Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So it happens that I've been putting out a request into the universe to connect me with a photographer, who would commemorate the part of Brooklyn that I used to call home...the answer came in the form of Paris-based photographer, Noor One, who has reached out to me that she wanted to take some shots of me while visiting New York City. I'm all about building with other artists, plus I love her work, so it was a wrap after that. We had a great connect and did a fun shoot while walking around Crown Heights/ Bedstuy, Brooklyn. A full feature on her & on the rest of the shoot is coming up, but I wanted to share some of the photos now. We also have a collabo coming up as well. Check out her website for more.

This one is now of the past. I had an intuition that I had to capture it before it was gone. Thank you, Noor.

[belt by G4, necklace & magic tale courtesy of Yah of saint yacque, both designers can be found on COCOLAH.com. check out the store, there is a 30 % off sale is going on right now]

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