more

I'm heading down to Philly on Monday to be part of this massive fundraiser marathon at the World Cafe Live featuring over 20 artists including Bilal, Jazmine Sullivan, Jaguar Wright, among others. I'll be live painting along with Philly's own Iye Yinda, and will be donating the piece for the auction during the show. Philly fam, come and support!

Elite Rescue, Recovery, and Rebuilding presents A Benefit for Haiti

Hosted by Fatin Dantzler of Kindred The Family Soul, and featuring:

BILAL, Jazmine Sullivan, Kindred The Family Soul, Jaguar Wright, Dice Raw, Chubb Rock, Eric Roberson, Jean Baylor, Antoinette Costa, Jim Stephens, Selina Carerra, Kuf Knotz, Tony Moore and Jehova's Chosen, Mic Wrecka, Hezekiah, U CITY, WyldLyfe, Meek Millz and DJ Rocdaspot.

Proceeds go to Elite Rescue, Recovery, and Rebuilding, and Haiti Professionals of Philadelphia.

There will be live artists, Brookyn-based Lichiban & Philly's own Iye Yinda donating and auctioning their work. There will be bins for donations of canned and dry foods, and medical supplies that will be sent to Haiti through the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia
Monday 3/15/2010
7:00 pm EST
World Cafe Live
Philadelphia, PA