Thursday, March 25, 2010

HEAT ::: FREE DOWNLOAD & ARTIST TO WATCH :: The Xpander/The Dreamer EP by GB

Oh sheeet... I first fell in love with the album art, but then the music just got me off guard... Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, the principal composer/producer and director of GIFTED & BLESSED is bringing a new carrier for the future sound of astral traveling. A fresh new twist on Planet Rock electrofunk, house and Detroit techno- I'd want to see a new dance movement develop around music like this. Get on it before everybody else does. FROM Giftedandblessed :: For those who got the 12"'re a step ahead! It's not available everywhere yet but will soon be. Meanwhile, listen and download it here. The vinyl will be available for sale here on as well as in most stores within a week or two.
Also you can get your hands on GB's 6-track album, a dope reinterpretation of his contemporary heavyhitters such as Little Dragon, Flying Lotus, Mushinah, The Race of Angels, The Beach Boyz & Radio Medley FOR FREE.

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